Back from the dead

Hi everyone!

Just a post to say that I’ve finally finished my final project. The presentation didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, because the jurors kept asking me questions about things that I thought I had already explained. It was a bit like they weren’t really interested in what I had to say, and then when they realised how interesting it actually was, they started to ask me questions. I also got one or two really stupid questions because the questions weren’t valid in the first place (for example, why would you divide up a space parallel to a corridor? You divide spaces perpendicularly to a corridor… I mean, duh?). I got cut off quite early even though and I didn’t get to talk much about perhaps 70% of the things in my project. It was overall positive I suppose, so it wasn’t too bad. I just wished that it could have been better? I worked quite hard and put absolutely everything I needed on my panels. I was lucky that some other jurors came to my defence and pointed out like “oh wait, this image shows it”.

In the end though, I think everyone in my class did quite well so I think it’s safe to assume that this is indeed our last project? I’d cringe if I had to go through it again.

A few other studio groups had a lot of harsh comments. I’d prefer not to write them down, so yeah, maybe if I see you and we’re talking I’ll be able to tell you what they were.

I got scammed by my studio friends and ended up going out to dinner with them. Lol.

We ate at a bar named Mr B’s on Pitt Street, which was alright. Wish I ordered something else (I ordered 2 entrees), because the mains looked huge! I was hungry because it was already 9pm…

For now I still have an essay and I need to do my portfolio after that. I will definitely be back in a week and a half. Just a little bit longer and I can write more random crap for people to read 🙂

PS: I’m in the process of testing out Etude House’s Collagen Moistfull and generally it’s good. I will review that in depth later.


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