Random tidbits – life is anything but normal + Graduation Exhibition

Here is what awesome dancing should be like

Tis Jay the dancer member of D-NA. Only 14 years of age and as robotic as ever. What was I doing when I was 14? I do not remember 😦

Doesn”t matter how many times I look at it, only one thing is certain – woah.

Apologies in advance – another week of house arrest

I’ve decided to dedicate the next week to improve myself and take some time off to rest. I’m still physically fatigued and I need to rectify my sleeping patterns. During this week of staying at home I’ll be sure to try and get my exercise back on track, and I’m eyeing a few places to send job applications to. Having said that, I still feel that it really doesn’t take that long to process a job application and now I no longer know where I actually would look forward to working at. What happens if I start working and then my dream job is offered to me?! #stresses – I’m clueless and I just hope that my first preference (which is going to change fairly soon) will just say yes and then all is happy.

On that note though, I’ve started to take some photographs and I’ll be reviewing Etude House stuff fairly soon. In fact, I’ll give you a date for it, and it’ll be Tuesday the 23rd of November. And in fact, I might have more than one post coming that day considering I have a large order coming in tomorrow. I’m essited and can’t wait. Rest assured I’ll be doing another order soon – not with my money though (in the sense that I’m going to take money out – no way no way – I haz insufficient funds), I should have a gift certificate coming my way.

Final Year Graduation Exhibition 2010

On the 19th Nov 2010, we held our exhibition at Sun Studios Alexandria for the Master of Architecture.

To friends who are reading this and are like “WUT WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED” – I’m really sorry! I actually didn’t tell anyone about it (well I told one student in first year, but even so I haven’t actually met her so I don’t even know if she came or not D: hmm) because I wasn’t too keen on hoping that any of you would be able to make it, being a Friday night and all. I was also pretty convinced most of you were still busy from uni work or whatever, and lastly the location of the exhibition was not what I thought was the best – that is, I checked the bus timetable and the last bus to get into the city or Eastern Suburbs was like, 7:30pm, and considering it started at 6… lol… do the math and you know what I mean. The only means to get to the exhibition was via car or taxi, and I just really didn’t want to bother anyone since it was a bit tricky to get to.

If it’s any consolation whatsoever, I’ll bring the catalogue next time I see you so you can have a look through it!

We had 10 studio classes this year, which is a LOT. Each studio basically did their own different building type, and our grade is massive I suppose, with around 120 people. The catalogue itself is quite thick (bookish) and well – what more can I say?

The exhibition lasted for less than 24 hours actually. The Friday night had celebrations – friends, family, guests were invited and basically you were in for free entry to free flowing booze (aka some type of sauvignon blanc which was undoubtedly higher than 12.5% alcohol content or beer) – if not, water or orange juice. There was actually more alcohol than food going around (lol) but the food was mostly beef on skewers, pineapple and potatoes on skewers, strawberries dipped in chocolate and then dipped into dessicated coconut on skewers or spinach pies in finger serving sizes. Needless to say, no, I wasn’t full from food lol. But oh well 😛

I actually arrived early at 2pm to set up my display and boy it took a really long time, surprisingly enough. My tall tower model still had troubles standing up (I THOUGHT I FIXED IT) and in a last minute decision I decided to attend the night party so I took the bus home to quickly get changed. I was trying to fix my model to its base using a hot glue gun, and guess what – I ran out of glue, so I had to go home to get more glue.

I practically jogged from the bus stop back to my place and crazily went through my wardrobe to find something that looked neat. To my surprise, the dress I bought in Melbourne from Bardot on sale actually wasn’t too shabby, so I just threw that on – I actually thought that there would never be a day the dress would see the light of day or lightbulb. Hair was messy to begin with so I attempted to curl it and make it look intentionally messy. I then quickly did makeup – completely forgetting how to apply eyeshadow. It’s seriously been about 2.5 years since I wore eyeshadow so I completely forgot how to even apply it. Silly me though, there were instructions on the box but I was in such a hurry I didn’t bother looking at it and just did whatever that looked half decent.

Then I rushed back to the exhibition and found that my model was still standing up perfectly =_= Why must you torment me?!

This was the atrium space. The exit/ entrance is just beyond the white balloons, which housed projections of the projects by the digital studio.

Most of it was people taking photos and taking in the atmosphere of the exhibition. Apparently the model in the centre of this image cost almost $400 to build. Yes, everything is expensive in this exhibition!! D:

As soon as I reached my group’s exhibition space I was pulled into taking photos with the rest of the group lol. I won’t post the picture up, but it’s amazing awesome etc – there was a white background and since it was a studio, the background setting and everything looked SO PRO ❤

This is our site model. It’s of the Opera House, Hyde Park, Circular Quay and then to the Rocks. It’s huge! About 3x2m large! I inserted my leaning tower of Pisa into the slot LOL.

This is our group model – the one I spent like 3 days of my holidays building with the rest of the team. I’m pretty sure this entire model cost OVER $400. >_>

Night came fairly quickly (time went by, and I think this photo was taken at around 8pm – that’s why it’s so dark), and this was the area where the drinks were. The interior of Sun Studios was actually really cool and they even had a strip of courtyard at the back.

The music was way too loud so if you wanted to ask me if anyone asked about my project or whatever, I can tell you no 😛 I didn’t stay with my presentation – I was mostly walking around. To be precise, I did two entire loops of the exhibition showing 2 different people the exhibition OTL – and a lot of trying to find people and stuff so yes, my feet sort of died that night.

Here’s me with my presentation. WEARING: pink chiffon top ruffle dress by Bardot (it’s actually NOT SHORT! \o/ and has a lining. I will definitely wear again if I can find a reason to), black blazer – ZIPIA.net, Navy and gold heart buckle elastic belt – Gmarket, grey ribbed leggings – Gmarket (the $13 ones – and btw, THEY ARE TOO SHORT FOR ME), military inspired platform heeled boots – Flor Hermoso, Gmarket. Bag is by COACH.

Nothing wrong with my face, cept this photo looks exceptionally warped for some reason. I look really short in this photo and I do not know why maybe because I look pudgy IDEK >:\ I would have been about 175cm wearing those 10cm heels. OH WELL.

I also realised that the way I dress is the same for pretty much every single outfit I post up. Hmm. Methinks it’s time to introduce some more stuff to provide some variety.

I stayed at the exhibition for a grand total of 4 hours and I was surprised that my feet although hurting slightly, weren’t actually too bad. When I woke up the next day however, that was a different story. I HAD BACK PAIN T_T I also had to sleep with a pillow elevating my feet D: 4 hours in 10cm heels – do it at your caution girls. Looks good, but will hurt. Then again there’s always the saying “no pain no gain” only… “you want to look nice so you don’t want your life” lol.

Anyway, it was awesome and I’m starting to feel a bit nostalgic. Five years went by so quickly – that’s almost the length of high school, but it felt even faster. I enjoyed uni for the people more than anything else and just yeah! I sort of wish that I spent my five years a bit better, but there’s not a lot I can do.

I’m still young (22 – will be 23 next year) so I’ll just have to have my fingers crossed and have a positive attitude, which isn’t that easy for me. What does it feel like to have graduated with a Masters degree at the age of 22? Hmmm. I don’t know lol. Is it an accomplishment? I suppose so. I remember when I was younger and saw people in their graduation outfits and I thought “oh wow they must be so smart to graduate” and I thought they looked so mature and intelligent. Now that I’ve already been through that, I’m not really sure what to think.

Anyway, cheers, kanpai, congratulations to everyone. You all worked hard – enjoy the summer coming up and be safe if you take any travels overseas, interstate and treasure every moment as you begin a new chapter in your life.

And please don’t take me too seriously! Consumeristic bubblesauce of Misa will return shortly! Until next blog 🙂


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