Gmarket Haulage 11: Black Thursday/OH YEAH

I ordered a lot of stuff the week before (4th January). I ended up cancelling a top and another order I combined (which I made on the 5th), but those items still didn’t arrive by Friday/ Saturday of that week – so I cancelled them in the hopes I’d get my order fast. My wishful thinking didn’t really come true 😛 It ended up being sent out on Monday the 10th January. I received it in just 10 days total today, 13th January. For those who are new or missed it, I live in Sydney Australia so it was fairly quick. My favourite EMS postman also happened to be working today and so I got it early at 9am this morning. BOOOOYEAH.

I ordered a pair of black flats that were on sale, but the seller cancelled them because I think they weren’t making enough profit from it =_= Lame. Not sure if I want to buy from them again – I’ve been a regular customer so that was disappointing =_= Not like their terms and conditions required me to buy more than one pair. Oh well. I’ll probably save up once I start working for a pair of Ferragamo Salvatore ballet flats.

NOTE: Why I bought these clothes.

There was one reason why I was so rushed to get this order: I ordered work clothes, so I really needed them before I started work. My work dress code is black (entirely black, no other block colours or colours at all, no funky patterns). You cannot believe how insanely difficult it was to find clothes that are just ONE colour.

Therefore, keeping this in mind:

  • All clothes I buy must be black, one colour, no funky patterns.
  • Skirts must be about 45cm long to touch my knee. This is extremely rare in Gmarket and could be expensive (up to $40 or more for these) so it was really hard finding something that long.
  • Dresses should almost touch my knee.

It was like going on a scavenger hunt, and it took me a very long time.

I placed a 30cm (12 inch) ruler in front of my box. I can tell you, this box is HUGE. So huge that when you open it, it’s only half filled. I think you can see that I have a poster tube inside, which is why this box was used 😛 To put the box into perspective, you probably could put a 5-6 year old kid or extra long, large adult sausage dog in the box and it’d fit – haha. But yeah, no, don’t try that please.

Here is the list of stuff I bought. Feel free to read everything or skip to the appropriate section.

1 – Belt
2 – GD&TOP CD + poster
3 – 2 black tops
4 – Skirt
5 – Skirt
6 – Harlem pants
7 – 4 pairs of Pantyhose (aka translucent stockings)
8 – 2 pairs of black dress pants
9 – A dress and a skirt
10 – Etude House mini haul.

The total for this order was about $235USD including shipping. I cancelled a top (~$10USD), a pair of shoes were cancelled (~$5USD) and I was refunded a grand total of ~$16USD worth of shipping back to my Cash balance. Therefore, the real total for the 18 items (note I counted the poster and CD as one) is around $205USD (it’s the same in Australian dollars, if not then $206AUD). That’s about $12 per item on average shipped. Not bad at all, considering there’s no way you can buy the majority of the items I bought for just $12.

1 – Belt

Let’s face it – there’s no way I will be able to wear a designer belt with a hugeass silver buckle to work. So I needed a simple black belt.

The belt looks like it’s quite well made and it’s just enough for whatever I need it for. I think over time it will start to break down and get gross, but I’m not concerned about that.

The belt came with free domestic shipping, a bunch of download coupons (if I bought 2 belts I could have gotten a freebie like a pair of socks/ another belt/ you get the idea) and the price was 3,900 Won. That’s like $3. You’d be looking at $10 at the markets, so this was dead simple, really cheap and I’m happy with it. I have a hole puncher for belts so I can easily punch holes into this if needed. Simple, easy.

2 – GD&TOP 1st Album with poster in tube

I love Big Bang. TOP is my favourite member and this album is made of gold. Literally.

For those who didn’t know, the album comes in 5 different colours and usually ships in random colours. There are also several sets of posters, and those are shipped at random too. I had no idea what I was going to get and I was dreading getting red as it was in the stock pic. To my surprise, I got gold, which actually looks fan-flipping-tastic and surprisingly looks super dope. I dig.

The CD comes in a hardcase which was bubble wrapped. There was Korean newspaper lining the bottom of the box to fill up empty space so the CD wouldn’t clunk around. The CD comes with the photobook (it’s attached to the case I think, but OMG THE PHOTOS ARE BEAUTIFUL), there’s a YG Family Card included (doesn’t have a photo, it’s a scratchie card which allows you to sign up), and there’s a mini pamphlet on the boys and other information. SCHWEET.

The poster I received is beautiful ;_; It legitimately makes my wall look like some awesome room in a photography exhibition or magazine office. Gripe is I can see their blackheads lololol. Who has more? GD 😡

But the poster is really big – it’s probably A1 sized. BEAUTIFUL. FLAWLESS. ETC. Not sure if I’m going to hang it up because it’s landscape (I’d do it if it was portrait) but it’s worthy of being framed. Honestly. ZOMG.

Down the bottom of the poster you can see another roll – the seller threw in an extra poster for free (A3 sized) which is actually a pretty crap poster [you can’t see anything, really – mostly a blurry GD and some backup dancers], but it was from G-Dragon’s Shine a Light concert 🙂

The CD was going for almost 15,000Won, including the poster. Note that some listings list this for 12,000Won ish and you add 1,000 Won for the poster – and possibly you need to pay domestic shipping. That’s pretty standard, but I chose a more expensive listing with everything included. Note some cheaper listings do NOT come with the YG Family card. I removed the seller’s discount and applied Gmarket’s CD/Books/DVDs voucher so I got this for 12,000Won in the end. This seller is really fast (shipped INSTANTLY once I placed the order) so I’m pleased. Don’t forget I got a free poster.

3 – tops

So these are going to be work tops. They look a bit casual but I think it’s okay since my work supplies me with a blazer to wear on top. Both are chiffon or polyester (I don’t know what they are) and they’re both designed really well – because they are double layered where it should be double layered. When I wear these, I can’t see underwear or anything, so it looks really neat. They’re pretty good for summer I think since they’re thin, but beware, they do seem a bit on the “oops I might rip this” side. Otherwise, they are excellently designed, only come in one size (fits me very well) so it’ll accommodate up to anyone who is size 66.

They both come with labels, but no tags. They were both about 12,900 Won – and trust me, it took me forever to find these on Gmarket, since it’s winter in Korea.

4 – Skirt

This was a really cheap skirt (the cheapest I bought) that I bought for 8,800 Won. It has an elastic waist so it’s free sized. The material looks sturdy but it’s actually stretchy and looks pretty bad when I wear it. I’m a size 66 (top and bottom) and this is tight on me. Note that I think I have a bottom, so if you don’t have as much of a bottom you should be fine. I think there was a lining, but no labels were attached at all. Probably wouldn’t wear this until I lose more weight 😛 This doesn’t have a label or tag.

This would probably suit size 55s a bit better. The length is alright though, but the back doesn’t look so good when worn (because of bottom -_-).

5 – Skirt

This is the most expensive skirt in this order and I think it’s about 27,000 Won or even more. I applied a coupon to make it cheaper though.

It’s made of wool and comes with a label but no tags. There’s a lining and you zip the skirt at the back. The seller included a sheet advertisement of their skirts and skirts, and I circled the one (only it’s a different colour) of which one I ordered. Worn it looks really lovely (it looks crap in the photo because it was folded and taken out of the package – please use your imagination :P) – my only gripe is that it’s going to be warm to wear in summer – perhaps? I don’t know. Maybe not since it’s just a bottom. Length is great, quality is lovely. I ordered a size 66 and it fits perfectly. Definitely the best skirt in this order even though it was pricier.

6 – Harlem Pants

The photo looks really crap but it’s not that bad. I should stay away from harlem pants because they’ve been quite nightmarish on Gmarket so far. This time round I found another seller, and these were about 9,000Won so I expected them to be better quality. Turns out it’s a slightly stretchy polyester-esque fabric, which isn’t all too bad. But these are still a bit too short for me :\ I’m 165cm ish (5 foot 5) so if you’re taller than me, it’s definitely a no-no. But these aren’t bad, I’d wear them 🙂

7 – Pantyhose

I ordered 2 packs of nude and 2 packs of black pantyhose. Apparently these give your legs support and make your legs look nice, but I’m not sure on that 😛 I just wanted something cheap – so including the 2,500 Won shipping, all 4 together ended up being around 10,000Won or less. Super cheap hehehe.

8 –  2 pairs of dress pants

I ordered 2 different pairs of dress pants, both size 66, both with front pockets. The difference is mainly where the top waist bit is if you look carefully. Otherwise, the length, price and material is the same – straight leg cut, 50% rayon, 50% polyester and around 19,000Won a pair. Both don’t have labels or tags; they only have a small care tag, which was slightly disappointing. Also despite being the same size, the pair on the left with a fancier rim was a lot tighter on me than the pair on the right. Still, it’s ok and they’re pretty good pants.

9 – Dress and skirt

This seller has a lot of gorgeous dresses but with only 2 that had short sleeves and were just black. Slightly pricey at 23,000Won, but I applied a coupon. The stock pic was really cute and the dress is pretty nice when worn. Gripe is that there are loose threads and it’s actually shorter than expexted. Oh well, fits perfectly though and it’s made of some form of high quality cotton. The skirt fits perfectly but looks grey 😐 It was about 12, 000Won. Both are size 66. Both have labels but no tags.

10 – Etude House

Forget my resolutions for a bit – I ordered this to try it out and make life easier :p

I ordered a Blackhead off Oil Ex, Blackhead Gommage and something else [I think it’ll become a present, hence the mystery]. The oil is out of the box because I found oil leaking from somewhere so the box was oily >_>.  I think it’s from the bit between the cap and the plastic bottle >.< So beware of this. The seller gave me 2 samples (freebies, underlined in pink on the photo) – a cleansing foam (to be used with the oil I guess), and a body lotion, which is just what I needed since I’m too lazy to use moisturiser on my legs. I’ll add these to the list of reviews I am going to do 😛


I’m fairly happy with the stuff I bought, but the general premise is to spend a bit more – you will get better products with better quality. Download the daily overseas coupons and you can save quite a bit altogether 🙂

I typed over half of this post using an on screen keyboard and tablet pen tapping my screen because I’ve run out of batteries for my keyboard. I’ve  been meaning to go out and buy some for over a week now so err, until I get my keyboard working again, I won’t really be blogging LOL. Hope this review was useful, and see you next blog!


7 thoughts on “Gmarket Haulage 11: Black Thursday/OH YEAH

  1. You make me want to spend immense amounnntsssss of moneeehh on online shopping stuff!!! I think I shall this week haha.


  2. I ordered the album too, though from another seller cos of the 2NE1 album I had to get (both albums are for my friend).

    Now, after reading your post, I REGRETTED not getting the albums T_T

    GD & TOP look AWESOME in the poster o(^▽^)o

    • Hi Raquel, thanks for dropping by 😀
      Well there’s still time to get the albums! I ordered the 2NE1 album before but Gmarket splatted on me and cancelled my entire order for some reason :\ I honestly wasn’t expecting much since people seemed to complain about the posters, but I was really really surprised and it’s actually a good poster :O Haha ~

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