Nothing is certain

Currently feeling mildly depressed over a multitude of things happening in my life. Worries – I haz ’em.

Had a great time seeing M again on Saturday – she’s probably the first contact with civilisation (apart from design studio people) in probably 2 months. We met over a set lunch at Mizuya and then peroused the new Westfield at Centrepoint, which really was a mini version of Melbourne Central. Dessert at Azuma was the finishing point of the day – and I hereby conclude that Azuma’s Iced Matcha is a rip  ($6.50) and tastes nowhere near as good as a Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino ($5.50). I also felt like my day was concluding on a pretty high note because I found $2 on the ground whilst I was waiting for the bus. Usually I’m the type of person to not really like picking things up from the ground, but for some reason I did it that day.

Monday came around it was time to clear out the locker and return locker keys early in the morning. Needing a bus ticket into the city I looked into my wallet to find that I couldn’t afford a MyBus 2 Concession ticket ($12.30) and was starting to feel sad. Then I remembered I found $2 and – voila – suddenly I could afford the bus ticket. I received my last ever payment on Friday, so that was the last bit of income ever. My uni life has now come to an end, and same goes with money – it’s really time to start finding a job.

Handed my assignment into the office – my last ever University assignment. Ever. Then with A we went to Westfield (yes, again), and then had lunch at BBQ City to satisfy our deprivation of Korean food. We went to Kinokuniya and I think I offically bought my last Japanese magazine of the year with the little money I had left. We then sang 3 hours of karaoke at Big Echo and sadly it felt like time just passed too quickly; so many songs we didn’t get to sing, even though it was just the two of us.

We then had dessert at Meet Fresh. I’ve been hearing about it every now and then but had no idea it even existed – it has been too long since I visited that part of Chinatown, so I am clueless.

Why so many people lining up… on a MONDAY and raining =_= – line continues outside, by the way.

It’s a Taiwanese dessert place which, judging by the (Chinese) name and television clips, is supposedly good for their taro balls. Apparently though, it’s not actually all that popular in Taiwan (just like how Easy Way and 85 Degrees aren’t that popular over there), but there has consistently been a really long line for it.

The line actually isn’t that long; it’s just that the place is extremely understaffed. More people are waiting for their food than waiting to order. A lot of the stuff is also “Not Available” on their menu, not because they ran out of a certain type of topping, but because it has been proven to be popular and they want to earn an extra 60c from you wanting to try their toppings on top of the rather bland, crappy default toppings on the menu (eg. peanuts is a default topping. RLY? PEANUTS?). Not really good in my books because they’re ripping you off, but here’s what I got anyway:

Herbal Jelly No. 5 with Fruit Jelly, Pearls and Red beans. As you can tell, it’s just a scoop of each topping phwacked onto the jelly.

For $5.50 I ordered a bowl of herbal jelly. The fruit jelly isn’t too bad – it tastes like pineapple. The herbal jelly is good (doesn’t taste gross and it’s in one big piece, not in chunks, plus it’s smooth), the pearls are soft enough and slightly sweet, and the red beans – well – I can’t say much about them, it’s not possible to screw up red beans. All of this looks quite large, but in fact the herbal jelly is only maybe about 1cm thick and everything sits on top of a small mountain of syrup crushed ice.

It’s actually not bad, and it’s a great dessert. It’s actually good for you and it’s not overbearingly sweet. In fact, I rather pay $5.50 for this than a drink at Easy Way any day. The only problem of course its that seriously, it takes way too long for them to prepare it, and there are no taro balls – I’d have to pay 60c extra for maybe 6 taro balls (toppings = one flat scoop with a small ladle) so in my opinion, that’s just really not worth it. Apparently the taro balls didn’t taste all that exceptional anyway. I’m happy with my jelly I suppose.

All desserts (not the crushed ice one of course) can come hot or cold, so order wisely.

I couldn’t hear the cashier and I just answered yes to everything – but I’m pretty sure she will ask you if you want it cold. I’m glad she asked that – if she asked “do you want it hot?” I’d feel so confused upon getting it. Hot dessert just means the syrup isn’t ice – it’d be warm soup.

Anyway, this place beats Kingsford Mochi Cafe any day and I’d probably visit again sometime. If I can find someone to share with me, I’d order a crushed ice dessert with several toppings. The mountain of ice they give you is huge and it’s actually quite pretty – only you can’t eat it alone. It’s too much.

I missed out on Sculptures by the Sea. I’m sad. Very sad. I wanted to go and wear my straw hat, but alas I had nobody to go with, which makes me feel even sadder.

I’ve sent in 2 job applications so far. I’m starting to worry because the job I originally was going to apply for was taken offline and is no longer available – so in other words, I let that opportunity slip because I had too many things to worry about _ಠ – uhuh, boogie man is looking at you, life.I’m crossing my fingers that I get my first preference in terms of jobs even if it’s just a casual retail job. I really really want to work there, and I’m hoping they’ll hire me. In any case, I’d still be upset if they didn’t hire me – it’s the first time I’ve ever handed in a job application so they should say yes! 😦 I’ve had so much education too. Sigh. I’m going to sleep it off because I know it’ll take maybe several days for them to even review my application and think about it. For tomorrow, I’ll just continue to apply for more jobs and see what happens. Considering I know people who have been looking for work for 2 months before actually landing a job, I might actually be a bit too over-ambitious and hoping I get a reply so soon. Maybe it’s just me who likes to reply fast…

Onto other random news, I’ve been watching lots of drama – but it’s not coming out fast enough for me to watch. I’ve finished My girlfriend is a gumiho, Personal Taste and Playful Kiss. I’ve also watched the first 3 eps of Mary stayed out all night, as well as the first 2 eps of Jungle Fish 2. Sigh – lonely and sad days are to come.

Until next emo post!

PS: Sasa is alive again – order away. They finally decided to dispatch my order after 1 month and 1 week. UHM, Y U SO FAST? And I have Gmarket coming in soon. 7.5kg of it. Early Christmas – I C U. Now early Santa must give me a job, so I can make up for it. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE SANTA!


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