Etude House Proof 10 Eyeliner Pencil


Nothing interesting is happening in my life. Rather than updating with a bland post which would bore your eyeballs out of your sockets, I thought I’d spare all of you by writing something that’s remotely useful to read. I mean, who can possibly resist a review? Yes? No? No? Well, too bad, here it is anyway 😡

I’ve read some great reviews on this eyeliner pencil including some comments like “best eyeliner/ need to stock up/ won’t smudge” so I decided to give it a try.

The Proof 10 Auto Eyeliner Pencils retail at around the 6,000Won mark, which is about $6 (don’t forget shipping – I never include shipping in my prices, which is actually really bad, but hey, doesn’t matter, it’s just a pencil). Not bad, but I can’t say it’s that great either, considering I buy Koji Spring Heart Eyeliner for about $4. The thing about the Etude pencils is that they come in these really pretty waterproof, metallic boxes. Quite extravagant for an eyeliner, but I’m not complaining.

The thing that is most noticeable about the box is at the bottom you can see the symbol which I assume is sweatproof and waterproof; the back also claims a perfect 10/10 result, hence earning the name “Proof10”.

There was no black Proof10 in stock, so I settled down for a grey eyeliner since the swatch looked pretty black to me, as well as a metallic silver (pink), which is endorsed by 2NE1.

The pencils are generally well made and have pretty packaging. I can’t say the packaging is reminiscent of Etude House packaging, but then again, what exactly can you do to make a pencil look girly? Make it hot pink in colour, of course. Lol.

The great thing about autopencils is that they come with a sharpener, which in this case, both of them have. This isn’t quite as good as my Koji pencil, because the Koji comes with an extra cap where a sponge applicator is on the end of the eyeliner (so you can smudge the eyeliner), but it’s nothing major and it doesn’t really bother me too much.

The Proof10s are quite soft, which disappointed me somewhat, because after your first use, the tip will end up exactly like this – rounded and blunt. I don’t sharpen my pencils because I don’t want to waste any of my pencils since I’m paying for them >_> (hey, I want to use up every bit of pencil because I’m paying $6 for a pencil… a PENCIL!!) If you’re a sharp pencil lover, you will need to sharpen after every use, which isn’t something I particularly find convenient or time saving. I guess if you have a really light hand you might be able to keep the point sharp one way or another.

The pencils are pigmented though – you only need just one or two strokes and you’ve got it.

Left – pencil on the back of hand, Middle – smudging with a finger, Right – Residue on finger.

I wanted to test out the possible smudge-proof property of the liners and I was disappointed. Proof10 doesn’t mean it’s something-proof of 10 different things – it’s just water/sweat resistant and easy to use (so-called 10/10). This is definitely not smudge proof and I don’t recommend this for the top of the eyelids. Honestly speaking, it was very easy to smudge – a bit like drawing with a 4B pencil and then touching it – it was something like that.

Having said that though, the grey is actually sparkly (I can’t really show you, but I guess you can tell with the photo of the tip of the pencil) which actually was surprising. The metallic silver is also really nice and sparkly and actually shows up really nicely. In fact, I really like the silver because it’s the same effect as those highlighting/ shimmer sticks, only because this is so much thinner you get better control, so you get perfect eyelines every time, provided you don’t rub your eyes.

The liners actually last for a pretty good period of time even without a primer – probably for 18 hours at the very least (the box says 24 – I believe it. I’ve only worn it for 18 at most though), so you’re in good hands with these.

I recommend using these for the bottom eyeline as much as possible. You’re bound to get smudging at the top (don’t forget, top eyeliner = panda eyes) so avoid it unless you don’t get that problem. I generally use the silver for the middle of the bottom eyeline and the grey in the bottom outer third to join the bottom eyeline with the top eyeline.

Would I recommend it? Yes, Etude House has some great colours – not to mention the freebies they tend to give out. They also have gold and metallic aqua (I bought metallic aqua and have yet to try it – I skipped the gold because I have a gold liquid liner I have yet to use – but I can assure you it’ll probably be a really lovely pigmented and shimmery gold). Black and brown are also available. Price is decent, but not the cheapest liner out there, but getting close to it. I mean, how much cheaper can a metallic eyeliner be? I think I’m just trying to be a bit difficult here, because technically I’ve already spent about $24 on 4 pencils and I’m feeling a slight pinch (note that you’re dealing with someone who lives off free makeup samples from gift times >_>). I’d probably be happy to pay a dollar less per pencil and not have the box. Still a great deal – definitely is better quality than the price you’re paying for.


2 thoughts on “Etude House Proof 10 Eyeliner Pencil

  1. Ooh pretty!! I like the pink one and that is so awesome how cheap they are 😀 Would’ve never thought to use a grey eyeliner – I’ve always used brown because black feels so hard against my eyeballs – too dark mang!

    Hearts ^^;

    • Hehe the pink ones are the 2NE1 endorsed ones. The navy blue pens are part of the “standard” line I guess. 😛 Grey is awesome probably as an eyebrow pencil too – but alas I do not own a grey eyebrow pencil OTL PS: MARY STAYED OUT ALL NIGHT IS OMGWHATISTHIS – must watch 😀 ♥

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