2011 Resolutions

Life. In general. And yes, this is a text post.

So I haven’t been networking ‘cept for Twitter really. It’s a good thing. It means I’m starting to have a life /(*A*)\

I’ve been away from the computer a lot lately in the respect that I now use a media player to watch my downloaded drama and movies so I watch it on the large TV screen outside (living room) rather than use my computer (killing my eyeballs softly). If you don’t have a media player, I highly recommend you get one, because they are really awesome. We were going to get another DVD player (because having a Blu-Ray player with no Blu-Ray discs to play sucks pretty bad) but instead we now have a media player. Plays your movies from your USB or card! Really handy.

Lately I’ve also been feeling really tired, which isn’t really a good thing – in other words, I haven’t found the energy to do things like blog and even process photos – I’ve just been trying to busy myself with other things. Last but not least, slow Internet means I won’t be lurking around all that much lol – it’s a sad but proven fact.

Currently I’m watching SBS’s Bad Guy. It was from last year? 2010? Maybe 2009? It’s actually really goooooooood. ‘Cept for the fact I can’t get used to the main guy’s face – there’s something about it that irks me. But Kim Jae Wook – ZOMGSH. Perfect man is perfect in a 100% naturally perfect way. Oh his cheekbones ❤

I’m starting to think that the people at SBS recycled bits of Bad Guy and spun it into a romantic comedy aka Secret Garden. To tell the truth, Secret Garden got really boring for me by the 10th episode. After I watched 11 and 12 I was thinking “what the heck did I just watch with 2 hours?” because the episodes talked about zip nada. I don’t know what it’s like at the moment, but I’m sick of the drama trying to rely on a seemingly witty script, but having these scenes with just 2 people on screen saying random crap to each other for 5 minutes or more. Seriously, it’s really boring. It’s low budget and there’s nothing to look at cept for their pretty faces. In all honesty, I can understand why people are hyped about Secret Garden – even I was, but once I got to episode 10 – seriously, it just fails to grapple with more sophisticated issues. I want to see Hyun Bin’s character actually do something for his company, do something intelligent etc – but none of the characters are doing anything like that. I feel as if I’m watching something with little substance. There isn’t even a sparkly tracksuit for me to look at :\

That aside and back to Bad Guy, if you’re interested in the battle between rich and poor with a random stuntsman, lots of topless guy scenes, a few promiscuous women, fast cars and angst, go watch Bad Guy. I’m up to ep7 and I’m keen to watch more – it’s soooo twisted idek.

Also hoping for my Gmarket stash to come – I cancelled a crapload of items hoping they’d send it out today, but it seems that they haven’t sent it out. (I have no idea because sometimes they are very slow). I’ve realised they’re a bit slow lately, which isn’t really leaving a positive impression on me. Next time my haul is going to come from somewhere else. And it’ll be awesome, seriously. I just need to accumulate the money for it to happen OTL.

I was going to make this post nice, but I decided to keep it fairly basic and write a list – it’s probably the easiest way. I’ll do a graphic resolutions post later 🙂

My resolutions for 2011:

  • Do well in my work, make some friends in my workplace (not some, more like, all) and get at least one payrise during 2011.
    I think this is pretty straight forward. I’m still not too sure whether or not I’d be able to fit in all that well, but all I can say is that I must try it out. I’ll only hope that it’ll work out perfectly, because I really am excited to start.
    ACHIEVED THIS MAY 2011 – and again in JULY 2011.
  • Save up 75% of my pay. 25% of pay goes to bills and online shopping. If there is spare money, it will go to my parents.
    The first half of this resolution sounds pretty good to me – but I’m trying hard to do the calculations to satisfy the latter condition. It’ll be difficult to satisfy until I get more days working and a pay rise, but I’ll try my best.
    As for online shopping, I would like to dedicate my money to mostly clothes/ accessories, crafts and homewares. I’m not going to spend money on cosmetics unless I’m running out (and trust me, I’m not – I have probably a 3 year long supply of goods in my stash and cotton puffs enough to last the next 2 years). I know I have a lot of clothes as it is now (but you know the feeling how you have quite a lot… yet you feel like you don’t have much? That’s the way I feel right now… I tend to wear the same clothes over and over…) but there are a lot of old clothes I’d like to get rid of and replace. As for homewares, I’ll hopefully be self sufficient to give my wardrobe some sort of awesome organisation system which will ensure that I will wear ALL my clothes and not ignore them since I can’t find them fallen in a random corner.
    Key items to buy: hot water thermos (don’t ask, we need a new one, tis all lol) ACHIEVED APRIL?, kettle, wardrobe system, matching set of bedside tables, sewing machine.
  • Go overseas or interstate.
    In 2011 I hopefully will be able to finally leave the country lol. Queensland sounds good too.
  • Lose that final kilo to hit the 5kg target weight loss. Then lose another 4.
    I have my fingers crossed that it’ll come naturally since I’ll be working a lot, but who knows? Lol. But the main reason for this resolution is so that I still keep in mind that I need to do exercise. I’ve been pretty lazy lately – I used to do an hour of exercise each day! A lot has changed since the final exhibition – that reduced my motivation down to nearly zero.
  • Go out at least once a week.
    This does not include work days – it’ll dedicate one day at least that is a non-working day to catching up with a friend or taking photos or something of the sort.
  • Meet more people.
    I’ll eventually find a way to do so. Will update this part later when I figure out how/ what.
  • Start those blasted dance lessons. Drag a friend along in the process.
    I really really want to take up dance lessons. Argh. I’m hoping that it’ll happen sometime soon *fingers crossed*.
  • Blog better, keep winning gift certificates and getting more comments from readers 😛
    Hard, subjective, ludicrous, but worth a try 🙂 – that said, I’ve won January 2011 Top Blogger. Schweeeeeet! Waiting for the gift certificate to be given to me.
  • Start posting on my Lookbook. Poor, poor neglected baby.
    I haven’t been able to do this at all… and the reasons are pretty apparently. Firstly, I can never be satisfied with an outfit – secondly, I don’t have a photographer. I’ve got to be the most unphotogenic person out there, so I usually cringe at photos with me in them.

That’s all there is to it. I wanted to do a digital portfolio last year but it didn’t happen since I changed my mind about my career path. So instead I hope to build a website of some sort. What kind? I’ll be planning that during the year – top secret atm 😛

Things to try in 2011

  • Dyeing my hair a shade that is not dark ashy tobacco brown.
    Duncurr what colour it is – I just have to try a different colour. My hair colour has pretty much not changed much over the years except for the fact that it’s getting progessively 1/4 of a shade lighter each time I dye it. WOW HOW EXCITING. I better make a (more) drastic change for my next hair dyeing session.
  • Go on at least 3 dates. If it’s even humanly possible. There is nobody in my life atm. Or at least go to 3 outings where I meet new people.
    Well, it’s worth a try, after all this is the section where I list things I’d like to try. Doesn’t mean I have to do them, but I really should give it a shot. I’d personally be laughing myself to sleep if I could even just get one for 2011, but oh well, let’s just aim for the impossible shall we?
  • Write up a fixed skincare routine timetable and post it up here.
    So that it looks pretty and that I’ve done something.
  • Blog twice a week and do a 30 day challenge, so I continuously post for 30 days in a row during one of the months in 2011.
    Sorry to email subscribers, but prepare to have your inbox flooded one of the months in 2011 :S If it happens 😉
  • Add bohemian/ gyaru style to my wardrobe.
    I’ve sort of acquired a liking to this style and would probably end up adding quite some of this style to my wardrobe. This will happen probably in the middle of the year though – I can’t wait! I’ve gone through several phases of clothing (simple block colours –> cute –> chic street style –> girly lace and florals) so I’ll be adding this to the list.
  • Shoot more in film, and experiment with film photography.
    I know I suck at using film because the photos I took during high school were terrible lol. Might also have to do with the fact that I was using a camera aimed at being a point and shoot camera rather than an artistic lomo-ey effect. I shall develop my film one day and buy more film. I’ll buy a large stash of it, make it expire (ie. wait for it to expire) and then shoot to my heart’s content.

I’ve left out designer goods in this post for a good reason – I think I just have too much and it’s not going to good use. I’ve honestly contemplated on selling one of my bags because I barely use it to the point it’s actually kept in my storeroom. I have everything now so it’s nothing to really think about. I need to probably replace my Converse shoes at some stage, so I guess that’s where designer brands can come into play – otherwise I don’t feel a need for it, and my mind is set on trying to save money and being as productive as I possibly can. I don’t have any more time to waste even though I may come across as young – in my thoughts, I’m actually pretty old because I’ve started things way later than others.

I hope that 2011 will be productive and every day will be put to good use. Hopefully everything will go well, and I get to tick off all my resolutions – ticking off the things to try will be an absolute bonus!

Hope you all enjoyed the new year break and see you all once again for another year of weird posts. Until next blog!

PS: Next blog will be the Dabo Ritzy Nail Polish review from my Gmarket Haulage 10 post. It has been sitting in my drafts forever, photographs and all, ready to post. I have been trying to space out my posts lately 🙂


2 thoughts on “2011 Resolutions

  1. OMG I have such admiration for you with setting all these resolutions – they’re achievable but I think the sheer density of them kind of makes me go ‘EEK’. I think your new job will help you meet new people – one of my best friends is a girl I used to work with. We don’t see each other as often, but we still have that connection with each other.

    YAY for monies and shopping by the way – I think you should enjoy the sudden increase in income for maybe a month, then start saving. Oh dance lessons.. *runs away* hehehe..

    Ugh I just bought a huge batch of film online which is likely to last me a few years – I’ll give you film next time I see you 🙂 🙂

    • Lol, I realised that I’m probably being over-ambitious, but I just feel bad that I could be putting my uni qualifications to use. I sort of wasted 5 years of my life – or rather lost 5 years because I was so socially isolated, unhealthy and stressed during study :\ so it’s time to get up and sort things out fof the future and better 🙂

      I think I won’t touch my income until I know it’s stable- I’m just the type to not plunge into things unless I know it’s confirmed (eg. a contract is signed or I’m rostered for full time). Fingers crossed, ’tis all 😀

      Andpsh you lol; I know you’re not taking dance lessons any time soon :p if required, i’ll probably go myself… scary, but it’ll happen one day 😉

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