So, what’s up in my life? [In more detail]

Final presentation

As I wrote earlier, it was okay. Everyone I bumped into at the end of the day would ask me how it went, and I’d say “okay”, never “good” or “alright”. To me, it was just “okay” and I guess that’s the best way to describe it. I don’t want to go into it any more but it’s over and I think it was okay – so that’s that.

My presentation. Photograph courtesy of my friend, E.

We had a small gathering afterwards with the entire cohort, and I ended up talking to a guy named C whom I’ve never met (though my friend thought we knew). It was a rather interesting experience because I honestly was so isolated and knew so few people – I didn’t know who he was, and he didn’t know who I was either. It was like “huh?!” – this proves how socially isolated we architecture students are :\ Later I saw my friend K who I haven’t seen in quite a while and the first thing he noted was that I was slimmer/ skinnier and he guessed it was because of stress. I told him it was most likely from the exercise I did before – because when I’m stressed, I don’t lose weight – it was 4 years of accumulated stress water retention 😦 (I told him the beginning bit, not the latter obviously)

As I mentioned, we had dinner at a place on Pitt Street named Mr B’s which comprises of alcohol (it’s a bar, restaurant and club), Japanese and Thai food. You need I.D to get in (even if it’s dinner because there’s alcohol being served). I was silly and I ordered 2 entrees – to be fair, one of the ones I ordered looked different in the menu picture. I apologise in advance for the bad picture quality – I was using my phone. I completely forgot to take my camera with me.

My takoyaki – 6 balls of takoyaki for about $7 >_>

The  deep fried fish bits (this was like $8 >_>)

I thought the fish would be a large piece deep fried, but it turns out to be shredded fish *headdesk*. It tasted alright at first, but then when I added the lemon it was so salty and I don’t know what to say. The mains looked really big and awesome though – sort of wish I ordered those instead. But I’d like to go back one day. Staff are friendly and the atmosphere is okay – it’s loud though, because there’s a club downstairs, but for a bar/ restarant, the toilets were quite nice and clean.

In conclusion I really enjoyed design studios this year – not necessarily because of the studio itself but the people who make it. How often will you be able to come to class and be able to talk to almost everyone and look forward to seeing everyone each week? How often can almost the entire class go out for dinner after class on not one or two, but several occasions? This is the first time I’ve been in a studio like such, and I truthfully am grateful for meeting and working with every one of you.

Thank you so much for just being yourselves!


Album of the moment: Saint O’Clock – 2AM (I enjoyed probably 70% of the songs on the album, and I’m nostalgic towards ballads, so this album gets to shine in my Windows Media Library playlist)

Song of the moment: Butakhae, My Bus! – Jang Geun Suk (Mary stayed out all night OST Part 1)

Comebacks to anticipate in November: Orange Caramel, Kahi solo, Kara, Big Bang, One Way.

Bringing you back to yesterday: I for You – Luna Sea – this song was the first ever Luna Sea song I listened to. I also told my friend to use this song for her multimedia project in which an apple was rowing a boat. It gave me mega lulz to this day – it’s a pity because it’s a pretty good song LOL. I share the same birthday as Ryuichi from Luna Sea. Just sayin’.

Dramas to watch: Mary stayed out all night – I’ve been waiting for this for a while! It made me want SKKS to end but at the same time I was enjoying SKKS so I was torn. Now that SKKS has ended, it’s best that I enjoy Mary stayed out all night as much as possible! JGS come back makes me uber happy. CANNOT WAIT. On that note, why is Jang Geun Suk so perfect? He’s handsome, tall, can act, AND can sing and has a great personality. I just cannot comprehend. Why do not more men like him exist??? He sings not one, but THREE OST tracks. He is perfect. Purrfekt. AND THIS DRAMA AIRED LAST NIGHT. WOOT! (originally this bolded bit said “aired tonight” but I was a bit lazy and didn’t blog/ publish :S)

As usual, yoinked from Omonatheydidnt

He pulls off the long hair look quite well. Le sigh. Please stay awesome ❤

I am currently suffering from Sungkyunkwan Scandal withdrawal symptoms. Why must it end?! Admittedly I felt that the last episode wasn’t as epic as I had hoped for it to be. Seemed a bit rushed and a bit like “???” but nevertheless it was a good drama and it was fun watching it. Speaking of which, I declared myself a Chunface fan until I noticed that the JYJ album is going for about EIGHTY DORRAH ON GMARKET. Limited edition or not – HELL NO. For the few amount of tracks – you gotta be kidding me. $80 can get me 4 jackets thank you very much. If not, 2.5 (yes, the half is there) coats. OR A CRAPLOAD OF ETUDE STUFF. NO.

Fujifilm Instax Lovers will love this commercial. A hint to all romantic guys out there – do this for your gf and she will SWOON. It’s a bonus if you’re Song Joong-Ki, btw.

Joong-Ki, you are too adorable. Stay precious. And you’re quite pretty too, Byul.

Here is Onew from SHINee being flawless and singing Jay Chou. Unrelated to Song Joong-Ki. I think. But here it is anyway.

Only thing that bothers me is that this clip gets cut short 😦

Forget about Jang Geun Suk, Song Joong-Ki or Onew or anyone for the meantime (including my ridiculous admiration for T.O.P) – this guy is gorgeous sweet amazing baby etc.

Why so lovely? Come to me nao ._. /wrists
Img src: This awesome tumblr

This lovely guy is Noh Min Woo, who acts in My girlfriend is a gumiho. I’m looking forward to his new drama (only 4 episodes where he gets to play a famous rockstar – biography style) which airs sometime this month. I JUST HOPE SOMEONE SUBS IT.

I kid you not, I’ve seen photos of this guy before I started watching My girlfriend is a gumiho (mgiag) but didn’t think of it too much (though he did persuade me to want to watch MGIAG), and I was literally frozen when he came on screen. Why so lovely? It’s not too terribly often that I’m affected by what I see on screen. But this guy is just so lovely ;_; And what’s that? Someone older than me too. I can worship the guy! That way I don’t need to worship idols who are younger than me and feel like I’ve achieved nothing in my life *sadface*. I’ve gotten used to his face and I’m a bit sad he plays the evil dude.

And onto related matters, I am addicted to this song. Best part of the drama is that this song really fits in and makes it so tear jerking 😥 Damn it. I’m turning into a softie.

I felt that a lot of the success of the drama owes it to this song, seriously. Didn’t feel the same way with SKKS’s OST.

Handed in my last ever essay yesterday afternoon

I’m hoping it’s alright because I honestly didn’t have enough time (I also didn’t ask for an extension – my friends did though, but I think that’s sort of cheating because technically you don’t actually need the time, more like you want to have more time so you can hand it in later if you know what I mean). It’s a real pity though because I actually enjoy writing essays more than building computer models of office towers and doing the graphic work (well photoshop is okay, I enjoy that, but I just really don’t like a lot of stuff associated with waiting and then having to edit and the model lags – argh). If I had an extra day or two I’d spend it at the library and gather more information. But for now, that essay will just have to do.

Etude House reviews to come fairly soon

In general, my view on the brand is positive (did I write this already?) – it’s not often that I find products that don’t mess up my skin within a week of use, so I’m fairly impressed. Notonlythatfreebiesaresexy-as in, they seduce/ tempt me into buying. There are some things however which are not as awesome as people have made them out to be. I will go through them one by one. There’s a fact though – I’m definitely an Etude House convert. I have yet to explore their skincare (will do, I have confidence in it) and I’m generally impressed by their makeup.

For those who are still itching to get their hands on Etude House stuff in Sydney, Lovely House Campsie (on Beamish Street – turn left as you exit the train station and keep walking and cross maybe one or two lights – it will be on your left) is closing down this Sunday and they are having 30% off.

Not a particularly awesomezomggonnapeemypants discount, but I’m assuming they’ll be moving most of their nice stock to their Chatswood branch. *shrugs* I’m just posting this here since they went to the trouble to send me 2 SMSes to let me know. As you all probably have guessed by now, I rather buy from Gmarket.

For now, I am going to keep watching My girlfriend is a gumiho and chillax. Today I cleaned out my room – well actually, the living room. It’s quite amusing even though there’s only one photograph taken in regards to it. I’ll be sure to post that up soon. FIVE YEARS OF STRESS OUT THE DOOR. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I feel so lost now. What to do? My poor money supply is going to be cut soon and I will be poor. Very poor 😦 So when I go out with friends and order salads, it will not longer be because I’m trying to lose weight, but because I want to save money 😦 Sigh.

Anyway, that’s it from me now. I’m going to remove my hiatus notice because… I’m sort of back. I still have a thing or two due in, but it’s nothing to stop me from blogging regularly. My next post will most likely be about cleaning up my room – if not, it’ll be an Etude House eyeliner review 🙂

Until next blog! (which will be very soon. Like – tomorrow.)


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