MIKETSU HIATUS: Misa will return mid-November 2010

I finally have an excuse to step away from my work to type up this hiatus post. YAY.

For those who may know, I’m a final year Masters student at university. I major in Architecture. People might think “oh zomg you must be so creative and cool because architecture is sexy!” – well, the truth behind an architecture student’s life is that we don’t have much spare time at all. We spend countless hours making models (for those who are good/ bothered), on the computer researching, drawing, modelling in 3D, in the library doing more research, or in the print room printing our drawings and various things.

Long story short, it’s a lot of work compared to your average 6 units of credit you usually expect from a university course. We spend more all-nighters than you will ever stay up studying for exams. We spend more time on weekends doing work than you do writing essays. We probably eat more 24 hour operated fast food than the sandwiches you consume in your lifetime.

Of course, final year design is actually 12 units, so they expect even more out of us – plus it is my final year graduation project, meaning that it’s the biggest, longest (this project lasted a year) design I’ll ever work on in my life. Because it’s the last I want to also try to make it one of the best, so it’s something I can present happily without thinking I’m trying to present a scheme I absolutely hate.

I have less than a month now until the end of the project, and that’s not a lot of time. As you can appreciate, if I have any spare time at all, I’ll be seeing my friends or taking small breaks with people I know personally rather than blogging. Please don’t take offence at this – I really like to blog, but I really don’t want to spend that much time on the computer since I spend so much time already.

It’s only about a month which I’ll be gone! I think I might still have an odd post or two in my drafts which I might be able to publish so you all won’t get bored.

For the meantime, there’s my Twitter – be sure I’ll be updating that (I like to share links and news on that). If you need to grab a hold of me, leave a comment and I’ll still reply fairly quickly. If you really really need me personally I can be found at kuroimisa@gmail.com. My hiatus does not affect the operation of C&M Shop.

Until when I’m back into the full swing of bloggerisms, I hope you all are enjoying whatever it is you are doing now – be safe, wear sunscreen before you leave the house and remember to exfoliate once a week. 😉

– Misa


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