Olympus E-PL1

I’ve been meaning to write about what camera I’ve been using lately for my posts.

Img src: http://www.digicamreview.com/images/olympus_epl1_black.jpg

I’ve been keeping my new (now not so new) camera rather low key because I’ve been wanting to enjoy the camera first before I make any posts about it 🙂

I watched this commercial and I was completely sold.

I first came across the camera when I was at karaoke with my studio group – E had a camera – I’m assuming it’s this one, if not it’s probably the EP1 with a hotshoe flash (can’t remember any more, it was a while) and I was fairly impressed with the quality.

This camera to me is much more affordable than a DSLR, it uses a rechargeable battery, has a flash, can shoot video, and has manual settings and you can turn the lens like a DSLR to focus on things manually. The biggest problem with digital cameras is the lack of control of focus, which is why I really needed a camera which I could control focus manually. I get nice depth of field, and there’s just a range of awesome things I could do with it, as you could probably see with my recent photos I’ve been posting up (much better than a phone camera, and much better than a digital camera). The only bad thing (I think anyway) is that you will need to buy more lens. There’s a limit on how close and how far you can zoom, but if you’ve got the right lens, it shouldn’t be a problem. You can also get an adapter and use normal lens (from say Canon DSLRs) onto it. Another bad thing is that you have to attach a viewfinder (if that’s what you want) onto the hotshoe. Photographs are taken like with a normal digital camera (you view it on the screen).

So, it’s not a DSLR, not a digital camera – it’s a micro four thirds – it refers to the new technology where there is a smaller lens than your typical DSLR lens. The camera is lightweight, compact, and takes delicious photos without the bulk of a DSLR.

Not so good with DSLR/ manual settings? Well, there’s an AUTO setting which allows you to point and shoot, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting anything. Ironically though, if you want to take timed photographs of something, you should put it on AUTO because you won’t be able to get a clear focused photograph on manual settings otherwise (it’s a bit weird when it does that). There’s also an ART setting which has a bunch of filters that can make your photographs look cool – a bit gimmicky, but I really like the pinhole filter because it gives a filmish effect with the darkened edges. It’s mostly good for photos of landscapes and stuff.

I got my camera at a bargain price because it was the last one in stock, so I took the display model. It takes SD or SDHC memory cards, and can take quite a lot of photos before recharging. I say you could probably take about 300 photos before you need to recharge.

The camera does take time to get used to – even now I’m still having a bit of trouble with it – but it makes using a camera with DSLR/ manual settings relatively easy. It’s fairly intuitive to use and I must say, I think I will get better at using this 🙂

Comes in 2 colours – this is the black one, it also comes in champagne gold (which is really sort of a white with some goldish trimmings).

You can do your own research on this camera – for now, I’ll just hope that I can take plenty of photos with this camera in the days, months and years to come!

The Olympus E-PL1 retails I think for $799AUD with a single lens kit. Add maybe $150 more for a twin lens kit. It comes with a camera strap and a CD with software on it as well as instruction manuals.

Looking to buy a new camera? You might want to consider getting something similar, or even the poweful 36x zoom ones – the quality is really good – for photography interested people, of course!


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