Olds – because it’s not news.

Lame title aside, I did mention that I had a lot of stuff to write about – I just never really had the time or effort to properly articulate and organise my thoughts into a coherent post.

Lately I’ve started to draft posts again so that I could publish whenever I needed to. I figured since I had so much time, I might as well put more into blogging.

I’m aware that I’m not publishing things as often as I’d like to – sometimes I feel my blog posts are too short (FYI, I like my posts to be on average 1500 words or longer) and if they’re too short, I usually axe the draft or abandon it for days thinking about how to prolong it. Not the best blogging formula as it leads to boresauce (ie. droning on for the sake of doing so), but I hope I’ll be able to keep you all entertained. Beauty blogs coming and en queue – you just wait and see.

So, I can’t survive a zombie apocalypse with guns, but I could probably survive it growing plants. I think.

I know. Zombies. Again. But we have an internal joke about zombies, so I really do hate them, but at the same time, THESE ZOMBIES ARE SO CUTE. Sort of.

I know this makes me look really noob because the levels of the screenshots are so low, but actually I’ve completed all 50 levels of Plants Vs Zombies and beat Mr Zomboss at the end. I didn’t know it was the last level until the end credits song started playing, so I didn’t get any screenshots of the last level 😦 But if you youtube the last level, you’ll know what I mean!

Look at the determined face on the purple blobs LOL

There are normal zombies, zombies holding screen doors, POLE VAULTING ZOMBIES and zombies wearing ridiculous things like witches hats (also metal buckets too) on their heads. There are actually many more zombies like scuba diving zombies, football zombies, Sudoku addicted reading newspaper zombies, retro disco zombies and from the trailer, they even have zombies in bobsleds >_> Some of the scariest would have to be the gargantuan zombie (which is the zombie version of say, Hulk), and the dolphin riding zombie LOL I dunno why I freak out when those appear. The most annoying ones would have to be the bungee zombies – eurgh I hate them so much.

The game starts with a zombie invasion at your front yard, which then lasts until night time. The zombie attack failed, so they start attacking your BACKYARD (where there’s a pool >__>) and later on they start to invade your roof and try to enter presumably down your chimney.

I played the trial a total of two times – once on my computer and again online, because I realised that if I played online, I could get all the locked plants like the Squash >_> Problem is you need to start right from the beginning and this game is very time consuming. But now that I’ve finished it, it’s okay~ I can now go to sleep in peace knowing that I beat the zombies. YAY. Coming to think of it, I think this is one of the few/ rare computer games I’ve finished right to the end.

The music and sound effects are awesome. The trailer is exactly what it sounds like when you’re playing the bonus levels – so well yeah. Play the trial if you’re interested – or the full version 😛

The game isn’t hard (I mean, I can finish it, so that’s actually saying something >_>),  it’s just time consuming and a bit tricky at times because the zombies come en masse. Well, this kept me entertained for a good… I don’t know, 10 hours (?) these past few days. Possibly less than 10 hours though – I don’t think it took that long, but then again, I can’t remember, because I didn’t play it in one go. Hmmm.

I also had fun playing the mini puzzles and survival games. I got a mass of nightmares after playing the game though. Occasionally when I close my eyes I see zombies on my lawn. Guhhhhhhh.

UEE bb is back and flawless as ever. Also MBC should be ashamed of themselves. ASHAMED.

Said title is referring to this article which was the last of the string of news about UEE’s drama “Birdie Buddy”.

I was praying hoping for Queen of Reversals or whatever it was to finish so that Birdie Buddy could air afterwards, since it was scheduled to replace QoR’s timeslot. BUT NO. THEY DECIDED TO NOT AIR IT?? WHY?? I was actually looking forward to it. MY HEART IS BROKEN AND SUPERGLUE FAILS TO ADHERE IT BACK.

Brb, picking up pieces and heating up glue gun.

Experimentation and a zillion things I want to do

Starting to get worried here – chuckles (not). No, I really am starting to get worried. But you don’t have to mind me – I suspect that I have a high level of paranoia compared to other people, and when I get worried, I get paranoid, and then incessantly whine and complain to everyone and anyone in sight. Bottom line is – please get used to it, k thanks, love you ❤

I better not write about it in detail because it shouldn’t be public lol – will tell people I know in person if I see people (which I’m not doing enough regularly – I think I’m going to go insane soon).

I noticed that I absolutely hate my haircut and again, it’s too long (or too short, if I wanted it to be longer – this length is just soooo RANDOM). I also need a new hair colour but don’t want to do anything in case if it’s too crazy and I need it to be normal… I was originally thinking of Gdragon’s ginger coloured orange, but on second thoughts, I probably shouldn’t. Gosh I hate my hair. This is probably the worst hair I’ve had since 2006. You know the feeling when you get a crap haircut, and then you tell yourself “It’s okay, I’ll straighten it/ grow it!”, then you actually think even after a few days “hey this isn’t so bad when I style it”? Yeah, well, I’m not feeling it. Not once have I felt “pretty” with this hair – but who knows, maybe I just need to straighten it. In other words, I need to get out of the house and be bothered to groom self.

In a way it’s good because it means I no longer look the same as usual (for all of 2007 I had the same hairstyle, and then 2008-mid 2010 my hair was the same :S) but I don’t know if I want to keep the trend. I’d probably punch something if I get this haircut twice in a row.

Just a heads up, the past two occasions I got my hair cut I went to Noble hairdresser on Pitt Street. I was going to review them personally (since my review was based on my mum’s haircut), but I stopped because I had nothing particularly positive to say. Nothing wrong with them, I just have beef with a particular hairdresser – because she’s really really sloppy. I was unlucky enough to get her on BOTH occasions (WHAT WERE THE CHANCES???) and to be frank, I’m petrified of her. My first cut (if anyone remembers) 3 months ago cost me $45 (FREAKING EXPENSIVE considering I’m used to $37 – but that’s how long my hair actually got, CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE? – but that aside, I don’t find it expensive per se – it was expensive because the hair wash was sloppy [what the, only scratching my scalp once…] and the haircut wasn’t great…) and my recent haircut $35 (I requested 10cm to be chopped off) – not expensive either, but if you ask me, I rather go back to KSY and pay $2 extra for at least my hair to be thinned and styled properly. Heck even the hair wash would have been better at KSY :\ – but to reiterate, this isn’t a statement about the salon – it’s a statement about that particular hairdresser! I am thinking of visiting their other branch which is just around the corner – and if that’s third time unlucky, I’m going back to Kim Sun Young, whether I like it or not… :\


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