Etude House – Precious Mineral BB Cream Shade #1

My life, lately in a fairly brief nutshell.

So my previous 2 weeks mostly consisted of staying at home (lacking ample amounts of Vitamin D), being anti-social (due to lack of batteries to fuel my wireless keyboard, hence I can’t/ don’t type), marathoning dramas, having a lack of stuff to watch, went out into civilisation for the first time in 2 weeks, met up with some friends, and ate some icecream.

Le phone camera: Harajuku, $12.80 from Passionflower.

MMMM. Green tea icecream, shaved matcha ice, red beans, sticky rice balls and herbal jelly. Add the condensed milk so you get matcha milk tea when the ice melts. Too bad their condensed milk sucks. It wasn’t bad, but I reckon another ball of icecream would have made this 5 million times more awesome. Oh well.

No, really, I went out to buy batteries (which is why I’m able to finally type again \o/) and a bunch of stuff for work (mostly snacks so I wouldn’t die from hunger on the way home – I will be working fairly long hours and if my stomach is empty for too long, I get stomach cramps. It used to never happen to me, until I went to uni and messed up my metabolism). I ended up buying pretty much nothing I intended to buy, and even bought the wrong thing. Eurgh. I hate it when that happens. Something tells me I should really look at the box before I take it to checkout – I’m a bit reckless these days.

I’m super excited to start work tomorrow. Excited is probably the wrong word, more like NERVOUS than anything else. I think it’ll be fun. Look on the positive side. Hope I earn plenty of monies and therefore can spend plenty of monies. YEAH. Speaking of monies I put in a huge order (I won’t be reviewing it because it’ll be my personal stash) and I’ve been selling a crapload of stuff on Gumtree lately, which is really surprising. I still have a lot more crap left to sell, but I haven’t taken photos yet and stuff.

Because I have finally sorted out the Etude BB Cream business (offered one as a Christmas present to Ramille) so I can finally put out this review. It was a hard decision because I really wanted to sell it at one point, until I decided to give it another try.


For those who remember in my 7th Gmarket Haul I ordered a tube of this stuff.

My main reasoning for a new BB cream is that it’s summer and I’d want something with better oil control or something which makes my skin look more flawless. One classic image that comes to mind is Park Shin Hye. I also am going to finish my Skinfood mushroom BB quite soon and I’ll need to continue my exploration of BB creams.

I sort of bought this by accident and coincidence- it was on sale (no freebies though – boo) and I didn’t know anything about the product. I looked at the pictures and I picked shade 1 because I was freaked that shade 2 would be too dark. Hmmm.

This comes in a cute pink box with good English, and the cream is a tube with a pump. The great thing about this is that you can cut the tube if you’re desperate and at the end of your BB cream – YAY! This is why I tend to avoid metal can pumps – you can’t get it out even if you wanted to.

It’s initially a bit hard to pump anything out, but after about 10 pumps, something will eventually come out.

Compare the colour UNDER, not beside. The top row is bare skin; bottom row is the row with BB cream. I didn’t change the hue or saturation. I certainly am not grey with flash – but the camera did it lol. Oh well, it’s just a shade comparison.

As you can tell from the swatches, this BB cream is too light for my skin colour actually. But if you compare/ look at it from a distance, there’s not too much of a difference. It’s only about half to one shade off, but I applied too much I think :\ (and I swear I only used a TEENY BIT!) From the skin only no flash swatch, my skin looks pink toned 😦 I have a suspicion my face is pink toned whilst everything else is yellow… :\ Sigh.

However, I realised that if I only use HALF a pump (ie. the size of a water drop ie. half the amount I usually use with my other bb creams :O ), it actually matches my skin tone better (and doesn’t compromise coverage at all!). If you use too much of this (and it’s not hard to do so, because the pump isn’t great – it spurts a lot), you will look very pale. It takes a long time for this cream to oxidise if you use apply it thickly – and by thickly I mean like how you usually apply your moisturiser. Therefore, you must have a VERY gentle hand with this BB cream. Don’t think “oh, I can’t waste this” – if you pump excess, I suggest you put it into a jar for next time, or if you’re super anal about hygiene, just get rid of it. You don’t want your face to be too pale.

It takes approximately two hours for a thin layer of this stuff to match the colour of your skin. I get a perfect natural look after about 2 hours – so if you take that long to get ready, this BB cream is for you. In my case, the longest I take in terms of makeup will be about 30 minutes. If you apply this thickly, you’ll get a good match by the end of the day (after 6 hours or so).

This in many respects is quite similar to the Missha Vita BB oxidisation process, but a bit slower.

The “mineral” part of this BB cream is the pearl powder which makes this BB cream dry quite fast so you need to be quick. It dries powdery looking and overall gives a really nice finish. Problem is that you will need to exfoliate regularly – if you have dry skin patches or something, this WILL settle or clump around dry skin and it doesn’t look so great. Having said that, people with dry skin can still use this. One thing to note is that this BB cream contains talc – be careful if you’re not good with talc products.

Another reason why I bought this cream was because the following image:

It’s a bit gimmicky, because it doesn’t really control my oil that well (but then again I didn’t have that much to begin with) but it’s good to know that it doesn’t really contain that much oil itself.

The BB cream retails in Korea for about 12, 900 Won (about $13 AUD) and contains 60ml, which is more than most BB creams (most are 50ml, if not, 40). This also comes with a better SPF of 30 – super win overall.

Top tips and random facts:

  • Make the application quick: it dries powdery
  • Do not overuse this – you will look white. Each time I’ve turned out looking white, I had to add blush to my cheeks or else I’d look sick (I’ve had people tell me that before with other bbcreams lololol)
  • Doesn’t cause break outs
  • Is a very light BB cream – don’t be fooled. It’s light in texture, but it can cover quite a lot.
  • Buildable – you can spread or pat even though the liquid is fairly thin.
  • Medium to high coverage – you still need concealer for bits that need to be concealed though.
  • Seriously, do not coat powder on top unless you really need it – this BB cream gives a matteish finish.
  • Makes my face look pinked toned?? But then again my face might actually not be yellow toned – that I do not know.



After maybe a week of usage, miraculously the ninja in the BB cream disappeared, and I get an instant match within 5 minutes of application.

What’s going on?!

I don’t know myself. It’s actually a pretty good match. Seems like after a while the colour isn’t so pale after all, no matter how you slather onto your face as well. Before I needed 1/4 to 1/2 a pump to look normal, now I can use an entire pump without looking like a ghost. This is really ridiculous.

But it’s a great BB cream – stays on nicely, covers relatively well, is light and doesn’t cause breakouts. The relatively good SPF is a plus and it’s 60ml!

The downside is that you should ideally be fair skinned for this BB cream to match – or else your face will be at least 2 shades lighter, and that’s fairly noticeable. It also is a bit dry so it might make you look a bit chalky or cakey. If you sweat or pump out some oil that problem will be solved though. Hehe. There’s pretty much not much of oil control to talk about as well, so is this for oily skin? Perhaps because the cream is slightly dry. Does it do much for oily skin? Probably not.

Overall, it’s pretty good and I’m happy. Until next blog!


2 thoughts on “Etude House – Precious Mineral BB Cream Shade #1

  1. Thanks for your review of the BB cream~ I was thinking of buying that but I decided to try Baviphat XD It’s funny to see that they so much bubble wrap but it’s good they’re being cautious? lol But wow…2hrs that’s so long lol @__@

    I love eating at Passionflower lol. I think green tea icecream is the best 😀

    • Lol np 😛 Etude House products are just overall affordable and pretty good – maybe I just got used to it and it seems that it sinks in a bit faster, though the chalky-look is something I’m not really digging. Probably some facial mist will fix it but oh well XD All Etude House products from Gmarket are bundled up really tightly which is good~ hehe

      I agree! Green tea icecream is awesome – I usually pick the ones with green tea icecream in them, yum!

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