Work can be my Valentine; De Lourve shoes

I know I’ve been MIA – and I sincerely apologise; it’s not just my blog that is suffering though, my face is too.

Working 4 days in a row for about 9 hours a day (10 if you include transport), sleeping at around midnight and waking up extremely early (by this I mean 7:30am – my colleagues who live out close to Liverpool wake up more than an hour later than me and still make it on time – why? Because I actually eat breakfast…) has started to take its toll on my daily lifestyle.

Usually I’m just too tired when I get back home to want to do anything other than shower and sleep. What happened to my “once a week exfoliation” thing? It didn’t happen for over two weeks. Now my face looks like an acne infestation – and I actually rarely get breakouts. I’m not sure if it’s the change of cleanser (I finished my cleanser and started a different one), ridiculous gain of weight (water retention is my worst enemy – even worse since I barely drink anything when I’m working – bad choice – should start guzzling ASAP), change of weather or if the breakout was always there to begin with, only it decided to pop out now. Either way, not caring so much – cleansing oil, skin exfoliation, seaweed mud mask, blackhead scrub, hyaluronic acid serum, vitamin c serum, tea tree oil and almost 2 packets of Missha Anti-Trouble patches later, I think my skin is getting slightly better.

Do not worry – I did not do all of those at once – it was over a period of several days 🙂

The moral of the story is – look after your skin! Don’t be lazy even if you’re tired, you’ll be even more tired and stressed later having to deal with pimples that could have been prevented!

Speaking of skincare and stuff, it’s been a very long time since I’ve been interested in skincare, because I went through that phase and was like “been there, done that” – that is until I restumbled across BeautyQQ again. I first knew about her sometime last year and she’s super cool. Her videos are really funny and down to earth – plus she’s not afraid to look silly in front of a camera. That aside, she’s really pretty and she has really good skin. She’s actually turning 39 years old this year, which really creeps me out because she is still so young looking! She’s right though, it’s nothing to do with biological age, but more to do with your attitude towards life – and this is what makes her so young. I’m posting a random video of hers below. She’s awesome.

Note: this is obviously her spoof tutorial – she has other very good tutorials lol. Also this video is in English – the others usually only have English subtitles.

I’ve been selling so stuff during the past week I’m like “what am I even doing?”

Valentines Day sales are finally picking up and there are people from all directions buying stuff for their girlfriends (not so much girls buying for the guys…). I’ve had my fair share of really weird customers, but meh – can’t be bothered writing about them. Let’s just say, when I recommend you don’t buy something I do it for a reason – some people just don’t listen. There are such things as alternatives but you’re so fixated on one thing, you just don’t open your mind to anything else :\

Anyway, I get to work on Valentines Day. Oh yay. Note sarcasm. Haha – well it’s not too bad, I have nobody to spend it with anyway, so I’ll just do my best to make happy couples even happier by buying more Pandora, couple rings, possibly a black diamond ring* and other stuff. I hope most people have done their shopping during the weekend? Haha~ hopefully it won’t be too busy tomorrow. I say this because the past few days I’ve literally been serving person after person after person – and that’s a really weird feeling okay. I’m still in training! EEK!

* The black diamond ring is a “joke” – last week I sold a pair of black diamond earrings at a very very surprising price tag for a sales junior like me.

I feel satisfied because I feel that my ability to sell things makes me feel like I have credibility and the ability to persuade people into things. Don’t ask me what I’m saying, I don’t know either haha.

Oh hay, I have new shoes.

Made in Taiwan, Size 23 (equiv. to size 36), $68AUD on sale from orig. price $99.95.

Squished toes etc required new shoes. I did the “put water into a bag, stuff into shoe and put shoe into freezer” technique and it actually worked on my existing work shoes (not tight anymore), but that happened AFTER I bought these so there’s not a lot I can do except for celebrate new shoes kekeke.

De Lourve actually upgraded their packaging (ie. the shoe box is now pink and nicer than before), otherwise nothing else has changed. Each shoe came wrapped in plastic individually.

A tip to all people who are standing a lot each day: I find that shoes with a slight heel is better than no heel at all. Super flat shoes are NOT good for you because you might slightly lose the arch on your foot. I bought this pair with a slight heel at a modest heel height of 3.5cm. My Nine West work shoes have a 1.5cm- 2cm or something along those lines heel – and they’re not too bad (it was just the tightness which bothered me – but now I’ve fixed it OTL).

Okay, these weren’t cheap – they were $68AUD. Standard price for shoes, but it’s a rip considering it’s imported from Asia. They were originally $99.95 though, and I would have saved more money if I bought two pairs – too bad I only took $50 out of my week’s salary to buy shoes, so I only bothered to buy one pair. Not to mention I have no more room on my shoe rack anyway for an extra pair.

Anyway, De Lourve’s size 6 is a perfect fit for me and these shoes aren’t so narrow compared to a zillion other shoes, which made me happy (this doesn’t mean that they don’t have narrow shoes – I have a pair of very narrow size 6 heels – BRB, expanding them now). The lining is pretty good so I don’t think I’ll get blisters as the back is pretty soft. The inner sole itself however doesn’t have any padding except for where the heel is (it’ll flatten and become useless, trust me), and the heels didn’t come with a set of heel caps in case if I needed to change them D: I’m surprised D: WHY?! Serves me right for not looking at the box but that’s pretty strange. Oh well. If the heel wears out (which will be in quite a while), I’ll just throw these out.

All of De Lourve’s shoes are made of plastic. The sole is actually okay for wooden floor boards (note this is why their shop design has wooden floor boards), but it’s quite slippery on carpet. I’ve been trying to rough up the sole but I doubt it’s going to help much.

Note with these soles: they are slippery, and they have a tendency to crack (if you crouch without letting the shoe fall off your heel) – then water seeps in through said crack and your feet will sit in a shallow pool of water especially if it’s raining or you happen to step into a puddle. I’ve purchased a pair of boots from De Lourve before and the sole cracked (it was raining etc. when it happened – use your imagination). They were pricey (from memory like $130 or something) – I wore them on less than 6 occasions and I had to get rid of them, despite getting a ton of compliments on them 😦 These shoes are made of the same thing, but I figured it’s be alright since they’re heels (already bent). Just don’t get these if you see a sole like this on a boot or something that encloses your foot fully, because the sole will crack. Another thing about the sole is that it’s cream coloured… WHY? The shoe itself is black… why is the sole cream?? That bothers me. But not enough to make me not buy them. Don’t ask me why – possibly because I felt they were the best looking black pair of low heels in store.

Strictly speaking, this isn’t the cheapest pair of shoes I’ve bought from De Lourve, and they’re not the most expensive; the cheapest I’ve bought their shoes is 2 pairs for $40, but that’s not often and the shoes weren’t as nice as this pair.

They’re cute shoes though and oh so sparkly. ‘Cept you can probably tell that the front of my shoes are dusty – though that’s not dust, that’s actually falling glitter from my bows 😦

Meh, for $68 I probably paid too much since I personally don’t think it’s worth that much at all. However, most De Lourve flats have served me quite well over the years and they’re been proven to be not too painful, so I’m hoping I made a good decision to get these. I’ve stretched these out by the way – you’d be surprised, with this PU material all you need is to wear these with a pair of thick socks and voilá 😛 That didn’t work for real leather though, only for PU ^^;;

tl;dr? Not worth it, but it’s okay/ averagely priced. I can’t be arsed paying over a hundred bucks for a pair of shoes elsewhere, so these will do. Next time I buy a pair of shoes they’re going to be designer shoes – HELLS YEAH. I’ve had my eye on a pair for the longest time. Now to just save up the money for it. Shoes, wait for me! I’ll buy you in May 😀

Stuff to come

As you’ve probably realised, my social life is slowly reducing to zero and I’ve run out of drafts to just hit “PUBLISH” straight away. This post alone has taken me over 4 hours to put together and gather, even though it’s short and full of crap.

My next post is going to be about Tiffany & Co. I know, it’s going to be late for all you Valentines Day suckers, but that’s just too bad – it’ll be my tactic to get y’all to buy from other places muahahahahah.

Will post most likely tomorrow night – just a really quick post, if not, it’ll be latest Wednesday 🙂 Until next time!


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