Pet Peeve 08: Room Etiquette and People who fail at life

I’m so sorry for having to spam 2 posts in a day, but I just felt that I really needed people to just know about these things. Even if it’s not particularly useful or if I’m not really suggesting the best way to go about things, I just want everyone to be safe out there and avoid douchey situations.

Room Etiquette

I’m back at home now because I can’t stand being in that crappy computer room. People bumping into chairs and stuff, you doing people a favour and people don’t even say “thank you” – seriously, what kind of a world do we live in these days?

If it’s a security room, make sure you take your student I.D or whatever it is you need to get access back into the room. There’s nothing wrong with the swipe card system lately, so don’t go knocking on the door because you’re too lazy to take your I.D or even swipe it. It’s not on.

I’ve had my fair share of being the nice person to open the door for others, but frankly I just got sick of it because maybe only 1 in 5 situations do I actually get thanked for doing so, and it’s moreover a waste of my time. I don’t have time to get up, open the door, and have you act like it was your right to have the door opened for you. Why don’t YOU open the door and clean my carpet for me? You wouldn’t do it, right? Don’t expect others to do the same for you; you’re not any more special than anyone else.

People who fail at life: ie. people who ask you for money – not once, but twice or more. Ie. what I call deliberate adult delinquents.

I understand it when you open your wallet and you realise you are short of money (say 50c) for a bus trip. It’s not a problem and if someone comes up to me and asks for some money to do so, I wouldn’t mind giving you money.

I’ve had my fair share of giving away money. For those who have been following and know me, I’m unemployed. I’m a student. I’m pretty much the poorest out of the poorest. Even a part timer will have more money than I ever will at this current stage.

I like to be charitable; I do donate money, but only to causes I’m well aware of (and NOT OVER THE FRIGGIN TELEPHONE – STOP DOING THAT – I can’t verify who the hell you are over the phone so stop telemarketing charity; the concept is disgusting okay).

However, there are some people who really annoy me.

As I was leaving Uni today this pensioner looking Caucasian man stepped and blocked my path and asked me for $2 or $1 for bus money.

Usually I would consider it, but this time I automatically replied “No, sorry” without even looking at him and I coldly ignored him.

Oh but why Misa, that’s so so cruel!

Reason why I ignored his face

The story is that I remember that asshole (you’d call him that too if you were in my shoes) from several years back; I was only 18 years old at the time, walking home, with a fragile wood model in my hands. The very same guy asked me for money EVEN THOUGH I HAD MY HANDS FULL. I put down my model and I gave him $2.

I was young then – and I didn’t know whether or not he was a violent man. I was the only one on the street, albeit a busy main road. Even if I wanted help, I wouldn’t have been able to get it. I didn’t want him, out of all the things, to swat the model out of my hand and break it, if he was angered over the fact I refused to give him money. I also hesitated because I realised I was not carrying a knife that day (don’t go thinking on a tangent; we bring knives to make models and stuff) so if I really had to scare somebody off, I would have very dismal chances of doing so.

I just sincerely hoped that he was really needing some money to catch the bus, and left it at that. I really really did hope that he was just a forgetful old man who needed to get home. $2, yes, but it wouldn’t kill me. My model, my life, is worth much more than that.

However today when I saw him again I really felt  tempted to say “next time you ask someone for money you better remember their faces because you still owe me $2 from several years back” – seriously, if you had a problem back then, and it’s the same now, you need assistance, not money from poor students who are struggling to make ends meet. If you have a pension card you could ask the bus driver (showing them the card) and asking them to perhaps give you a free ride. Offer the bus driver whatever loose change you have. It’s not a big problem, a lot of bus drivers will let you on. Chances are, Mr Bus Driver would let you on without charging a cent.

So here are the fails in summary –

  • Pensioner looking man is seeking money in the form of not loose change, but specifically GOLD COINS on COX PLATE DAY. If I wanted to win some money, I’d give my dad the money; he’d make it double. I would NOT be giving it to some random guy who would verbally say “thanks” but mentally think that I’m stupid or possibly even make discriminatory comments about me despite my charitability. I’m not quite so naïve to believe that people are thankful when I give them money. I bet when you hand it over they think “lol what a dumbass.” Only exception would have been a homeless man we walked past in Melbourne who asked for any food, money, drinks or accommodation – that was the one and only time I really wanted to give someone something but I didn’t have anything on me. If I had food, I would have definitely given it to him without any regrets.
  • Said man asked me for the SECOND TIME in my 5 years of study, so it’s not the first time. This is a habitual thing, not a coincidence.
  • Asking people for loose change and getting it has less chance than actually asking a bus driver for a free ride and getting it. Seriously. If you don’t have money to get home, f*** that, you shouldn’t even wander away from where you live within walking distance. If you went out knowing you wouldn’t have enough money to get home, then that’s your own fault. Not like you were mugged or anything, it was like 1:30pm and you were wearing a backpack. DON’T TREAT PEOPLE AS IDIOTS – people are more intelligent than that.
  • A grown man asking for money in the front of a University entrance, targetting young students for money. This is made of absolute and most fail because students have the tightest money allowance ever. I know you might think what I’m saying is utter crap considering how many reviews and hauls I make, but don’t forget – I don’t need to buy textbooks for architecture. I only go to Uni like, one day per week and I walk to Uni. I have a lot of expenses taken out. I also get “free money” to spend by writing some of my reviews. On top of that, I really don’t have much of an active social life; I haven’t seen my friends for the past month and a half. So yes, my money IS TIGHT. Currently in my wallet I have about $10 cash. That’s just enough to get me a Chicken Nugget meal from McDonald’s and that’s nothing spectacular. It’s not even enough money to  buy a MyBus2 Concession ticket!

So, girls in particular who go to UNSW, Sydney (not sure if he asks boys, but boys be careful too), please beware of a Caucasian man of about 168cm height, square build, in his 50-60s with white hair. He carries a backpack and will most likely call you “darl” or “darling” and will ask you for $2 for bus money. He typically asks money probably around 1pm-2pm (this time was 1:30pm, last time was about 2pm) Do not give it to him unless you, like me several years ago, are completely alone and felt like you could possibly be in danger. This man is a habitual money asker, and he does not need the money. If he needs money, he can go get help from Centrelink or whatever – that’s his problem and NOT YOURS.

Please be safe girls and boys. If the situation is dodgy, give them the money – it’s better than risking any dangerous encounter. If you were in a busy spot like I was right at the entrance with people coming in and out, politely decline and avoid eye contact.

I was simply lucky today and thankful he asked me at the entrance. I think he started to realise that it was too hard to find people who were isolated so he switched to a busier spot.

Until next blog!


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