Gucci Fall/Winter Sale end of 2010 AUSTRALIA

I received this in the mail today.

Yes girls, it’s that time of the year to break your piggy banks open and to take out all your bank cards ready for sales, because Gucci’s Fall/ Winter Sale at the end of 2010 starts on Wednesday December 1st  2010 in Australia. Naturally, I assume the items in the new Westfield, Pitt St should also be on sale (perhaps it’s an error on the cards, since it looks just like the previous card they gave me).

This time round, I’m gonna sit back and let you girls buy away! My time with Gucci I think has come to an end – at least temporarily anyway, so enjoy the sales!

I’ll be back next post with something interesting about my life – or if life isn’t interesting, I’m going to review Etude House’s Proof 10 pencil eyeliners 🙂 Pictures have been taken – just haven’t edited them yet.

[EDIT/ sorry to readers, I dunno why but I’ve been writing 2010 as 2011 these days – but I really meant 2010 :S]


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