Met up with uni friend A during her short working break a few days ago.

We had a look around Myer and some post Boxing Day sales but nothing was really all that great. Seemed like most of the good stuff is gone (sizes and styles) so we headed off to the Lincraft 30% off everything except for gift cards, sewing machines and a bunch of other terms and conditions sale – out of fluke I managed to spot it. I honestly still thought it was still at the QVB :S

Bought various things, mostly elastic for my mum – when I paid I felt it was a bit too expensive – checked the docket – found that all my elastic hadn’t been discounted – went back – requeued at another counter – waited eons for sales assistant with attitude to serve me – got refunded – had my entire order paid for again – and got my money back for the undiscounted items.

It sounds somewhat petty – you’d all think “heh, elastic doesn’t actually cost that much” – but to be honest, if I knew it wasn’t going to be discounted, why would I buy it? Elastic has gotten quite expensive actually – at least a dollar up from what I remember this time last year.

I was refunded a grand total of six dollars and thirty cents ($6.30) which is actually quite a lot considering that’s enough for a drink at a café or drink place and some spare change :O

The thing that sucks most was because we were in a bit of a hurry to get to lunch, I realised that I forgot to give them my membership card – so I was ripped of 38 odd points for my membership (I swiped it when I paid for my overcharged order, but I didn’t get to swipe it when I paid again for the corrected bill) – TOTALLY DEFEATS THE PURPOSE. I really like Lincraft because they have a lot of stuff, but it really sucks because I hate how disorganised the place is. A whole bunch of stuff doesn’t have price tags attached, and the stuff is getting expensive. Eurgh.

Had lunch at QVB at the top floor. It was a restaurant/ café at one end named Yama’s which serves Japanese food. I ordered a Green Tea Seafood Pancake ($14.90) which didn’t taste a hint of green tea lol. It was nice though. My biggest iff (noun for iffy) about the place is how expensive their menu is. Most of the food is around $20+, so to get a decent meal you need to pay $20. There’s nothing much in between the $15 and $20 mark, which leads to the biggest sadface emote I would ever insert into a post. Seriously, there’s nothing to choose – it’s either you go all out, or you don’t at all.

All photos were taken by A with A’s Canon DSLR – this shot was taken by me, but for the sake of her camera, I’m watermarking all of these photos differently. Was too lazy to take out my camera – A was wearing a handbag and still lugged her DSLR – skill/ dedication. I think I should start doing it and my camera’s nowhere near as big or heavy :S

Normally I wouldn’t really care, but since money is short for me, I must say it’s not great value. If I compare this to a Korean seafood pancake, the difference is huge – this probably has less seafood in it, the sauce doesn’t have sesame seeds in it, and the Korean pancakes I think are larger, if not thicker and more filling.

Besides that, the food is good, but just because it’s at the QVB it doesn’t mean it’s worth the money. I paid $25 at The Tea Room for a pot of tea and a few bites of cake, but that’s because you get the whole Victorian interior setting and service. At Yama’s, there’s no view, special interior or anything. You get good food, but it’s not worth it. Would I visit again? Maybe, but probably not any time soon.

Girl power! We can take photographs >:3

We took quite a few at QVB but soon we headed down to Circular Quay (A’s idea) to take photos. Admittedly we didn’t actually take many photos in total that day – we were mostly mucking around with the camera more than anything else, but it was fun 🙂

We walked all the way down to Circular Quay, by the way, and ended up at this lovely destination –

The highly tinted glass of the Opera House is creepy, and I must say it’s quite gross looking front on. It’s really beautiful when you see it on a ferry as you approach or leave the terminal though.

We went through that and ended up at the Botanic Gardens – or at least, a strip of it outside the actual gardens.

Because girls love shoes.

We walked through the Botanic Gardens – and – well – all the way down George Street back to George Street cinemas :O We did a lot of walking hahaha. I actually wasn’t tired, but I complained anyway because my feet hurt – not from walking, but because the narrow front of my shoes seemed to be rubbing on my foot >:\ Even with the stockings on D: LE WUT.

We had Chatime and coincidentally ordered the exact same thing – and I decided that Chatime is infinitely better than EasyWay – because it’s not watery and there’s good flavour in it. There are more things in Chatime drinks that are actually GOOD for you than in EasyWay drinks – better value for money too, I think. I am also going to abandon my love for Starbucks’ Green Tea frappucino and I’m going to replace that with Chatime’s Matcha red bean milk tea with pearls. Hmmm. Red beans.

So that marks the end of a soulful(?) journey trekking Sydney’s overcrowded post-Boxing Day sales consumer fanatic streets. Within the business we found some inner peace and a bit of prettiness within the city.

I know I haven’t been updating much or as much as I should be – this post would have been up ages ago but I was waiting on a photo 🙂 I’m also currently capped so my Internet has been really slow 😦 Other than that I wake up every morning and cringe at pimples popping up (weather changes this time of the year are always detrimental to my skin), praying that my phone will ring, and battling allergies (WHICH I THOUGHT I CONQUERED?!?) ie. turning into a snot machine.

Tomorrow’s a pretty important day for me – and it’s also the last day of 2010! Wish me luck for tomorrow, and I hope you all enjoy New Year/ New Year’s Eve with family/ friends 🙂 I shall write more about tomorrow at a later time 🙂

Until then, adios amigas and take care!


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