Gmarket Haulage 08: GIRLS ONLY ISSUE

I ordered a few items off Gmarket that will seriously only interest girls.

If you’re a guy, you should move your mouse to the top corner of your Internet browser and hit the one in red.

(Yes, I wrote it in a way to include Mac users >_>)

It was 10am and my mum came into my room to wake me up. Apparently our “regular” EMS guy was working and he delivered it to us :O I didn’t hear the phone ring or anything – yes, I was that tired. I think my mum just really wanted to see what was inside so that’s why she was so excited lol.

If you’re a guy and you’ve made it this far, go away already!!

The box was the same size as the one before – a lot of stranded bubble wrap packages, but it didn’t really bother me. I’ve noticed the trend where boxes are not really used as much nowadays unless you really need to – it’s a good thing – lighter and all.

This package was at 2.57kg (shakes fist at the 0.07kg) and the package said it was over 45 000 Won. I paid 33 000 ish Won for shipping.

I ordered from 5 different sellers. No cancellations except for one item which I’ll go into detail later.

This post is mostly an underwear post. For Etude House, please go to section “4”.

Box 1

This was the smallest box yet everything was shoved into the one box.

It doesn’t look like much – I didn’t take another photo, but I ordered a set of 4 bras and matching underwear. Therefore, four sets.

If you want cheap underwear sets – this is the way to go: I ordered these from a “set menu” where the seller already has specified the contents of the “set”. You simply choose the “set” you want and choose your size. Everything was really shoved into the one package but everything was alright.

To find these, just go into the Underwear section and look at the pricing. If it’s like $20 or more, and the icon flashes photos of sets, click on it. There’s another seller that sells 5 sets for $30 (I was going to buy from them – probably better quality and a lot of it was super cute, but I decided I didn’t want 5 sets).

For 4 sets, this was only 19, 800 Won (free domestic shipping). That’s about $20AUD. Here in Australia you’d be laughing if you could get a bra only for about $20. There are rare instances you can get one for $10, but rarely a set – let alone FOUR entire, complete sets. The seller threw in a pair of the pantyhose socks for free.

There was one set that I didn’t really like (it had different coloured stars all over it), but I ordered it anyway because I liked 3/4 of the sets, which is good enough for me.

The quality of these are alright – they’re slightly loose in terms of the clasp bit (I’d need to use the furthest clasp) which probably isn’t very ideal, but overall they do fit nicely and much better than anything I’ve bought from Myer. The padding is a lot more than what you find here in Australia, which could actually be a good thing if you’re a bit self conscious about flatness. YES. BIGGER LOOKING BOOBS. \o/

I’m currently facepalming because earlier… this year I bought just 3 bras for over $75 😦 I could have saved so much money if I just Gmarket’d it.

The bras don’t have an inner lining which isn’t a big deal, but it means it’s a bit cheap :\ But everything is sewn and overlocked well. It’ll endure for a few years.

Another thing to note: All Korean bras seem to come with DETACHABLE BRA STRAPS. This is so you can wear them as strapless bras (I can’t do this, as I said, it’s a bit too loose for me to do so) – but another thing to note is that it can be quite annoying since you might have to keep attaching the straps. This isn’t just for this batch – it’s for EVERYTHING I’ve bought in this order, so it must be something that is standard, not a bonus. Here in Australia it’s considered a bonus.

Also, all the underwear is pretty much not cotton except for the bits that need to be. If you’re not good with non-cotton underwear, don’t count on the underwear from sets.

Before you rush out to measure yourself with a tape and try to convert yourself to a Korean size (Korea and Japan use cm), look at a conversion chart such as this: – it’ll save you a lot of time and prevent you from guessing wrongly.

The chart is fairly accurate, but look at the JAPAN SIZING – ignore the KOREA/ CHINA bit. If you look at the Korean chart, you’ll find something won’t fit, seriously.

I used the Japan sizing and got everything more or less correct.

Box 2

The larger box had 2. These were not sets; bra only. They do not have an inner lining, but the overall quality is fairly good. These were only like 3,500 Won each (yes, do the maths, less than $4AUD LOL), but these are a bit more ajumma in style. These are not aimed at younger people.

This seller is nice enough to have each one wrapped in a plastic package, but as you can see, they attached the label THROUGH the cup which is really stupid >_> No freebies either, and this seller charged the domestic fee of 2,500 Won. Overall, it’s alright lol – a lot better quality than that crap you see in Hong Kong at the market stalls (those are REALLY bad) and cheaper too.

Package 3

I originally ordered 3 sets from this seller (this listing I can choose whichever ones I wanted individually – so it’s not in a set set). The seller cancelled one item, because it was out of stock, but delivered the other 2 sets. To my surprise the seller threw in an extra set (the one one with the pink polkadots) in for free. I think they were feeling a bit bad for cancelling one and for delivering a bit late. The voucher for was also a freebie lol.

All of these were great quality in the respect that they all had an inner lining (!!) but the straps that go around you… >_> They weren’t overlocked or sewn on the edges – I’m not sure how great the elasticity is, but they’re not for me anyway. Ironically, the white (free) one is the best quality LOL.

The purple looking one actually had a price tag on it – W 32,000 D:!! (about $32AUD) and the matching underwear was priced at W 30, 000 ($30). They are really nice btw.

Best thing was I paid about I dunno, $8AUD per set? Obviously expensive in comparison to my “set menu” set of 4, but you get to choose which ones you wanted, plus the seller did throw in a free set. I’d be considering to buy from this seller again – I am going to stay away from the sets because you buy a lot in one go without necessarily liking all of the ones in the set.

Bubble packages 4: ETUDE HOUSE HAUL

This was in the largest bubble wrap package. ALL ARE FREEBIES BABY!

I was feeling quite bitter about the seller for the Precious Mineral BB being stingy with no freebies, but this I’m almost sure, is the official Etude House store. Be sure to buy from them – they gave me a box of their cotton puffs (so iconic – PSH on the front, LMH on the back :P) , a trial of their collagen moistfull range (toner and emulsion), a body wash sample from their PETIT BIJOU range, a set of note paper/ memo pad thingy, and… a free pair of ear phones?!

I was so surprised with the earphones! It certainly made me a really happy girl. I’m certainly happy considering the best freebie I’ve ever gotten from the Missha store was a blanket LOL. (Well okay I got a set of mini lip glosses that were really craptastic and I had to throw them out >_> and other random stuff but I can’t really remember what)

I’m going to definitely do another Etude haul closer to the end of the year (close to Christmas) because I have read good things about their freebies being awesome during Christmas.

The reason for my Etude haul was because I’ve read some good things about their eyeliners being super good – no smudging, nothing. Unfortunately, black is out of stock (wtfbbq sadface) – but I still ordered stuff anyway. Hopefully next time they have black. If these are good, I’ll probably buy a whole heap of black liners.

As you can see, no skin care. I don’t trust the skincare from Etude House just yet. I’ve heard good things about their makeup and that’s what I need. I haven’t bought makeup in a very long time, and with job hunting, outings and all, I think it’s time to upgrade my makeup collection.

Even for the Korean illiterate, the Proof 10 boxes clearly shows 24 hour staying power, and water resistance. I’m excited to use these.

This is what I ordered – a LUCIDarling eyeshadow quad colour combo 05 (this was about $13AUD, and this was the quad that CL from 2NE1 supposedly used), Proof 10 Auto Pencil in grey (I can’t remember what or why I ordered this but I think it’s an eyeliner that I bought – from memory the pic looked more black than grey), Proof 10 Jewelry Pencil in Metallic Silver (this is an eyeliner, which is part of the 2NE1 for Etude House campaign – Bom used this) – both the proof 10s are about $6?, an “Oh m ‘eye Line” liquid liner (I’ve never used a liquid liner, but this was cheap at like $3.50 ish), and VIP Girl (HD/ new range) in PK007 – the famous milky pink ($7ish).

All with boxes!

Taken out of their packages this is what it looks like. The quad is super cute and the lip stick really is an upgrade from the previous one I reviewed yonks ago.

This is the quad. The reason why I ordered the quad was because I actually don’t own a smoky eye palette. It was either this or Castledew, but I decided to just get Etude House anyway even though it’s a bit more expensive and possibly slightly more craptastic. I heard that the quality of Etude House products has improved drastically and if CL can get her eyes that smoky with this thing, I’m pretty convinced. There was another palette (I think number 06 which was the one Dara was advertising) which is quite similar. I might need to get another palette – I’ll probably review this one first though and see before I decide to buy another one.

The palette looks super pretty though! You can tell the clasp to close the case is even in the shape of a bow! Makes me want to get the whole range of palettes just for the cuteness. I’m hoping the quality is good like how other people have described it to be.

A note to Sydneysiders and Australians who are all about “ZOMG ETUDE HOUSE IS IN SYDNEY I WONDER IF THEY’LL COME TO *INSERT ANOTHER CAPITAL CITY HERE*”: I posted this on Soompi and possibly am getting negative rep for it as I am typing/ breathing, but the truth is Etude House is NOT IN SYDNEY. Check the official Etude House website. Etude House is not officially distributing in Australia at all. The place named “Lovely House” in Campsie and Chatswood are just people who are stocking and selling Etude House products. This is why they are expensive. For example, Missha is officially in Australia and that’s why their prices actually reflect Korean RRPs (if you take the old exchange rate when they first came to Australia) inclusive of shipping/ importing fees. “Lovely House” is a great place to have access to a limited range of Etude House products, but they’re not official distriibutors, which is why they sell stuff like the LUCIDarling palette for over $30AUD. 3-4 times the cost of Korean RRP. It really doesn’t cost over $20 to ship a palette to Australia, so they are ripping y’all off. 

Seriously, even if you don’t Gmarket it, you’re better off ebaying it. Too expensive in Australia, seriously.

Package 5

2 boxes of a set of 5 100% cotton underwear. Each pair is wrapped in its own individual plastic bag.

I didn’t take a photo of the box (well I did, I’m just not posting it) because it’s so embarassing looking and just facepalm LOL. The quality of these are alright. The box was about $7AUD ish, so less than $2 a pair of underwear. You can definitely get it cheaper overseas, but well, it’s never certain whether or not you go overseas, so these will just do for the mean time.


If you’re a girl, buying makeup and underwear is a great deal from Gmarket LOL. Seriously it doesn’t get any much cheaper – I just wish I could rewind my department store purchases and get it for much cheaper. I’m a lot happier this time as I’ve gotten a few freebies, unlike the last haulage I didn’t get anything for free at all 😦 So excited to use my Etude stuff. Too bad I’m under house arrest for the next 10 days at the very least.

I’ll be back probably tomorrow just to write a general post on how I’ve been doing and what I’ve been up to (nothing interesting, but I have a lot of stuff I want to say! And I’m not usually a talkative person O_O)

Until next blog!


3 thoughts on “Gmarket Haulage 08: GIRLS ONLY ISSUE

  1. hello !
    I know that’s an old post but maybe you can help me. I would like to know how did you do with the size set ? I mean when i look at the charts i’m a 75C but my hips measurement are 98cm, so how do i do to fit in the panties, is there a way to ask a bigger size without taking the a 80C bra ?
    Thanks and sorry for my bad english

    • I think the panties generally come in just one size as they’re very stretchy. I don’t think there’s a way to control it unless you buy them separately.

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