Etude House – Oh m’eye Line Liquid Eye Liner

What to expect?

I’ve been a long time user of black eyeliner pencils. My first ever eyeliner I used a Estee Lauder’s eyeliner (I can’t remember what it’s called – something with the word Artist in it – cannot be bothered digging it out) but it smudges like crazy. Next was Missha’s crappy The Style Perfect Pen Eyeliner or whatever it was, which wasn’t thick ink and felt like trying to draw on greased/ waterproof paper/ plastic with a water based marker. My current eyeliner is from a Japanese brand and it’s called Koji Spring Eyeliner, which is a really popular eyeliner, however I still experience smudging which is something I really prefer not having (not to mention it’s supposed to not smudge – it was meant to be a smudgeproof eyeliner *sadface*).

I always avoided liquid and pot/ gel liners because I felt they’d dry up easily (especially after the crappy Missha pencil) and looked like they were messy to use – especially the liquid liners. I personally have trouble drawing on my nails with thin tipped nail polish bottles, let alone something on my eyes. However, whilst I was doing my Gmarket shopping I was thinking about how Etude House has been used for various dramas and for singers. Their makeup seemed pretty foolproof for their hard out performances, so I wanted to see if their products were worth the price or not.


This eyeliner didn’t come with a box, and it’s pretty much the cheapest liner Etude House sells, at about 4,000 Won ish or even less. Can’t remember how much it was – but it’s less than $4. I bought it because there were no pencil liners in black (the Proof 10s being endorsed by 2NE1 and normal Proof 10s were out of stock for black), so I was hoping that perhaps the black in this would do. As you also know, liquid liners also don’t require sharpening (it’s bad, but I never sharpen my pencils because I don’t want to waste anything) and you get a finer line with liquid. The bottle cap is long but it’s so it’s easy to grip, and that was definitely the case with this. Overall the eyeliner is super cute and true to Etude House’s dolly product packaging. It does look a bit cheap, but considering its price, that’s why it doesn’t look too fancy.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect – for me, if it really sucked, I could use it to do an ink drawing LOL – it’s after all about the cost of a quality pen, so it didn’t really bother me that much.


This is the first time I’ve ever used a liquid liner and to my surprise, it was SO EASY D: I managed to draw a perfect line lining my lids the very first time and I could also do a bit of a cat eye with a flick at the ends of my eyes. The liner brush is slightly firm (just firm enough so you can feel a bit of resistance when you press against your skin) so it’s very easy to control. I’ve managed to line my eyes right at the line (I noticed my friend uses a liquid liner and she didn’t line it close enough to the edge of her eyelid), and as I mentioned, cat flicks are easy to execute, with a perfect sharp flick at the end. I’m not great at using brushes as I mentioned with nail polishes and stuff – but this was seriously easy to use – if you can line your eyes with a pencil, you can line it with this – seriously.

You will need a Q-tip/ cotton tip close by because ink will splatter a bit. The best way to do it is to not have too much ink on the brush so you won’t have any ink transfer or splatter. If you have excess ink, make sure to dab it off so it’s a thinner layer on your skin – I tried to line the bottom and I had a lot of ink in one corner. What happened was the big drop of ink dried into one bit and came off in a clump. Therefore, this liner might clump a bit and come off as dried ink, but no smudging.

Wait for one eye to finish before you do the other. Don’t try to save time by doing the other eye while you’re waiting for the other to dry (because you’re most lilkely to keep your eye half closed while waiting for it to dry).

Sharp point is sharp.

There was absolutely nothing written on the bottle so I don’t know the properties of the eyeliner, but once the eyeliner dried, I used my finger and rubbed along the liner – nothing came off! It didn’t smudge – absolutely nothing ended up on my finger, so I was really surprised. I didn’t use a primer, so I’m quite impressed.

The only problem you might encounter is that like probably most liquid liners (though I don’t know, I assume this) is that it flakes off. I didn’t experience any flaking when I took it for a test on my presentation day.  I applied the liner at 8am and I washed it off at midnight. It was still perfect and I didn’t notice anything different. It was also raining that day and I got completely drenched – I didn’t have any problem with the ink washing off or anything. Just to be sure, don’t touch your eyes if you’ve got it lined with this stuff with wet hands – it will smudge, since I just use water to wash it off. But RE: flaking, I didn’t really experience any (remember to not over ink!) and it’d probably not flake at all if I had used a primer.

Just to reiterate for the tl;dr: this liner is not waterproof – it can be washed off with just water. However, even if it rains, just don’t touch or rub your eyes with wet hands and you should still find that your eyeliner is still perfect. Just be a bit wary about that and you should be fine. It’s common sense especially if you’re wearing mascara as well.

This liner is not for lining the bottom of your eyes. I think you should use a pencil or a gel liner for that – because liquid liner does not stay – it will flake and come off. I will be using this to line my top eyelids, and using pencil for the bottom. Seriously, you will have a lot less smudging to worry about.

The negatives (updated 16/4/2014)

I forgot to mention this, but for the cheap price, there is not a whole lot of product. This doesn’t last very long to be honest. I think I used it for about 2 months max and it was starting to lose its thickness and clarity. But still, it’s cheap. For some liquid liners that are like $10 and last about the same amount of time, $4 is pretty good.

Would I buy this again? I’ve already ordered another one! For its price it’s a really good product and it’s the best eyeliner I’ve used for lining my top eyelids. For about $4, this is a steal. It’s not waterproof, but that doesn’t really change my like of this eyeliner. I’m so surprised that I’ve spent $4 on a Korean product without feeling my money was spent on utter crap – I’ve had that feeling buying Missha and THEFACESHOP products, but not with Etude House, so I’m really impressed. However I won’t order this any more. There are other products out there that last longer and do not flake, sooooo I’m in the mood where quality > quantity. I’m willing to pay extra to have something better.

Here’s a picture of me, that does not really look like me – what you can do with the eyeliner and other Etude stuff

Zomg, run away now. Usually I do not post pictures where my face is in clear view.

I hate it when lighting highlights so many bumps on face 😦 WAIIIIII. OTL

Unphotoshopped – everything used for this look was done with Etude House products. I took this photo just after the first time I’ve ever used the liquid liner for this review. I used it to line the top and the bottom (that’s how I found out liquid sucks for the bottom – don’t keeel me – I know near nothing about liquid liners). In this photo, I forgot to do anything with my lips and I didn’t wear any primers, highlighters/bronzers, powder foundation, eyeshadow, blush or concealer. I also am not wearing mascara and didn’t curl my lashes OTL (I forgot to do all these because I was bored at home mucking around with the products.)

The silver eyeliner I used for lining the bottom of my eyes is the Proof 10 Jewelry Pencil in Silver (the one advertised by 2NE1). Eyebrows done with Etude House Easy Brow Pencil in black, and the BB cream used was Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in Shade #1. I’ve already reviewed the brow pencil if you missed it. The next Etude product I’m likely to review will be the Proof 10 eyeliners.

As you can probably tell, I’m impressed with this liquid liner – although you can’t really see it in the photo because I have those blasted inset eyelids, the flick at the end of the eyes is pretty neat, and even though I didn’t use all that much for the photo, it still actually looks alright and presentable – then again, I like natural looking makeup and I’m too lazy to spend time on makeup – I rather sleep in 😡 But yeah, I’m actually very particular about neatness. Some people just line their eyelids and don’t care if it’s not lined up against their eyeline – I’m pretty picky when it comes to these things, and this liner lets me do it perfectly. I’ve never actually had to redo my eyeliner with this, so woot! TIMESAVER.

That’s it for the review as it is for now. If you have any questions on the product, or have questions on what I used or didn’t use in my “look” photograph, leave me a comment and I’ll try my best to answer. For now, I’ll be happily waiting for my second bottle to arrive (probably sometime next week *squee*) and writing more Etude House reviews.

Until next blog!


2 thoughts on “Etude House – Oh m’eye Line Liquid Eye Liner

  1. Its weird that there are mixed feelings about this liner from Etude House buy one thing is for sure, its still one of their best seller and all time favorites! I shall try this. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of using liquid liners this time. ^w^

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