Dabo Ritzy Nail Polish: happy nails, happy wallet.

Here is a long and overdue beauty post. Just to break up my wads of text. Pics – I know you like ’em.

I’m sure like most girls, I have a phobia of cheap nail polish. Cheap polish definitely means that there’s something wrong with it, like it being gluggy, too thick, too watery, smelling awful, taking decades to dry, or it’s just nearing its past by/ shelf date. I’ve been frustrated buying nail polish I’ve been told is good (cough-Revlon-cough) but has ended up being utterly BAD that words cannot even describe how bad it even is and I’m aware that this sentence no longer makes sense grammatically D: But you get the point 😉

Why do we still buy cheap nail polish though? Is it the price? The bottle? The colour? The hope that you might find something really cheap that actually works?

It’s probably all of the above. We just think to ourselves “it’s only $2!” in the hopes that it works.

Forget crap quality $2 though, it means that paying $2 is expensive – especially when you see this.

I’m sure you’ve all seen this photograph before (in fact it wasn’t posted too long ago), but I’ve updated it with the nail polish numbers.

The polish is named Dabo or Dabo Ritzy as the box behind and various stickers I received suggest. This is a Korean nail polish.

I bought these off Gmarket (for those who don’t know, it’s like a super safe version of eBay, only in Korean and based in Korea). The listing was 3+3 – in other words, buy 3, get 3 free. All I had to do was choose 6 colours and I was off into Happyland. Best part was they are super affordable, there’s a huge range of colours and the seller made it easy to tell you which were popular colours, which were new, and which were (sadly) out of stock.


Anyway, first things first – the listing attracted me because it was so cheap. Good feedback, and they had a HUGE range of seriously cute colours to choose from. The bottle actually looked really nice in the listing – upon receiving them, you can see that the caps are quite awkward and plastic/ cheap looking. The bottle itself isn’t too bad – glass, pretty shape and has very minimal writing on it (just says Dabo Nail Polish  – and on the back it says the same thing, only in Korean words).


Surprisingly very smooth.

It’s not thick, it’s not gluggy – it’s a really good consistency so you can actually get colour onto your nail, and it actually dries within a reasonable amount of time. It’s buildable, and isn’t streaky. Note that I did this with a solid PASTEL colour, which is usually a complete pain to apply, so you have no idea how impressed I am.

You can get a similar application to mine by 2 coats of Dabo polish. I used 3, but the 3rd coat wasn’t on the entire nail – it was just on bits that were streaky in the sense that polish was missing. As you can tell, you end up with a really smooth finish. The colours are seriously fun!

OR242 is an orangey pink. So it’s sort of a mix between a cantaloupe/ rockmelon and pink grapefruit. If you imagine that, you’ve got the idea of this colour. Photograph is fairly accurate though it looks more orange than I’ve described; but the colour does sometimes look orange, and other times looking more pink. Look at my solid colour swatch and I think  you can kind of see the pink.

BE311 is a pretty nice nude colour with some glitter. Slightly gold based, but mostly nude – seriously this is the closest colour I’ve used that is closest to what I call the ideal nude nail colour. YAY \o/ Perfect colour to wear out to look neat, and good enough to wear to a dress party. It’s just a very classy (or classic perhaps) colour.

Only 2 coats are needed and results are pretty good. The problem with the glitter is that it’s not very glittery (I say only about 20% of the glitter actually glitters >_>) and it doesn’t give a smooth finish – you will be able to feel the bumps of the glitter in the polish on your nail >_> Therefore you might need a good coat or two of top coat to achieve a smooth finish if it bothers you. Perhaps it was because I didn’t shake the bottle before using. I shall never know until my next use of this polish.

The “glittery” purple, not the pearl purple. As you can see, it’s more of a cherry purple more than an actual blue purple. Borderline berry red with slight purple. It’s really hard to say, but it kinda looks a bit vampy and I’m not sure if I really like the colour. Goes on smooth and the glitter bits again don’t really glitter, but the finish was smooth – so something went weird with the beige polish lol.

I also cut my nails >_> I’m sure this colour would be better on long nails.

This colour was not really what I expected – it’s a bit darker than in the photo – I couldn’t get the colour right. I thought it was meant to be a rosy pink, but it’s sort of a cross between a rose pink/ mauve or a lavender gone pink. Very flattering colour though (okay, I think this means light pastels suck on my nails – if you’re one of those people who think pastels look too light on your nails, opt for a darker borderline pastel colour and you’ve hit the jackpot) and is overall excellent. Really digging this colour and how easy it was to apply. Smooth glossy finish and colour is awesome. I do not need to say any more!

The other 2 migrated to another happy land 😛 I gave them away as a Christmas pressie lol. But I imagine the other orange one was more pastel orange than pastel canteloupe, and the pearl purple is probably more of a purple than a cherry colour. I dunno, I didn’t touch them but the colours are fairly accurate on the nail (ie. what you see on the bottle is what you get on your nail).

Lasting power

All Dabo polishes have the same problem – they peel somewhat easily, but they’re so heavenly to apply that I can overlook it. The good thing about this is that I realised that this nail polish does little to no damage to your nail. Peeling is fairly normal, and usually it only happens to a few nails that were soaked extra long in water or for whatever reason – so it’s normal. The polish itself won’t come off easily unless you’ve been doing a lot (I cleaned the bathroom – ie. scrubbing).

You will definitely need a base and top coat to prolong the life of the polish – even so it will still last around a week which is fairly standard. This problem is more apparent in their solid nail colours, because you need more coats, hence the layer of polish is thicker – therefore when you add more polish closer to your nail bed or nail tips, the surface isn’t smooth due to thickness differences. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a problem with their pearl or glitter polishes as they require less coats and are thinner in general.

Other things to note

  • Doesn’t smell gross like cheap polish. I bet everyone has tried to buy a really cheap nail polish for it to smell like concentrated wood lacquer. Dabo doesn’t smell bad and I must say it’s got a pretty good smell for nail polish – it’s less strong than most. Rest assured, this isn’t going to stink up your house.
  • Easy to remove. Even the thick solid colour polish comes out pretty easily onto your cotton puffs.
  • Just to reiterate, dries within a reasonable amount of time. By reasonable, I mean even your “oops I did it too thick” nails will dry within 20minutes before you sleep (don’t you hate it when you have a thickly painted nail that seems okay when you tap it gently, and then you accidentally stab it across something and have it ruined? Most likely it won’t happen with Dabo, and if it does, you can fix it and it’ll actually dry). This is by far the fastest drying polish I’ve ever tried which gives a perfect finish.


I know the appeal of solid colour polishes – and for a foolproof solid colour, Dabo actually isn’t bad. It’s flippin’ fantastic compared to other polishes I’ve used – and this is including Konad, which is a big surprise. Dabo > Konad > Missha.

I made a booboo and ordered 2 sets of very similar colours, so if I were you, I’d order different colours! I have a thing with orange/ peachy colours at the moment, and realised I didn’t own any dark purple polish – so you can tell what happened there.

Next time I manage to order these I’ll be definitely getting different colours. Their pastel mint and blue look really cute! But I’ll be getting the darker pastels rather than the light baby coloured pastels.

So, nail fanatics – if you can’t grab these from online for one reason or another, check your local stores and see if they have them – if I were you, I’d snap these up because they are seriously the best pastel/ solid colour nail polishes I’ve ever tried. Cheaper than Konad, and better than Konad – with Konad I tend to mess up a nail or two and have to start from scratch, but with this, I didn’t make any mistakes at all. Not even once, and I tried 4 different colours 🙂

Until next blog!


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