Random block of text is relevant.

Need. Rest.

In case if you haven’t noticed, I am lacking vitamin D and exercise. This is why the way I write is so delirious. I’m not high (I’m anything but that) – so if it seems like you’re reading the same thing over and over, I apologise. I’m just really bored out of my mind :\

Just today I’m going to bum a bit. Seriously this whole thing is making my head explode. I need to do quite a bit but before then I want some rest. Stupid weather last night kept me awake! I probably woke up and got out of bed maybe 4 times last night! Why is it so windy in Sydney? This sucks so much. I am meant to be able to go outside with nothing more than a dress and a cardigan and go for a nice stroll in a park – not have my hair messed up by the wind like such!

This weather belongs to September, plz go back to September. ‘Tis October. And no, daylight savings shouldn’t mess up months as well as time. Get your priorities right, weather – k thx bye.

Mysterious Stats.

I don’t want any more traffic coming to my homepage for the purposes of monitoring stats. But for some reason lots of people have been searching up a particular search term and landed on my homepage over 200, 300 unique hits (or at least I believe they are unique) in just a day! For ONE search term =_= I generally have been getting over 200 hits per day but that’s spread over (a) bunch/ multitude of/ everything relevant which people end up here on more or less. I don’t want to write the search term or I’ll be bombarded with hits, but just STOP. I hope it’s just an anniversary thing or something because that one search term alone has been screwing my stats over!

Australian Dollar rise, rise, rise – add yeast, proof and rise! (insert inappropriate reference here)

The Australian Dollar has been ridiculously awesome the past two weeks. Makes me regret buying my bag since I could have saved like $20 I’ve put in two orders recently which I will hopefully review once I get them. Yes, I will be taking some time out of my jam packed schedule (not that it exists) to take some photos and review some stuff. I’m excited and I want my shiz now. NAO. Mostly because I can’t concentrate anyway. A lot of the stuff ordered from memory was just all stuff that was “necessary” and on the boring side. But hey, saving money = yippee. I’ll definitely have a surprise lurking around the corner. I think. Maybe. I’ll think about it.

I’m just currently hoping that I get a shizload of freebies; I can’t imagine otherwise why the package would be so heavy *skips* – but I can’t get my hopes up. But seriously, it’s a very heavy package considering I didn’t buy that much. Confused.

“Lowlight” of Friday

I randomly had a Kopiko craving on Thursday and expressed this.

Then on Friday from you-know-who I got one of these:

What the hooligan is a Kopiko MILKO? Wtfcoffeebeans.

Oh come on, you came all the way on Friday just to give me one Kopiko lolly. STINGY MUCH.

I kid, I declined and didn’t want any, but one of these made its way to my bag =_= This happens too often. I think it’s time to buy a padlock so my bag will be sealed shut. FOREVER.

For those who don’t know what Kopiko is, you’re missing out. It’s a coffee flavoured toffee candy which tastes like well, duh, coffee. But its awesomeness is beyond description. Grab one from an Asian supermarket. I’m gonna buy myself a packet when I’m out in the city next. Mmmm. Yummy.

And I had my pho craving satisfied on Friday too. Hmm. Pho. ❤ I should take a photo of it next time.

Saturday rampage

It’s not what you think! It’s more like I did something good for myself:

This is how much crap I realised I had in my drawer which I needed to throw out. There’s more (including face creams/ moisturisers) – but they’re not suitable for my face/ skin. I’ll be using those as leg cream. I KNOW. SAD. One of them is actually an Estee Lauder cream too, which retails for probably $60ish. My mum can’t use it either, so there’s not a lot I can do about it.

As you can tell, a lot of the products above look very full – namely the nail polish bottles and even the blue thing on the far right. The problem is that I’ve had them for so long that the colour has changed =_= Yuck. As for the pink gloss, that was actually used. It was my holy grail of all lip glosses, but I am not generous enough to buy it. It’s a Clinique lip-plumping gloss. I don’t care for the lip plumping but it lasted long and the colour was great.

The thing under the gloss was Estee Lauder’s Lash XL Mascara which was also a holy grail. Never smudged on me. I had finished it ages ago but neglected to throw it out for some reason. Probably because I had to take a photo of it before I throw it out – but wow it was probably 2 years ago. No wonder I have so much crap in my drawer.

Then “The Style” pen eyeliner (the actual name is “Perfect Pen Eyeliner”) was a piece of crap. It still is. Can I pose a question to you girls – can you ever understand it when a tightly sealed product… runs out on its own? This pen I barely used for about maybe 20 “days” and it’s dried up! I might as well buy a texta from a store and use it and I’d be able to draw more with that on PAPER let alone on my eyes than this thing. The idea was cute, but it was craptastic. The ink never stayed and if you have tried to draw on grease paper with an ink pen, you’ll know what I mean. It was like THAT. I’m keeping it for the meantime to use what’s left of it to draw on paper, but eurgh, it was terrible.

The Missha nail polishes were also terrible, but thankfully they don’t exist any more since they hauled in the new range. The only one I’m keeping (not pictured) is the clear one because the white and the pearl pink has crapped itself. Even the pearl pink one has changed colour. Gross. I know it’s normal for nail polish to do that, but I seriously haven’t had these for THAT long. >_>

Last but not least, the far right blue thing was a part of the AC range (for acne) and was a stick you’d apply to cool pimples. It worked alright but it wasn’t anywhere as effective as the new patches.

All in all, everything here that is Missha, sucked. I’d like to say good things about them, but I really can’t. The only thing I’ll ever go back for is maybe a black sugar scrub, sheet masks, Super Aqua range or their pimple patches. I have no intention of trying any of their ranges. Even their BB cream sucks in comparison (I don’t know what Missha watery BB is like, but Skinfood BB has been working excellent for me without having my face look like a waxed apple by the end of the day). I find their cosmetics rather expensive and not really great quality compared to say, VOV. But anyway, that’s just what I think considering that they must have changed a lot. And I haven’t bought many of their “new” items since I find other brands cheaper – so I go for those instead. Missha is just simply too expensive here in Australia and the sad thing is that prices shipped from Korea are similar to retail here. Why pay $22 for a Missha black sugar scrub here when a Skinfood scrub in a bigass tub costs maybe about $15?

If any random day I ever have to switch back to Missha, I’ll need to be persuaded really really damn well to consider them again. For the meantime, their prices aren’t doing it for me.

And sorry this turned into a beauty review all of a sudden. All the Missha products above are no longer relevant since they’re all discontinued. If you havae any experience with their new products, feel free to let me know if they’re good or not. So far I only really like their Super Aqua and pimple patches. I reckon their nail polish is still so-so. I have zero faith in their eyeliners, lol.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll be off to do stuff. And by stuff, I mean productive stuff. CANNOT WAIT FOR MONDAY EVEN THOUGH IT MEANS I NEED TO DO WORK. PARCEL PROLLY WILL COME. MAKES ME HAPPY THINKING ABOUT IT ❤

Until next blog!


2 thoughts on “Random block of text is relevant.

  1. Hi!
    I just wanted to comment that the Missha ‘Perfect Pen Eyeliner’ is horrible indeed… I thought that it was such an ingenious idea designed especially for people like me who have trouble drawing straight lines with liquid eyeliner… but this product is FAIL. It’s more grey than black and it runs so easily that I get paranoid whenever I have it on. I probably look incredibly vain on the train because I take out a mirror and check it every 15 mins or so.
    And Jonghyun’s ‘Y Si Fuerra Ella’ is one of my all-time favourite songs! Yay! :))

    • Hi Bernice!

      Agreed – I thought it was a super smart idea because it’s like a pencil but with ink? Hahaha man that pen sucks so bad. The ink isn’t even inky >_> It seriously just feels like drawing with a water based marker!

      And yay for Y Si Fuera Ella! Jonghyun is so talented~ ❤

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