2011, baby!

A collage of my random photograph stash. Booyeah.

First post of 2011 😀

Hope everyone had a great time spending NYE/NYD with their family and friends. I had a boring one curled up in bed – but I’m sure you all probably had a great time 😀

But truthfully speaking, the fireworks suck more each year. This year’s fireworks only lasted 15minutes – it used to last half an hour, for those who can’t remember or didn’t know. Then 25… 20… now 15. Next year, 10 minutes? Seriously, I don’t get why people camp to see the midnight fireworks – the 9pm fireworks also lasted for 15minutes and it means you can go home early too. But oh well – maybe it’s because I’m pretty impartial to fireworks.

I’ve been away from the Internet (staying away from a lot of social networking sites and all) – partially because I’ve capped myself, and also because I’ve  been trying to busy myself away from a computer screen. I’m also trying to sleep earlier, and to actually do all of my skincare routine properly before I sleep. You have no idea how lazy I’ve been the past year, skipping on certain steps because I felt that I rather spend the time doing other stuff and then flop into bed. Fact: I am wearing a sheet mask as I am typing.

To digress a bit, it’s THEFACESHOP‘s Collagen sheet mask as a part of the Essentials line. I generally don’t like THEFACESHOP masks because they’re so damn expensive (I bought the Essentials at $3.50AUD each, which at the time was like OMG SO CHEAP since Missha’s cheapest sheet mask is about $4.95) for the crappy quality they have. I would have preferred to buy Missha’s even more expensive masks than touch these crappy essential masks. Don’t get me wrong – they’re not bad – it’s just that they’re so watery and the size of the sheet mask is so off. For that price I would expect something less watery. They’re effective though, but no more effective than a $2 sheet mask you buy from online. Having said that, THEFACESHOP’s Pearl mask (also an Essential) is one of my holy grails –  but at that price, I’d spend it on other things. Maybe I’ll Gmarket it and see how much they actually retail in Korea – $3.50 is STEEP >_>.

Apart from that, having a computer is so boring with slow net – so boring that it actually took me a while to be bothered to type up this post. Overdue – there are other things I really want to add to this, but most of the stuff you’ll find in my Twitter (link a la right hand side) where I just tweet links to videos (OMG GD&TOP – CANNOT STOP OBSESSING).

Museum hopping

On Monday I met up with the still-in-Sydney Lovigans (plus extended friends of Lovigans) for some museum hopping.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Circular Quay.

Surprisingly there were a lot of people out and about on a public holiday, and there was a handsome line about 10-15 minutes long in front of the museum.

I was going to post a really tacky photo of the information booklet and entry ticket to the exhibition, but it was so gross, I think I’ll spare your eyes and bandwidth.
Lol my pamphlet got dog earred from being in my bag for several days. And crappily edited of course – I told you I’m not bothered, usually I’m not like this okay ._.

A ticket to the Annie Leibovitz Exhibition. $10 for students, $15 for adults. You can read about her interesting life here on wikipedia.

The exhibition was really interesting – there were a lot of people in the exhibition too looking at the photographs. Her black and white photographs are amazing, and her coloured photographs are really surreal. I was reading about her on wikipedia and man, her life is so full of awesome (apart from financial troubles). Her body of work and history of work is amazing and she is one of the most celebrated photographers for a good reason. I enjoyed the exhibition – quite inspirational.

We then took a train and went to the Art Gallery where we sort of just looked around, got tired (flat shoes = zero support = dead feet) and went to have lunch. FOOOOOOD.

Half sized Omurice, Half sized shoyu something ramen and green tea latte. Yours truly, from Takeru.

Yes, Takeru again lol. It’s a bit of our hangout these days XD I ordered a bit too much – I was feeling hungry since I had an early breakfast (hence my green tea latte is gone in the photo – I was trying to eat the icecream before it melted, and that required drinking the milk first…) – we were eating at Takeru at around 4pm so yeah, I went a bit overboard with the food. I finished everything though, but I was quite full. Omurice ❤ How I’ve forgotten how awesome you were. It was probably my first meal where I’ve felt full since April 2010. Yes, that’s what dieting does to you. That reminds me, I should start exercising again tomorrow XD;;

We all headed home afterwards, but it was a fun day. I personally didn’t take all too many photos – nothing I really want to post up and share anyway. I’ve sort of been a bit out of touch with taking photos lately – I need to get back into it, but I don’t really know how.

Internet things

A week ago I was thinking of what to do with my time since I didn’t have a job at the time. I wanted to put my efforts into producing stuff, like hand crafts and making things. I was doing some online shopping and I came across this wooden construction set. I love wooden construction sets – I put together a ship (it’s in the living room) and I like to put things together. I saw that it was fairly cheap and it was a ferris wheel which was pretty cute, so I bought it.

It finally came in the mail today (finally is a bad word – since it came relatively quickly for registered airmail) and it took me about 30 minutes to assemble. Pretty easy to put together – I didn’t use the instructions though, I looked at the photograph and put things together. The biggest surprise was that the ferris wheel does actually spin, and I’m going to continue working on it. I’m planning to decorate the chairs and to paint the whole thing.

It’s actually quite cute in real life – photograph doesn’t really do it justice, but oh well.

Apologies for my messy desk – I have a lot of crap lying around.

If you look closely I’ve been sticking the remainder of my Kopiko stash on the ferris wheel chairs to remind myself to finally finish eating them. Then again this photograph is really dark and gross – sorry about that. I just really wanted to post a photo of it, and this was the best one I had :\

Aside from all that, you can expect my new years resolution post coming up next. I put in an order for Gmarket yesterday so I’ll have a stash of work clothes and my GD&TOP album plus poster – omg yay. I can’t wait for that to arrive – it’s actually one of the orders I want ASAP because I actually need it. The order was pricey because I started ordering clothes that were slightly more expensive hoping that they’d be better quality and all. Then I’ll insert a random beauty review somewhere along the lines 🙂

This is a fairly short post by my standards (around 1000 words), but I’ll be back with something more exciting next time. Until then, remember to take your vitamins!


2 thoughts on “2011, baby!

  1. Happy belated new year~ 😀 I love the Museum of Contemporary Art! <333 When I went a few months ago they had really interesting exihibitions.

    I've never eaten at Takeru before, what's your favourite dish from there? XD I'll note them down to eat at +_+

    Cute ferris wheel 😀 I've been hunting for wooden trees similar to that.

    • Happy New Year! Lol it was my first time going to the MCA 😀 Student fee to unlimited exhibition entry is like $50 – could be worth it? XD

      Takeru’s awesome! I’d recommend any of their salads and their omurice. A lot of people like their mushroom and cream spaghetti. They’re owned by the same people as Ramenkan, so I don’t really order ramen when I go to Takeru – I try to order more of the fusions 🙂 If you can’t decide what to eat you can order them in half sizes – they’re about $5 or $6 and you can order them to try them out 😀

      Wooden trees huh – I haven’t seen any in wood but I’ve been them on urban outfitters as jewellery stands.

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