Comedy Mishmash: Sigh, rawr, and yes.

I’m on hiatus. But it’s night and I can’t be bothered doing more work. ZING! I’m screwed.

Things I did this past week:

  • Went to uni during the weekend.
    Unfortunately I didn’t get much work done. I was ordering online and taking advantage of the high Australian dollar to US Dollar exchange rate. But I went to actually have a look at P‘s design. Doubt he’d ever read this – and even if he does, it doesn’t matter because he knows what I think – it was a complete mess. Dude, stick with one or two ideas. TIS ALL.
  • Started watching H.O.T.D aka High School of the Dead aka 学園黙示録. Wikipedia entry here (click)
    HO’ CRAP. It’s been years since I’ve watched any anime. To put that into context, the last time I watched anime it was on VCD. Wut ze heck is VCD? Dunno mang, Blu-Ray Players don’t even play ’em. Preposterous.

    Img src:

    How to describe the anime?
    Boobs. Lots of them. Obviously one pair per girl (not saying “lots” as in weird mutations of more than a set of boobs – honestly people >_>). Ridiculously large boobs that I am NOT CONVINCED ARE REAL. Panty shots too. Even zombies are not spared from humilation. Do I approve? Absolutely not. It’s the first time I’ve seen a remotely ecchi anime cept for Tenchi Muyo! which was ages ago (and I only watched the first few eps and rage/quit when the fanservice started). The only difference however is that the main guy is actually awesome, not butt ugly unlike Tenchi, and isn’t a paedophile. Just kidding, Tenchi wasn’t a paedophile, but if memory serves me correctly a little girl was fixated on him. Why though? Ew. There’s just something highly unattractive about rat tails/ mullets. I cannot put a finger on it.

    I highly approve of Komuro Takashi (guy is handsome, okay, even if he’s 2D – put a few years onto his tender age of 17 and I’d call him hot) and zombies (in the respect that they die of course). Heck, if I was in a zombie apocalypse and I was stuck with someone like Takashi I’d probably do the same as those girls. HELL YEAHS. Cept I’m not quite as proficient as they are 😦  I suck at L4D2 so I probably wouldn’t survive a zombie apocalypse T_T Not to mention I don’t really have anything to flaunt at a guy if there was a zombie apocalypse/ the end of the world/ getting very desperate. SIGH. Damn you anime girls; why must you have ridiculously physically impossible character design?!

    Either way, I think this means I should play L4D2 more often. Hmm.

    I also quite like Busujima Saeko because sleek purple hair and awesome kendo skillz win me over. Her apron “outfit” however was highly disturbing. Feel free to Google but be prepared to either get a nosebleed or have your eyes bleed. However her male fans *coughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahemrawr* find it “hot”. Right. Right. Currently waiting for ep 13. I want to get to the Mall part already!

    But seriously speaking, the music is pretty good and the graphics are awesome. You just need to watch the opening credits (the bit where the Hummer is driving and Hirano is shooting bullets) – lots of nice colours and use of typography.  I just really hate the bits in the opening credits which are filled with suggestive images. Totally unnecessary.

    You need to log in to watch this has it has been flagged. Duh. Underwear and boobs. But it’s a really good song. The colours pop. I JUST HATE THE ECCHINESS.
    Song is “HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD” by Kishida Kyodan and The Akeboshi Rockets
  • Went to uni again to feed a starving human being.
    Need I elaborate? No, I think not.
  • Got distracted and totally swooned over how fast the next segment of Khuntoria on We Got Married got uploaded with English Subs. Insert samgyeopsal drool here.
    I LOVE THESE TWO. FAR OUT. CAN A PAIRING GET ANY PRETTIER? I love how Khun looks so lost and Victoria is just so gorgeous ToT
    I guess if you can’t beat ’em, you join ’em. Deep down I am full of cringesauce because I wish I had someone to be a couple with :\ Blargh. JEALOUS! VERY!
    For those who know me personally, it’s not what it sounds like. I’ll probably write about it later, but I do not have anyone in mind.
  • Watched (500) Days of Summer. Wikipedia entry here (click)
    I knew Joseph Gordon-Levitt was awesome from the first time I watched Third Rock from the Sun! It made me slightly depressed though (the movie, not Third Rock…). Suddenly it reminded me what it was like to be in love 😦
    … and that I am sadly single. OTL.
  • Watched Kill Bill Vol. 2.
    Disturbing. And boring. Only one fight scene was worthy of watching. The rest of the movie went a bit like along the lines of blah blah blah blah blah.
  • Watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Wikipedia entry here (click)
    Whoa, it was a good movie, but it was so frakkin’ long! It was really interesting and intriguing. Well done, really. I was never a fan of Brad Pitt but after seeing this, I bow to him. Seriously, at his age and looking still so fit – forget about JYP trying to inspire young people to take care of their bodies and be healthy etc – you need Brad Pitt for that. If it’s not Brad Pitt, it’s a trap.


  • Listened to The SHINee World on repeat.
    My favourite tracks are “It can’t not be you (Romantic)”, Jonghyun’s “Y Si Fuera Ella”, and “In my room (unplugged)”. Absolute favourites listed only. I miss that sort of 90s-ish rhythm and blues/ hip hop/ balladey era. This brings me back some good memories before the darned autotune came into play. I mean okay, T-Pain does it, but if EVERYONE WAS T-PAIN, this would would be either super entertaining or very boring. Leaning towards boring because autotune isn’t used appropriately, most oft. Why do I sound like Yoda?

    Here, have some good music.

    I am 100% obsessed with “Romantic” because I understood the name of the song with my fail Korean skills before I ever looked at a translation. Though I translated it more like “If it’s not you, it’s no good” or “it must be you”. Turns out the most common way to translate it is “It can’t not be you”. A bit awkward and confusing if you repeat it in your head about 10 times non stop, but whatever floats everyones umbrellas on their Jaggerbombs. Not that they come with umbrellas. Hmm. Maybe if there was such thing as a Jaggerbomb float..? Eurgh, I give up.

  • Browed and lol’d at almost every second image, and cringed at every other.
    I’m a girl who likes to use her time efficiently. Don’t judge me.
  • Forgot to weigh myself this week.
    My bad.

So, as you can gather I’ve had an uneventful, pretty crappy and useless week. LOL. Well no, seriously speaking, I am doing work. Fear not! I’m a warrior when it comes to uni work. I’ll get through it. Hope I entertained you all even if it was just a few measly minutes. Until then, remember to wear sunscreen before leaving the house – the sun’s rays are pretty strong, yo.

Until next blog!


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