Etude House Dear Darling Lips PK007

This is a review of the all time famous milky pink Etude House Dear Darling Lips in PK007.

My previous review of the PK003 is from another line named BEAUTY DARLING LIPS and can be found here:

Well. What to say about this? This time when I bought Etude House from Gmarket it was about $6 (standard, I paid $6AUD in person for the PK003, but the PK003 I think is meant to be a dollar cheaper or so in regards to Korean RRP). Well forget that, $6 is cheap for a lipstick full stop. What’s so exciting about this lipstick? Well, firstly, it’s the colour.

Most people have seen PK007 on colour charts and I was tempted from the very first time I laid my eyes on the colour. How does it live up? Well, here’s the review.

Firstly, it comes in a box. The box is that beautiful waterproof shiny metallic cardboard which is reminiscent of most Shiseido packaging. For a $6 lipstick, I’m impressed it comes in a box. Perfect for gifting, or just spoiling yourself rotten, to be honest 😛 On the box there’s a bunch of stuff that’s written in Korean AND in English (hooray!) and the product is described as such: Lipstick Application in One Quick and Easy Step for Vibrant Colorful Expression.

In the Korean however there is more information, but since I can’t be bothered and don’t want to try, the English words that pop up include “Pure Color Powder” and “Touch Sense Complex” – whatever they’re supposed to mean.

There’s a significant change in packaging, and part of it includes trying to make it less cheap. The plastic does feel sturdier and I think the cap of the Dear Darling Lips will stay on better than the Beauty Darling (Beauty Darling cap HAS come off before – ggggg). One noticeably bad thing about the newer and improved Dear Darling Lips is that it’s larger. It’s not as compact so it’ll take up more space of our poor little makeup cases we try to keep as small and light as possible. It’s also slightly heavier as it’s made of better plastic. Also, there’s nowhere on the lipstick casing saying “ETUDE HOUSE”. If you check the photos of my PK003, you’ll find the words ETUDE HOUSE on the cap.

People might also have mixed feelings about the hot pink colour of the packaging – I certainly was surprised when I saw it. I have mixed feelings about the packaging, really. In a way I really liked the old packaging because it was so cute. The new packaging isn’t bad, but it might look slightly tacky to some people. I’ve merely gotten used to it, so it’s not too bad after all. Looks better in real life and with the cap off, I think.

And with its cap off it actually doesn’t look all too bad lol. In fact the packaging is pretty cool. More cute than anything else though – so if you don’t want people to see you use a lipstick that looks like something a teenager would use maybe this isn’t your cup of tea. For me, I don’t freaking care. Give me back my youth, NAO.

The colours in the above photograph are more or less accurate. The lipstick is a beautiful milky pink (looks darker than the swatch online – BUT DO NOT PANIC) and appears to be creamy looking.


Like the previous lipsticks, this lipstick has a peachy smell. Doesn’t smell like lipstick, smells more lipgloss. Doesn’t bother me, and in fact I welcome it. It makes you actually want to use it. With the smell, there’s no funky taste. The old lipstick had a slight gross taste but this time round, that’s gone. Not that I go around licking my lipsticks to see what they taste like – but it’s something to consider if you’re one of those people who subconsciously lick your lips.

Left: one swipe of PK007, one swipe of PK003 | Right: one swipe of PK007, several swipes of PK003.

This photograph shoes how creamy PK007 is in comparison to the rather sheer PK003. The PK007 is also less shimmery/ glossy.

If you’re wondering how the colour looks because it’s a bit dark here, don’t fret, this is what it actually looks like on lips, without a lip primer.

You only need one or two swipes. It’s that pigmented.

The colour in the photo is fairly accurate, but that was about after 5 minutes of application.

When you first apply the colour, it’s actually REALLY pastel pink like you literally put an artificial looking layer of chalk on your lips. As time goes by, it gradually darkens. What you’re seeing in the photograph is basically what it’s like after waiting it out a bit – it’s a mix between looking natural, yet being able to tell colour has been applied. If you wait even longer, it will look like a nude lip colour. Then eventually it will look like a slightly cherry version of your natural lip colour with a hint of pink.

This is where the “Pure Color Powder” comes into play: the lipstick seems to be creamy at first, but I advise you to add a bit of lip balm before applying. The lipstick turns dry and nonexistent as it feels like it’s been absorbed into your lips.  Basically what it seems to do is turn into powder – a bit like blush applicators that turn powdery. The good thing about this is that it doesn’t smudge (it will still end up on your cup when you take a sip of water, but it’s not too bad [looks like an imprint of your lip but powdery] – it looks like a bit of powder comes off) and it gives an overall natural tint look rather than a layer of paint. The bad thing is that it’s drying; your lips will look dry so you will need to apply gloss. Moreso, if you want that milky pink pastel colour, you will need to reapply every now and then (by this I mean like once every hour) to maintain that pink. I reapplied after about 2 hours (I drank and ate stuff) only because I felt my lips were more red than pink, but I’m not one of those people who are really particular about the lip colour. As long as it’s a nice colour and my lips aren’t dry or anything I’m content.

This might last longer with a lip primer – so don’t get your hopes up. It’s a gorgeous colour and I’m starting to think that the orange lipstick in the same range would be a great colour. Now I need to earn some money for that to happen. Hmmm.

Hope that this review has been useful. My overall verdict is that it’s a mix between a lipstick and a liptint. It’s a lipstick but doesn’t smell or taste gross like a lipstick, and without the lipstick price tag. It’s pretty cute and it’s neat. I would definitely get an orange next time if I were to make a repeat purchase. I’m still not too sure if the PK007 colour is enough to excite me enough and rush out to buy another one. So far though, I’m really digging the colour even though it doesn’t last that long. Methinks a lip primer will be on the to buy list next.

Until next blog!


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