This is a Christmas post + “Nails of the week” segment. Sorta.

I think most of you are probably tired of the sudden rush of beauty reviews (haha I kid, you’re all probably welcoming them) so I’ve decided to do a post which actually talks about what I’ve been doing (level of interest drops down here).

Admittedly, I really haven’t been doing all that much. It’s been reduced to watching this Youtube clip almost every day as an anthem, watching Xman on my computer (whilst camping on bed, which means I’m going to slowly grow fat) and having pimples pop up all over my face. This is reality and it’s kinda sad.

Park Myung Soo is made of all kinds of awesome.

A note to L about the song, it was indeed a cover of a Slovakian song and it was in English (Gunther’s Ding ding dong) – so Park Myung Soo covered it. Youtube comments are misleading >_> Lol. I prefer this version over the original anyway – the original was too ridiculous.

Nails of the week

These aren’t really my nails. I cut my nails fairly short so I don’t have much room to do fancy designs. However, I didn’t want to ruin the Christmas spirit – not that I’ve really done Christmas nails before to begin with :S I’ve done New Year nails before!

But yeah. Anyway. This was sort of out of boredom and for exploration. Photo isn’t going to do it much justice (this was taken in my pre-manual-focus-is-possible-and-I-know-it era) but I hope you all get the general idea.

I think as you can gather my inspiration was from the green white and red peppermint candies or general Christmas colours. I really tried to get a swirl (see second nail from the left – that was my first nail) which did sort of swirl, but there wasn’t enough colour LOL. Anyway, I marbled all of these nails and left them to try – so the patterns are really random. I then touched them up and added more colour to where I thought was necessary (won’t tell you where but one is pretty obvious lol) and added a coat of sparkly glitter.

Marbling’s kinda fun. I don’t know if I’ll do it to my own nails if ever, but it was fun doing it on these nail tips which I got from C earlier this year.

If I’m bothered I’ll make the other 5 tips for the other hand if I find a reason to do so (I don’t wear them, sell them, or give them away – though I could sell/ give them away if that’s what people want). Personally I think I did an alright job for the first time (note: thumb nail is pretty cool) but there’s room for improvement 🙂

24/7: Listen to these flawless beings

My T.O.PxBOM dream came true. But the best things come in threes. I think 😛 Okay, maybe not for all aspects of life, but you know what I mean… right D:

This is currently playing on repeat through my ears. Considering to make it into a ringtone, but it’ll depend on when I’m bothered.

Thursday: Christmas Lovigans

Can you believe that it was about April 2010 that a proper full attendance Lovigan meet happened?

Well, we didn’t have a full meeting yesterday – just those who were still in Sydney (four in total, which is still a handsome number) all made it and we had an awesome lunch at Takeru.

The weather was hot and gross so I opted for a Chicken nanban hiyashi ramen or whatever it was called (true story, I said “hayashi” (forest) instead of “hiyashi” (cold), because “hayashi” is a cool word. Serious). The chicken is really good because it’s so crispy on the outside, but I must warn you, that’s not soup you’re seeing, but that salad vinegar all Japanese restaurants use. When the mayonnaise looking stuff (nanban sauce) sinks, it mixes with the vinegar, and it’s not pretty. Besides, the vinegar is far too flavoured and salty for my liking in a large amount as such. It was cool trying it, but I won’t be ordering it again – if they had tsukemen and I missed it, my bad :\ And green tea latte! I haven’t had one in ages.

Not sure if you guys can tell but the quality of photos from now on will be a lot better – I just sort of realised that there was such thing as a manual focus (because I’m such a noob), and you can do all sorts of cool things with it.

We then went to sing an hour of karaoke (though we could have sang all day for really cheap lol) but M joined us after a work party \o/

Hyde Park was our next destination where we just all shot photos. It’s been a very long time since I’ve actively gone out and shot anything, so it was really mostly everyone else 😛 However I did manage to nab this shot:

Man, I think after getting my camera this is probably the first photo that actually looks right :\ (or in other words, this is the first time I’ve ever achieved bokeh – EVER D: Most I’ve gotten was a blured background, but actual cute blobs of bokeh – NEVAR.) I fiddled with the focus, which was something I never really did. Man, if that’s the thing expect nice photos from now on >_> I’m such a noob.

We then all headed our own ways. I waited 20minutes for my bus to go home 😦

It was so great seeing everyone again – especially since I’ve been just stuck at home not doing all that much.


I cleaned out my desk (there was a big pile of crap to my left, to my right) so I have a large space to do ridiculous doodles again and to take some photos without having my computer as the backdrop. The downside is that you get to see other ridiculous things in the background LOL – WHY I OWN SO MUCH CRAP?

Closer to the new year (feel free to interpret which new year I’m talking about) I’m going to go through all my drawers and throw out the junk I don’t want/ use. I hope to have a bare desk one day :\

On that note, here are some extras I took today. These were the presents I got yesterday – kinda sad because I was actually the only person who rocked up without having prepared anything D: Erm – well – if it’s any good, we’re going to meet up next week anyway, so it means I can return some presents >:3 HELL YEAH.

This was a pinky ring from the two Ls 😀 Pretty ❤

Cleanser for sensitive skin courtesy of M – I am excite for these.

This was an assorted stationery/ girly pack from L which contained mostly pinks and yellows (I think most of the presents were colour coordinated lol). There was also a luggage tag but I forgot to include it >_> But as a note, I used to have the exact same highlighter when I was in high school! Can’t believe they still make them :O What a surprise – brings back memories 😀

Thanks so much guys! I really suck for not having presents >_> But next time I will have something. \o/

Plans for Christmas

None in particular. I rarely spend Christmas with other people because it means I have to go out, and it’s a public holiday so nothing much is opened. However I do have a weird tradition, which consists of queuing on a bunch of Christmas related songs on my computer  into a Christmas playlist. One song in particular is this song:

Song: Christmas Eve by Yamashita Tatsuro

Song never grows old, but I was lolol-ing eternally when I first saw the clip some 7 years ago.

I’ll probably end up doing something semi-cool. Until then I’m waiting for Running Man Ep20 and all the Gayos to be put online for me to watch. Having lots of bandwidth gives me awesome amounts of breathing space – don’t know how I used to survive with a mere few gigs per month – or even the 400mb/month and 200mb/month eras – shudders.

This time last year I also did a mini-post of myself wearing a weird Christmas coloured hat (well it was never a Christmas hat, but the colours were good enough to be) – who knows, I might be bored enough to do one tomorrow.

Anyway, stay safe. Double demerit points – so don’t be idiots on the road. Eat everything in moderation and don’t let a night of celebration break your promise to stick to a diet etc. Lol – don’t take me seriously ❤

Until next blog!


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