Missha Speedy Solution Anti Trouble Patch

So for those who remember the above photo, it was taken when I ran out of the AC patches I reviewed previously.

Those have phased out and are discontinued, and these are the new type of pimple patches they now sell.

I can’t remember the price but I think they’re about $1.20 each and it comes with 10 stickers. Previously they came with 8.

Like before, I’m not sure how the new ones would work since the old ones sort of worked, but I wasn’t sure if it was wishful thinking or if it was the real deal.

This time around, I finally got a pimple which was bad enough I felt I needed a pimple patch for – it’s one of the slightly red ones where you can feel the bump and it hurts when you press against it, but hasn’t actually developed into a real pimple yet. I was really surprised when I opened the packet, because they looked nothing like the old ones.

Believe it or not, I didn’t edit the above photograph. Tis gold.

They’re now transparent!

I am also happy that they included 2 extra stickers because the patches they had  to begin with were too big to begin with. I remember those days I’d even cut a pimple patch in half so I could use it on two separate occasions D: I know, cheap way of doing it and I’m ashamed of it in some ways, but if you don’t want to visit Missha often, you’d probably do the same thing! So now there are 2 extra stickerse. Admittedly I think they could have given all 10 the same size, because as you can see, the small size is actually better and I’ve peeled one off and used it before I took the photo.

So I’m impressed – Missha targetted the top 2 problems: the colour of the patch, and the stickiness of the patch. For those who remember, the old patches weren’t sticky enough and would end up somewhere else on your bedsheets or something – anywhere but your pimple. I solved that by suggesting a bit of tape over it, but now I can save the tape too.

These stickers are actually fairly sticky and I woke up with the sticker still in place. The instructions tell you not to apply your moisturiser before you stick this on (I don’t think it has to do with the effectiveness, but moreso to reduce the chances of it falling off, since there are oils in moisturisers which can cause your stickers to not stick), but I moisturised anyway and it stuck. I woke up almost forgetting it was on my face (because I couldn’t see the sticker) until I realised it was still there.

The pimple hurt about half as much as the night before, which is pretty good. It means that the patch works.

The good thing about these stickers is that it means you can wear them out or during the day. I’m not 100% sure how often you’d really want to do it – and to demonstrate, here’s a photo comparison I did.

Don’t worry, I didn’t peel off a sticker just to take this photo – that would have been such a waste. I peeled the sticker off my face in the morning before I washed my face and stuck it onto my hand. It actually stayed on my hand, so that’s how sticky it is if you were wondering.

From left to right – away from light, with moderate light, in the light.

The sticker although with a “matte-ish” finish still reflects light. It’s actually pretty good because you can see it’s almost invisible on the far left photo (it’d be completely adhered and invisible if I used a new sticker, but this was a recycled one, so it wasn’t 100% sticking to my skin). Even t he middle photo isn’t too bad. You might not like to have a sticker reflecting light and highlighting the area where your pimple is lol.

For my case it was next to my nose, and when I wear my computer glasses you can’t see the sticker – if it’s on the forehead or somewhere in sight however, it will definitely reflect.

But if you were wondering, the stickers are very thin, sticky, can be peeled off and restuck on if you stuck it on wrongly (won’t be as good as the first stick, but I say it’s still 90% good), and so far it’s working for me.

The bad part about these patches is that they use Salicylic Acid – so for those who are immune to it or haven’t had success with it, these patches won’t be doing your pimples any favours. It’s still worth a try since they still contain Tea Tree oil in it, and it’s a pretty intensive treatment as it’s a sticker applying itself to the pimple non stop for many hours. Plus at $1.20, that’s something to giggle about. If it doesn’t work, stick it onto your hand like what I’ve done and draw smiley faces on them.

So yeah – salicylic acid unfortunately isn’t invincible, but it works for me. That’s how I got sucked into Biotherm in the first place – until they wiped out the entire line >_>

Speedy Solutions Anti Trouble Patches are available at the counter of your local Missha branch!

About 16 hours after using a patch non stop (of course 2 different patches – you can only use each one for 12 hours since I think that’s how long it’s effective for), the pain in the pimple when I press onto it is probably 70% gone? I can see a bit of a red patch but it’s not as big as it was last night. And if I’m grossing you out, be mature about it – I can see the whitehead slowly popping out, so it means it’s not going to be a nasty big ass pimple, but rather it’s gonna eventually pop and fizzle into oblivion like the small whiteheads you occasionally get, which are useless, painless, but a part of life.

After using 5 stickers, the pimple pretty much disappeared – no whitehead, no scar left behind. Depending on what you think, 60-70c to get rid of a pimple may or may not be worth it. If your job depends on clear skin, it might be well worth the investment.

So got a pimple? Try slapping one of these on. It’s worth a try.

‘Til next blog!


One thought on “Missha Speedy Solution Anti Trouble Patch

  1. Thanks for this!
    A friend just gave me two packets to try out but it’s all in Korean which I can’t read .. haha. And yay, I’ll be sure to try these out later tonight cos I’m having some horrible pimples right now ;_;

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