CHANEL [Précision] Hydramax+Active

For those who were curious about my Monday, it was spent in a stuffy computer lab filled with people. The air con seemed to be broken, the fans were on, the windows opened, but it was so stuffy it felt like literally you wanted to faint from being in a mosh pit too long. Yes, I went to uni on a Public holiday OTL

Onto other news though, my weight went back down again (I can’t remember because my  diary is not within my reach (ie. it is several metres away from me as I am typing this – yes – I am that lazy at this point of time) – and I will put on a darned hiatus notice. I just keep forgetting – but for the meantime, enjoy this review.

Chanel isn’t just famous for their fashion and accessories.

The most common association people would make with Chanel and makeup would be their lipsticks since they have their famous red lipstick ads as a trademark – if not, fragrances.

One thing that I was very curious to try out though, was their skincare line. For those who have tried Dior’s skincare (which is amazing), I wouldn’t be surprised to also think that Chanel would also offer a pretty good skincare line. Expensive, but is it worth every single dollar of it?

For those who know about my new “policy” about advertising, I will no longer say where I buy my items from unless I’m doing a negative review on them. It’s mostly so that I don’t advertise for commercial companies for free. I hope you all understand that I am blogging for free in my own free time; if they want me to do an advertorial, that should be costing them money.

Anyway, I’ve read some reviews on this cream about it being good for hydrating the skin. I think this should be on par with Dior’s Hydra whatever it is now called line.

The box itself is quite understated, but it’s a surprise overall.

The moisturiser comes in a box and it comes in a frosted square jar, which is highly unconventional. It comes with a small language pamphlet on the product in about 6-7 different languages, and a little stick for sanitary reasons (so you don’t need to touch the cream with your fingers). The little stick has the Chanel logo etched onto one end.

The top of the box has the Chanel logo embossed. When you open it, you see the same logo but on the top of the jar.

When you unscrew the cap, you even see the Chanel logo on the plastic lid used to prevent spillages.

I admit; I was so confused looking at the jar. I wanted to rip off the plastic lid and just smell and test out the cream, but it wouldn’t let me – that’s when I saw the metal seal around the edge.

I’ve opened so many jars before – Dior, Estee Lauder – but I’ve never ever seen anything like this before. I’m not sure if it’s a Chanel thing or if it’s because I haven’t been buying prestige branded skincare for too long, but it was certainly fresh and reassuring that absolutely nobody has ever touched the contents since it has been factory sealed and imported.

The aluminium or whatever it is was easy to peel and came off in one piece. It’s not difficult to open like a tin can – and it’s not that thick type of metal which you can cut your fingers on. It’s still sharp though, so beware and take care of your finger tips!

The cream is actually a light minty green colour. The smell of it is a rather strong floral smell, as it contains camelia oil – but it will make you smell quite nice. I’m not a fan of strongly fragranced skincare (this is for those sensitive skin people to note – this is loaded with smell), but this smelled quite pleasant.

The point of the skincare line is supposedly to restore your skin’s hydration which will in turn improve and restore the texture of your skin. It’s a night or day cream so there’s no set time you need to use this.

My verdict on this cream? It’s actually surprisingly light even though it’s seemingly thick. A little bit – and I really mean just the slightest little bit can go a long way. It doesn’t feel like much of a difference at first, but when I woke up in the morning, my skin was silky and definitely hydrated.

The product has been comedogenically tested so it shouldn’t cause any breakouts.

Was it worth the money? Definitely. This is so much better than buying expensive stuff like SK-II or whatever – if I’m not mistaken, the RRP of these creams should be around $100AUD – do try to find it cheaper. If I had to choose between this or Estee Lauder (which I used to pay $78? a jar for), this is so much better it’s just amazing. Even just the sheer packaging (which admittedly was a bit overwhelmingly luxurious) is probably just worth the money. I got this jar relatively el cheapo considering a lipstick from Chanel is probably like $50 or something – but I wish even more that I was a family/ friend of someone who works for Chanel… they get these at sales really really cheap 😦

But otherwise, if you can’t get it as ridiculously cheap as the family/ friends events, I think it’s worth the money. The product works, it’s gentle, and the packaging and everything is lovely. Not to mention, when I finish using this, I’m going to keep the jar and store my earrings in it. Because the logo is pretty, lol.

Honestly speaking I’ve never looked forward so much to applying a face cream to my face. This excites and rocks my pants. I can tell my skin had improved since using it. For the meantime I’ve stopped for a bit (didn’t break me out and it’s pretty good at not making your face oily) to finish my Shiseido stuff – it’s worth a think about and buy 😉

Other things to note/ reiterate:

  • This product does not contain SPF – this means that you still need to wear sunscreen in some form to protect your skin from the sun. That’s one bad thing about this cream – but then again a lot of creams don’t contain SPF. If you want an SPF day time cream, then perhaps this isn’t for you – you might use it only at night time if that’s the case.
  • This product IS heavily fragranced – although it’s been tested, you might want to visit a counter and apply some on your hand or something (or face if you aren’t too worried) and see if you are allergic to the smell or whatever. People with highly sensitive skin may want to avoid using something with so much fragrance like this one.
  • This product might irritate your skin – the first time I used it I thought my face felt a bit itchy in some places. Not sure if it’s the cream or not, but I no longer experience this.
  • This product seems to help smoothing out the skin and reducing redness – I think my skin tone is more even now, but it’s a gradual thing – it’s not a miracle cream and it doesn’t work overnight.

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