Etude House LuciDARLING Eyeshadow Quad 05

As most would remember, one of the triumphs of my Gmarket haulage in recent months was getting my hands on one of these LuciDARLING quads. I’m not going to post photos again of it – you can search my blog for Gmarket Haulages, but if I remember correctly it must have been Gmarket Haulage 08.

Quad 05 is one of the new additions to the LuciDARLING range and is endorsed by 2NE1. It’s CL’s palette and is considered to be a golden brown smoky eye palette. If you’re interested, you should look into Quad 06 which is Dara’s palette – smoky eye and similar colours, but for some reason I wanted this one instead. I was convinced I’d get colour from these eyeshadows because 2NE1 makeup is pretty heavy – that’s my logic anyway.

Again, pretty box, very pretty packaging, and I’m really excited because even the clasp is bow shaped which makes everything a zillion times cuter.

It comes with 2 applicators – one with a sponge on one end and a brush on the other – the other applicator is a sponge. The double ended applicator is for applying eyeshadow on your lids, whilst the brush end is used to blend the eyeshadow. The single ended sponge applicator is used for the darkest colours (top two) and is for “lining” your eyes. Even better – there’s a mirror, though you might think that’s a given.

On the back of the box there’s a diagram showing you where to apply which colour, which makes life very easy for someone who is new to makeup. For the sake of Etude House’s hard work, I’m not going to post it up – you’ll just have to see it for yourself. If you’re in doubt, always apply the lightest shade first to the darkest (ie. lining with eyeshadow comes last). If you line your eyes with liquid liner I suggest you actually do that first, because I personally don’t like the idea of my liquid liner collecting powder and having that going right into the bottle >_>

This is a smoky brown palette and comes with 2 varying shades of brown, gold (for highlighting), and a charcoal brown for lining along the eyes for the smoky effect.

In the photograph above, I’ve put in everything you actually need to achieve Etude’s eyeshadow tutorial.

You will need:

  • An eyeliner of some sort – I have both the black and brown Etude House Oh m’eye Line liquid liners. I used black for this because I thought brown wouldn’t contrast enough. 
  • An eye primer –  Etude House Proof 10 eye primer. Eye primer is something you should seriously consider applying before eyeshadow to keep the colour on and making it last. I’ll probably review that later when I’ve actually had the chance to test it over a 12 hour or more period of time – which is going to be a while considering I don’t wear makeup out much.
  • Eyeshadow brushes – one round headed brush for applying eyeshadow, one angled brush for lining eyes – optional: one small lip brush or eye lining brush for lining eyes (especially at the bottom lash). The reason why I list brushes is because the Etude applicators suck. The Etude brush that comes with the quad is very soft, but it’s pretty useless. The sponge applicators don’t really distribute colour all that evenly and absorb more powder rather than apply colour. Therefore I recommend you use your own brushes. My brushes pictured above are from Estee Lauder.
  • Don’t forget to do your brows, curl your lashes and apply mascara. I pretty much skipped this because I was doing this look at home. If I was going out I probably would have done everything, but oh well.


The swatches were done on my arm and pretty much are the colours starting from the gold colour and going anti-clockwise around the palette. It was really hard to capture the colours on my camera, but this was the best I could do. It’s actually maybe a shade darker than most monitors would see the photograph.

The eyeshadow… isn’t too powdery so it sticks somewhat. When you swipe the colour from the palette you might get some loose powder hanging around though – that’s why there’s a sheet of plastic (which I urge you all to keep in the quad) to protect/ keep the mirror clean.

It was really hard to get the gold to show! It wasn’t really a gold colour, more like chunky gold glitter, which was sort of disappointing. The next colour was slightly more pigmented but had less than half the chunky glitter. The dark liner was quite pigmented with almost no glitter, and the final dark brown shade was also quite pigmented.

The chunky gold glitter – sigh. You know how chunky glitter has 2 problems: falling off, hard to spread. It’s also hard to pack on. If you’re looking for something pigmented gold and thick – this isn’t for you. Get a cream eyeshadow or something instead.


Normally I probably would show my entire face, but the day I took these photos I got a haircut and I wasn’t satisfied with the way it was styled or cut. At the moment I’m cringing over my hair and wish that I went somewhere else to do it because that hairdresser is my worst nightmare. Argh.

Colours are slightly darker in real life.

This was my first attempt – I didn’t remove anything with makeup remover or water and I didn’t make any mistakes (hooray!) except for the bottom lash line (that’s why I recommended a small brush for it – I was lazy and used an angle brush – highly UNRECOMMENDED FOR BOTTOM LASHES).

I applied the eye primer and this is what I ended up with – you should be able to see some gold highlights on the middle of my eyeball, but it’s very subtle. What I did was pack more gold on that area after I finished blending etc. because I felt that there wasn’t enough dimension after blending. You might probably experience something similar and do the same thing. You can tell my liquid liner in black is fairly obvious and stands out – had I used a brown eyeliner, you wouldn’t see it at all.

Overall though, it’s really pigmented. I’m sure you all can tell it’s a smoky eye, the application is neat (ie. it doesn’t look like I’ve been punched in the eye), colours are there, and this was the first time I followed the instructions. Note that I did use my own brushes though – if you used the quad brushes, I can almost guarantee you won’t get a nice result like this unless if you were really skilled with sponge applicators – and well, yeah.

With the eyes opened – I’m not sure if you can tell, but surprisingly this colour combination doesn’t make your eyes look small. Once noticeable thing about the palette is that because it’s  brown, it’s much lighter and can actually have a largening effect. I did the makeup on one eye to compare with the bare eye and I thought the eye with makeup looked a lot larger. Of course, the eyeshadow is still there – I just happen to have a very deeply inset eyelid (but I’m not a monolid!).

The look would probably be even better with mascara, but what can I say – I didn’t want to do it, so you’ll have to just use your imagination.


  • Use primer – you’ll need it, or else the gold won’t stay. Do your eyebrows. Line your eyelids if you want more definition. Add mascara for a more intense smoky effect.
  • Great eyeshadow quad for beginners with a really easy to follow diagram. You don’t even need to know Korean to do it – you just need to interpret the dead easy diagram.
  • Cost effective – this retails for I think 12, 900Won, and for 4 colours, that’s not bad. It’s pretty cheap actually and that’s why I bought it.
  • Packaging is great – ideal for a gift. If you’re into blinging and personalisation, the casing allows you to do just that. I’ll probably reuse the casing and keep it for the mirror after I finish the quad in 30 years’ time.
  • The colour overall is versatile – you can wear it out during the day, and you can wear it out at night. It’s not the dark kind of smoky, but more of a casual/ formal casual smoky that is still elegant enough for night events. If you want it to be a darker smoky, just use a black pencil eyeliner and thicken the dark shadow along your eye lines – great for a night time look.


I’d like to totally collect all of these despite the light colours totally not showing up. The staying power is alright/ average, but they are cute and easy to follow. Plus the application is neat and so foolproof you can’t screw up. They’re cheap enough yet offer decent quality. If you’re after something more professional, I wouldn’t recommend these, but just as a casual daily thing that’s easy to apply and easy to remove, why not? The directions are so easy to follow, you’re not going to make a mistake, and I assume this is the case with all the quads.

I hope you all enjoyed my first eyeshadow review. It’s the first time I’ve done one and I wasn’t too sure how to photograph it – it took many many attempts to get the colours right, but this was the best I could come up with :\ Feel free to ask questions >_< I’m sure I must have left out stuff. Stay tuned for more reviews to come – until next blog!


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