Oh no, I’ve dug myself into a hole I won’t ever be able to get out of

… that hole is named “Korean pop culture” OTL.

My general well(?) being

My arms are currently lacking energy. My right hand used to hurt to the point I found it hard to hold chopsticks. How did this come about? Holding a knife and hacking through very very thick cardboard. I hope that the time and energy is worth it. I really hope I get this done on time. Cutting it close. But I think I can do it.

At the moment I feel very groggy and I want to sleep. I’ve been having terrible sleeping patterns lately – super tired 😦

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

What is this??? Drama wiki (click)

Allow closed captions for the translations and uncessary translator’s comments 😛


Now I need to find a gif of him doing the air kiss. >_>

This is what I watched over the weekend. It’s currently still airing/ being translated.

If you have seen You’re Beautiful or Hana Kimi, you will enjoy this, provided you can overlook/ endure all the political stuff going on in the background.

If you want a summary of thoughts from someone who can’t read subtitles fast enough or understand what’s going on, my mum has made a string of awesome comments which effectively will reflect anyone’s thoughts on this drama:

  • Their hanbok is cute! (Referring to their hats)
  • IS THAT A GIRL? (Actually, it was Song Joong-ki :S)
  • Everyone is so good looking *_*

The basic premise of the story (I found the online summaries to be a bit misleading) is that a girl (played by Park Min Young) has been dressing as a man (namely taking up the identity of her physically ill brother) to copy books, write novels, and other stuff. By chance she mixes up the person she’s meant to be delivering a pre-written exam essay to, and accidentally attempts to sell the said essay to a super anal guy played by Micky Yoochun. He’s the type of guy to always abide by the rules – no cheating allowed, no rule breaking – he generally only believes in “facts” without contemplating the possibility of other things.

Having failed to sell her test paper she is facing an unwanted marriage with a local Government official who is a shark loaner on the side, since she can’t pay the debt plus the 10% interest. Getting desperate with time ticking down, she attempts to do it again at the retest, only for Yoochun’s character to suggest she actually sit for the exam since it’d be a pity if she doesn’t have an education with her literacy.

Using her brother’s identity, her essay is selected by the Emperor and she is sent to Sungkyunkwan University. She receives money from the book store owner she’s been working for, which is enough to pay her debt. With her student allowance, it appears that all her family’s living expenses are covered, and despite the thought of having serious consequences for lying to the Emperor and entering the school as a girl (SRS CONSEQUENCES), she goes anyway.

At Sungkyunkwan there are a few key characters – mostly it’s divided between “seniors” and “juniors”. The “school captain” figure is an evil guy with an entourage of extremely unattractive sidekicks who do nothing but relentlessly bully the main characters.

The other 2 main characters are played by Song Joong-ki (ie. the guy who winks in the above video clip), who is made of gorgeous and is only 3 years older than me – HAI DERE who plays the promiscuous womaniser with a large stash of illegal books (ie. pron) in his room. He is also the only character who flaunts his wealth by wearing different outfits throughout the entire series, and even claims that “if you steal an accessory from me, you might as well take the matching clothes for it!”.

Flawless pout. Cept face looks a bit strange in the soju campaign – I blame the hair ._. He’s also the guy with UEE in the sports thingy campaign thingy asgsdkljhsd – he was on my harddrive for a few months already without me knowing – I want his varsity jacket. Img src goes to the awesome peeps at omonatheydidn’t

Seeing him in the COOL campaign with UEE makes me like him more lol. He’s so pretty ;_; Though I think he actually looks better with the traditional dress *avoids flying tomatoes*

The other main character is played by Yoo Ah In, who plays the poor architect internship/ trainee in He who cannot marry who attempts to date the girl next door. He plays the rogueish character of a Government Official who refuses to accept the Government as it is and constantly risks his life to get his message across.

Yoochun is doing a good job – he’s converted me into a fan.

So what’s so great about the series apart from eye candy in terms of girls and guys? The negative is that a lot of bits are slow and unnecessary – school competitions… zzz… bring on the pron cute flail inducing romance scenes already. Jk. Well, the tension of knowing she could get into really big trouble for going to Sunkyunkwan, the possibility of the Yoo Ah In character being captured and gaoled, and the love triangle going on. There’s a lot of “ore wa homo janai!” only unspoken and angsty and in Korean. It’s really quite funny – I can’t wait for the next few episodes to come out 😀 I just hope that the ending isn’t rushed. I’ve seen 16 episodes already and it doesn’t seem to be finishing o_o Yo, it’s only FOUR HOURS of screentime – plz don’t rush it to finish and have a crap ending ;-;

Personal Taste

So I decided to continue to watch this. I personally feel very sorry for Lee Min Ho because he’s still douchey in this, but at least he doesn’t have that mess of a curly mop on his head. I also have a soft spot for architects of course… for obvious reasons *cough*. But seriously – “MR GAY,  YOU’RE THE BEST!” LOL – so gg embarassing. Poor bb.

SHINee – Lucifer (the album, not the song)


Onew… is… flawless. And so are the other boys.

There’s still some facepalm Engrish in this album, but the refreshing tracks make up for it. Best music/ album released in a while apart from 2NE1’s album, seriously.

JYJ – The Beginning

Don’t ask me why. I quite like this song. The other tracks aren’t bad either – esssited. MVs plz.

I made this joke already, but in the song Ayyy Girl there’s a bit too much Kanye West in it, but I guess he’d be saying “Imma let you start” – uhuh. You do that plz.

I wish SME would lay off JYJ and let them release their album already – I’d seriously buy it! Even if it’s just for the photobook :S Nah, I kid, the album is pretty good and I do want to support these guys in some way. I wasn’t really a DBSK fan, but I feel that I need to do something to go against SME. You have SNSD and Suju and they’re pretty much ranked top groups (though I admittedly like neither group that much) and they roll in the money. LEAVE THESE GUYS ALONE >_>

Co-Ed School

I’ve been a bit slow lately but this group debuted fairly recently. The thing I like the best about them is that they have guy and girl members, which potentially makes singing a complete bitch since you have to do extra coordinating with the music, but I do admire their talent. What I hate is their autotune, as their vocal skills are evident in their ballad track. I feel that they’re trying a bit too much to make an image (and I’m not sure what they’re trying to convey) to the point it’s a bit messy. Hopefully though, no autotune no more!

I watched this MV over the weekend and this is the song that has been accused of plagiarising GaGa’s “Telephone”. Sort of. But not really? It’s a really annoying song in the respect after you hear it you’re like “what did I just listen to??” – but as a track on your music player, it’s admittedly not bad, despite all the blasted autotune which people need to stop using.;

Seriously, what??? But song can be catchy if you close your eyes and ignore whatever it is they’re doing or wearing. And ignore the fact it’s infused with MSG known as autotune. May contact traces of nuts. Listen at your own risk – you will either like it or hate it.


That’s it from me for now.

Khuntoria Ep 18 was subbed and is out – hope the next episode is better. This ep was a filler episode and it wasn’t as good as the previous one 😦

Last thing I want to say is… Sasa.com SUCKS ie FAIL. They took my money and they were packing my order and then decided to delay its shipment because they were moving warehouse. I mean, fair enough, but if you’re going to move warehouse, why not… DISALLOW ORDERS OR REFUND MY MONEY SO I DON’T HAVE TO WAIT FOR YOU? I’m SERIOUSLY considering taking my business elsewhere. The only reason why I like them is to get my cotton puffs from them, and even so, they limit the number of packets I can buy, which is DISGUSTING. I believe I should be able to spend my money however I like it, and buy as many or as few items as I like!

They have had some great stuff going on, but that’s not the way to do it Sasa. It’s been way too long. Even an email with a courtesy code for a bonus gift with my NEXT order isn’t going to please me. Your samples and freebies are stingy and scarce. I’ve been a consistent customer for the past 3 years or so, and never have I received a cash voucher or anything of the sorts. STINGY. I don’t even know if I want to buy stuff from Sasa in HK if I go to HK!

Oh well, I’ll just wait it out. If my mum is a SK-II convert I’ll have no choice but to stay with Sasa, but otherwise, I’m very disappointed. That’s not very good business ethic, seriously. They are so money hungry they rather make their customers wait and keep the money, than to return money and let customers not worry about it.

Until next blog! The next blog post will come next week. I’ll be in robot mode from now on. See ya!


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