Monster Beats by Dre – Solo HD in white

First of all – hi! I’ve been gone for a few days. Feels like a little while, but I’ve been trying to get some work done. What else is new? I went to the dentist today and was told that I possibly was looking at surgical removal of wisdom teeth. Funnnnnn – not sure how that’ll go down, but I have time to think about it – most likely after uni is over.

I had a bit of time to kill before my appointment, so I went and did some shopping.

So for those who remember not along ago, I wrote this post about wanting a pair of headphones by Monster from the Dr Dre range.

I basically was saying how I wanted to sell my old headphones first –

Hey, these are not cheap. They retail for $179.95AUD at Apple Australia. And they’re BOSE too, which means they’re not bad. It just sucks because I don’t like them since they were given to me by someone who will never ever be named. Even moreso than Voldemort.

I had a pretty miserable start to selling them off since my first buyer bailed out on me just hours before I even got to sell them. A pair of mint, pretty much unused, always kept in soft case headphones without a single scratch in sight. STILL SMELLED LIKE LEATHER DAMN IT. Luckily for me, a smart guy (emphasis on the smart, unlike the guy who cancelled, who is NOT SMART) bought these off me. Enjoy your new headphones dude! Even he was surprised how good they were. At that price, damn, all music just got a million times better.

Anyway, that money went into my imaginary “Monster Beats” fund I set up, and I started to look at my options again.

I have heard all sorts of different stories about what type of Beats were actually available in Australia. Half the time what I heard made me raise my eyebrows and think “ORLY?” but I thought that people were probably right since I know nothing about headphones. Turns out though, my common sense isn’t all that bad.


Img src:

I ruled out the Studios. They’re too expensive and I can’t justify killing 2 AAA batteries each time I want to just muffle out some environment noise, and having them not function without new batteries once you run out (so no, they don’t work without batteries). I wanted the solos because they’re small. I admit the Studios are nicer looking, but I don’t have that sort of money to go around. I didn’t want black headphones – I wanted white. Having everyone tell me that white Beats only existed in just solo form (not HD) made me really sad considering you only need to pay $20 extra for HD. I was prepared to wait.

But fear not, they did exist. They should – because every single type of Beats (solos, solo HDs, Studios, Pros) all should come in black or white – any other colour would be limited edition or whatever (like the red solo HDs). That’s what I thought anyway – it’d suck really bad if there was only one colour choice, right?

Were they available in Australia? Actually, just maybe, these were a new addition? I doubt it. I just know these are new to Australia in the sense that they just probably started stocking these lately. I noticed that Apple Australia had these in their online store, and curious to find out whether or not it was true, I made a trip to the Apple Store.

Last time when I looked at the Apple Store’s dismal selection of Beats headphones there was only a pair of white solos and a pair of red solo HDs (which Ramille bought in this post here). This time I was shocked to see them have like 5 of the red ones in stock and even the Studios in both colours.

I noticed a box with the black solo HDs and just a bit hopeful and with a bit of wishful thinking, I took out a box of red solo HDs to see what was behind it. More red solo HDs, or…?

THANK GOD. The white Solo HDs were sitting behind the red Solo HDs. They were hidden, and I’m so grateful they even had it in stock.

I just grabbed it. Walked around a bit and thought about it, and then prayed that they’d work well for what I needed them for.

I went downstairs to pay. Some guy pushed in line. If you were that guy who pushed in line, hello, you are a jerk. LINE UP YOU LAZY ASS. Just because there are three counters doesn’t mean there are 3 lines – there’s just ONE. I hate people who push in line like that – it’s obnoxious, rude, and shows a lack of upbringing. I’m a bit sad that the people at the Apple Store were completely oblivious and weren’t attentive enough to even notice who was lining up first or not. If anything, this will probably be my first and most likely last buy at the Apple Store. Sure, they’re “busy” but they’re not that busy. You’re just collecting payment. I’m pretty sure it’s not that hard to keep an eye on things while you’re collecting money =_=

I went somewhere to sit down and wait for my appointment, but I also opened the box, and tried the headphones.

They’re awesome! They are pretty much the same if not better quality than the Bose ones I sold – they’re not noise eliminating headphones, but they’re close to it. The bass is strong and the music is vibrant.

Now I have a set of white teeth to match the headphones. Just kidding.

I’m still happy for the fact that these even exist, let alone manage to buy them. They were what I wanted! And I didn’t have to buy them from eBay or whatever where lots of dodgysauce sellers lurk and sell fakes! Authenticity 250% guaranteed!

So cutting out the unnecessary images of unwrapping the headphones, basically this is what you get. A bunch of papers with miscellaneous info, a cord to connect your headphones to whatever it is you want to squeeze sound out of, a cleaning cloth (not pictured), and a padded carry case. Oh, and the headphones, of course.

Not to bore you with the specs, it has some feature where you push the button on the cord so you can talk to people (on the phone of course) but it’s only compatible with mostly Apple products (namely iPhones), so it’s a fancy feature I’ll probably never need to use in my lifetime.

One of the best things about these is that you can fold them up so they don’t take up that much space. I think it’s a really neat and handy feature. Not sure how often I’d fold them but it’s a good idea.

… and worn.

They’re fairly comfortable when worn. They are on-ear headphones, so it will press your ears down and might hurt if you wear glasses – but it’s okay – just adjust your glasses so they sit above the headphones. I find these really sit on my head well and fit well.

And for anyone observant enough, yes, that is Big Bang in I think the Lollipop 2 campaign in my text lol.

So, I can now go to sleep knowing that I’ve ticked yet another thing off my wishlist.

Do me a favour and please don’t get the white ones lol – these also come in red and black – I recommend the other colours – simply because white headphones has a bit of significance to me – and I help to complete the “missing” colour in the Lovigan circle.

Monster Beats by dre Solo HDs retail currently only at the Apple Store in Australia and are RRP $299.95 AUD.

But if it makes any difference, I sold my Bose headphones, so it means I got a bargain. 😉

Until next blog! Probably tomorrow night – I think I need to put up a hiatus notice. Some time soon – don’t want to flood y’all.

5 thoughts on “Monster Beats by Dre – Solo HD in white

  1. Hey how are the solo hd working for you? I heard a bunch of rumors about how they break really easily? Is this true have you had any problems so far ? Please reply back and thank you in advance.

    • Hi guest,

      The headphones are working just fine.
      I did a lot of research beforehand and it was mostly the Solos which snapped easily and apparently they fixed it with the HDs. I’ve been using mine daily for about 3 months now as computer headphones and they’re in perfect condition. They do however get a bit looser over time (when I first wore them they were really tight on my ears), but otherwise they’re great. Sound is good, and if I’m listening to music at a decent level, they pretty much do cancel out noise.

      Just be careful with the headphones – I don’t fold them much (and if you do, fold them at the hinges), and I take care when I put them on and take them off. Hope that helps-

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