Solfine Professional Hair Dye

I’m gonna make this a quick post for my readers – I will NOT be doing the instalment of Freaky Friday today (it’s 12:51am so I can call it “today”). Instead, I’ve got a beauty review for you all here. I’m not too sure how well I’d be able to do Mazel tov Monday either as a regular segment. Blogging has become too demanding as I’ve been pushing my own expectations pretty high recently. If you haven’t noticed, they are getting detailed and long just about one topic – this post itself is almost 1500 words. They’re mini-essays, even though they don’t look it. 

I also take a mass of photographs and it’s really time consuming (taking photos, processing, uploading, writing). If I disappear for a bit, it’s because I’m on temporary hiatus. I certainly do not want to lose any readers, so I’ll aim to blog maybe once or twice a week from now on, but nothing fantastic. I have to put my priorities straight – my priority should not be blogging, but studying – so just bear with me. I only need to be away until early November – and after that, believe me, I’ll have all the time in the world to write even better posts. Until then, I’ll be publishing whatever stuff I have in my drafts. Sorry and thanks for reading!

For those who follow my blog, you would have known that I got a haircut. Once you get a haircut you’d want to also dye your hair.

So also for those who follow my blog, I had this ridiculous gradient running through my hair; it was because I got it dyed at a salon – then the next time I dyed it I think it was with Palty (which did work but didn’t lighten my black roots enough so you could see a gradient instead). This time I decided to go for these professional hair dyes. I admit, C tested the waters out first and verified that it actually worked, so I decided to try it.

I wanted to play it quite safe  by choosing the 20 volume (6%) peroxide developer.

For those who have been complaining about colour not showing, it’s most likely because your standard developer in your hair dye box (Revlon, L’Oreal, Palty, whatever) is probably too weak. The standard developer is only 10 volume (3%) which means you want to add a bit of a tint or colour to your hair. 20 volume is for lightening 1-2 shades, whereas 30 volume is lightening 3-4 shades. 40 volume I think should be available but I don’t remember seeing it on the shelf. It’s for really making your hair blonde and it’s not healthy – you’d most likely use a bleach rather than a 40 volume developer, I think.

You can buy these at Priceline. I got these at the World Square Priceline.

The developers and the colours come separately, so you buy them separately. The developer was only $6, but the colour was about $12. Still a bit cheaper than the “Professional” kits, but bear in mind you don’t have a conditioner, bottle or a pair of gloves.

I really tried to play it safe and I got a colour named “Tobacco” which appeared to be a darkish ash brown. I didn’t want anything too light because I didn’t want my hair going orange – if it’s anything I hate most, it’s the idea of having orange hair. I don’t care if my hair is brown but not visibly brown – as long as it’s even, one colour and not orange, it’s all good.

What I did was recycle an old hair dye bottle which came with a hair nozzle applicator. If you don’t have one of these, you can probably use a plastic cup, paper or foil bowl and mix it. You don’t need a bottle. I kept this bottle because these applicators were new at the time (this is a Korean hair dye) so we decided to keep it. It seems fairly common for Asian hair dye. I haven’t bought any hairdyes from the supermarket in quite a long time so I don’t know what they’re like.

You can see I’ve been doing drawings and I even drew up a schedule – needless to say, I’m behind on my own schedule because of some things happening beyond my control U_U

What I did was get a jar, measure 65ml of water (the colour tube is 65g, which needs to be mixed with 65ml of developer – note that this bottle of developer is 200ml, which is good for about 3 applications for medium length hair like mine). I’d tell you to mark a line on the outside of the bottle, but luckily for me, my bottle already had lines (if you look on the left of the bottle) so I knew where to fill up to. Usually it’s the bottom line.

If you are using a plastic cup, make sure that you do NOT squeeze the  cream into your cup unless it’s a very big one, because there is a LOT of cream – it filled up the entire bottle of the one I used.

The bottle was pretty useless though, and soon we just took the lid off and scooped out the dye from the bottle, because it was so thick it wasn’t really coming out of the nozzles well ^^;; This started to happen about halfway. So my verdict is the best way is probably a bowl or something.

With 20 Volume developer, you only need to wait 30-35 minutes total. I probably left it for 35-40minutes but it didn’t matter because I was dyeing it a dark brown, not a light brown. I probably should have left it in for longer so it’d probably go a bit lighter, but it’s alright.

The  “Tobacco” colour was really strange as it started to turn purple (it’s a good thing – it means it has blue hues in it, which emphasises ash and counter acts any orange or red tones – so no orange hair!)

The formula is thick, so it doesn’t drip, and it doesn’t smell too bad. I didn’t get a fruity smell, but overall it wasn’t a bad smelling product.

Rinsed it out and added a treatment to it. I am not very good at drying my hair, and my hair is naturally frizzy. For the record, it makes your hair quite dry. I’ll be doing plenty of treatments in the weeks to come.

The best part is that the colour appears not to bleed after it’s rinsed, which is pretty amazing if you think about how when you dye your hair it seems like no matter how much you wash it, colour’s always coming out.

I was freaked out that the colour would turn out purple, but it was just a nice brown. The images look a bit red, but hey, I have black hair. This was as ashy as I could get it. If I knew about colour correctors I would have bought a tube of blue and added it like mad to the dye. So the brown I got wasn’t terribly ashy or distinctively ashy, but it was a solid brown. I could tell the dye tried to not leave anything orangey behind. Overall, I’m impressed. 40 minutes ish and I get a good brown. That’s not too bad considering my hair doesn’t colour well.

Overall there was PLENTY of dye for my hair. There was still even a bit more in the bottle. My hair is now evenly coloured so there is no gradient. My hair is dark brown, but who cares? I just didn’t want the gradient.

I’m keeping the developing cream for another 2 applications further down the track. It means I need to go buy the colour but who cares – it’s a good quality dye and it’s better than the ones in the boxes since it actually works. If you need something even lighter, go for the 30 volume developer!

Other things to note:

  • My hair is generally the colour of the “Indoor with Flash” colour. I woke up the next morning and I could see that my hair was definitely brown and not black. It’s really nice colour – I’d probably use it again, if not I’d go for one of the lighter ash colours since they won’t make your hair orange (they contain blue hues).
  • I experienced no stinging, burning or itching on my scalp. This is amazing because Palty made my scalp itchy/ burn a bit, but this stuff didn’t do anything to my scalp. Do a patch test though (I didn’t but you should) in case if you’re not compatible with this product.
  • Best dye I’ve tried so far! Definitely will be using this in the future. Forget Prettia or Palty. This stuff doesn’t smell that strong, doesn’t burn or itch and dyes evenly and colour comes out. What more can I ask for? Oh – perhaps for them to start releasing a colour that’s blue purple, not red purple 😉

Until next blog!


41 thoughts on “Solfine Professional Hair Dye

  1. was looking for some info on solfine creme colour n came upon ur review. i actually bought a tube back in australia last year. when i used it for the first time, my hair was bleached. i cant remember how it turned out. now im back to having dark hair dyed dark brown n purple. ive been looking for swatches of the range but no luck…

    • Thanks for your comment 🙂 I had trouble finding swatches too – the only place I know that has swatches would just be the hair samples where they sold them :\

      • I am currently in Quebec and they have swatches of this dye at a drug store called Jean Coutu. Something I was also wondering is do you mix the developer with the dye AND the water? or is the water just there for measuring purposes?

        • Hi,

          the water is definitely for measuring purposes – do not mix with water! lol – it’s just the easiest (and cheapest) way of measuring exactly 65ml without you guessing (unless if you want to use a measuring jar, that’s cool too, but not everyone has a jar they’d want to use just for measuring hair developer since jars are generally used for cooking :P) – hope that clears the confusion!

  2. But you say it makes your hair dry?

    I think I’ll stick with Garnier 100% .. pretty colors and my hair doesn’t dry out

    Thanks for the review by the way ..

    • Hi Angie,
      I have dry hair to begin with and I pretty much found every dye I’ve used to make my hair dry – if the colour comes out. I’ve tried Garnier before and unfortunately it didn’t colour my hair (my hair is naturally black). If it works for you, that’s great!

  3. So I just came across your review, after buying some of this dye. I have very dark hair at the moment, though I am a natural blonde…I was going to strip the dye out before using this dye (I want to go really red), but now I’m thinking maybe I don’t need to. I have the 30 vol developer…So the dye lightens as it colours, is that right? LOL, sorry this dye confused the hell out of me, so it is good to find someone who’s used it.

    • Hi Elly,

      The developer does lighten as it dyes. Your dark hair atm also probably has a reddish base colour (as long as you don’t have a dark ashy colour, then that’s a bit different). My hair was naturally that dark and there was quite some difference with the 20 developer – I think if you’ve got the 30 developer it’s probably good enough to lighten and colour to the red you want. If in doubt, you could always test a strand somewhere at the back of your head (a strand you wouldn’t normally see) before you try the entire head. From memory my friend used the 30 developer and her hair was a dark brown, and it turned her hair pretty light (ie. blonde) lol.

      • Thanks so much for the quick reply! I think I might do a bit of a test first. I’m a little worried my light regrowth might end up insanely bright compared to the rest of my hair…but I guess it will have a bit of diffence in colour in that area anyway. Again, thanks so much for the reply and review! Really helpful!

  4. Hey 🙂 I might be purchasing this product as I have stubborn black hair as well! 🙂 I also saw you recently posted about purchasing a lighter colour (Blonde?) and tried that out. I was wondering if I could see some photos of your hair before/after? Or even just after? I don’t want to make my hair too light, just a dark brown. I noticed that tobacco is 7T which is like on the Solfine colours 7 is like a dark blonde? I’ve tried box dyes before but I’m scared to use this, if you could show me some more photos of the Tobacco colour and then the Blonde colour? It’d mean alot to me 🙂

    • Hi Stefano,

      I tried to take photos when I dyed my hair Blonde but honestly they didn’t turn out true to colour. It’s just really a redder version of Tobacco but maybe at most 1.5 shades lighter – it’s just a dark reddish brown.

      If you want an ashy colour go for Tobacco, as I noticed a reddish tinge after using the Blonde dye (which went away after about a week).

      If you want definite and solid results without wanting it to be too light, use Tobacco with 30% developer and leave it in for 50 minutes max. There’s nothing to be afraid of because Solfine is professional hair dye used in salons. I find it better and more effective than ordinary box dye and the colour comes out true to what I saw in store.

  5. Hi all
    I use this brand all the time, one tube of colour does 2 applications for my hair. I have really curly hair which can be a bit frizzy without product, but this has never made my hair dry. I use the 30 vol developer with hazel blonde (i think its called) its easy to use, quick and always works to a nice colour. Have had many compliments since using this product and for the cost (i just got the developer in a 1 litre bottle for $8) and the colour for $10, so at about $6 a go I’m more than happy 🙂

  6. Deb
    I have used this hair colour for years and freaked when it became unavailable to me for a couple of years at which time I dried my hair out using other brands. Solfine Crema Color has coconut oil in it and it leaves my hair incredibly soft and shiny (and shine’s really important to me). If you leave it on past 45 minutes, however (the recommended maximum time for difficult to colour greying hair, which tends to be coarser), it will begin to dry your hair out. Otherwise, you should get excellent results with hair in better condition than before you started, Also remember the higher the number of the Developer, the more it dries the hair out.
    The difference between using this professional color as opposed to drug store brands (such as L’Oreal or Garnier) is that the colour is actually absorbed into the hair as opposed to just coating it. That’s why it doesn’t wash out. Over the years I’ve used the browns, tobaccos, reds and now ash blondes. For me, it’s always coloured true to the sample swatches. I’m presently doing ash shades on top with darker tobacco underneath and at the bottom. It’s gorgeous. As mentioned above, however, I can’t get true to colour photos. If your going from a very dark color to a few shades lighter and don’t want red tones, absolutely use the ash shades and if you have any grey hairs add a tbsp. of a correlating “N” colour (such as 7N for use with 7T or 7C) and remember to add the extra tbsp. of Developer as well.


  7. Hi, I have dyed Black hair over a medium red. I chose Dark Blonde Natural Copperas i really wanted my red back. So will let you know how i get on, STRAND TEST FIRST of course.. xx

  8. hi umh i got my hair dyed dark brown (professionally done) and it turned out half was brown and the bottom blonde would this dye help make everything the same color?

    • It should, as long as you do an even application. You need to work through your hair fairly quickly and maybe wrap your hair either in plastic or wrap – I find doing that makes the colour come out better and more even. Your hairdresser probably didn’t work fast enough or apply evenly. Hope this helps-

  9. Hi. I just bought a chestnut colour and 20 delevoper to try. I have naturally black hair and only wanted to use this dye to put some streaks/highlights in. Does anyone know if this will work?

    • The best result you’ll get is probably a tint at its best. If you wanted really obvious streaks/ highlights, probably using a 30 or even 40 developer would be more effective. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try with what you have at the moment.

  10. Thank you so much for this blog.

    Today I bought a blue/black tube and a 10/3% developer. I have very dark brown hair. I hope to get just as good result as you since I have never done this either.

    Will let u know how I go! Thanks again 🙂

  11. Just used this for the first time and am so impressed with the results. Used Chestnut color with 20 developer and 35 minutes later not a grey hair in sight and soft shiny hair. Much better result than the various box sets I generally use. Thanks for all the comments

  12. I have grey hair and just want to put a few strands blue… I bought the sol-fine coloring crema color.. Can I just put this directly onto a few strands of my hair???

  13. i dont know if you stilll reply but i bought solfine crema colour in dark blonde fashion red with a creme developer 30vol and was wondering what does the dark blonde mean? and also when dying my hair bcos i have dark brown to black hair what colour shall my hair start to turn? as you said yours turned into a pupley colour? thankss!!

  14. Hi Misa

    I have hair with grey roots, and I wish to make it go evenly dark brown,
    A “professional ” dyed it and it ended up with some dark patches and light brown areas, and now the grey roots . Its a mess.
    I bought 3N Crema Color Dark Chestnut. and Creme Developer 20 Vol 6%.
    After reading your blog I feel confident enough to use this. I have never dyed my own hair before.
    I plan to do a testing before I apply to my whole hair.
    ,I do not wish for my hair to go lighter in colour as my main aim is to cover the grey and hopefully have evenly coloured dark brown hair.
    You mentioned that if I leave the colour on longer my hair will go lighter.
    So, should I make sure to wash off colour exactly after 30 minutes to bring out the dark brown?.


    • Hi Sarea,

      I think with your developer at being just 20% and using a dark colour, you can leave it in for just a bit longer to make sure that your greys are coloured well. Check your hair periodically to see if the colour is in – once you’re confident it is, then wash it out 🙂 Hope that helps!

  15. Hi there and thanks for your info. I’ve used Solfine hair colour a few times. I find the instructions in the box are pretty inadequate! Is there a rule of thumb for:

    – quantities to use when mixing the colour and developer (is it 50/50?)
    – how long to leave on

    I use around a colour number 5 and 20 vol developer


    • Hi Feebee,

      The tube of colour is 65g so you will need to add 65ml of developer, so yes, 50-50 or ratio of 1:1.

      How long to leave it on really depends on what colour hair you have and how light/ dark you want it. With a 20% developer your hair doesn’t go too terribly light, so you can leave it on longer (up to an hour). Not sure what a colour 5 is, but if that’s a medium colour I say 40-50minutes is enough. Anything light coloured (eg. blonde) will need stronger than a 20% developer. I would not recommend leaving the dye in for more than one hour, which is pretty standard.

  16. I am looking for this product in Toronto. I have been buying it in Jean Coutu in the province of Québec but still can’t find it in Toronto. . Anybody knows where??.

  17. My hair is dark blonde and I wish to have it more golden. I was thinking of the 9D which is a bit lighter than my regular color I think. What will happen with the diffrent oxy developers? I noticed that there was an oxy A?
    Thanks, Frida

  18. I was just wondering.
    Do you mix the sol fine colorline oxy 20 in with the solfine tenchniccolor crema color together? the lady at price line said to but I wasn’t sure if that’s what I had to do? help? haha x

  19. I have been using these dyes for a very long time so I have a few tips
    If you have bleached hair and want it to be a red colour (like unnatural red) You will need more than one application because it will go a natural red (orange red).
    Depending on the colour dye you want, there will be a little tab under the colour at the shop you buy if from telling you what strength developer you need (20vol, 30vol, etc.)
    The easiest way to mix it is with a hair dye brush (you can buy them really cheap) and in a plastic bowl (no metal folks). I wouldn’t worry terribly if you cant get it exactly even, as long as the colour and developer are in approximately equal amounts and the mixture is a nice smooth consistency you should be right.
    If you have short hair (like I do) you don’t have to use an entire tube. I get a hair dye and 2 root applications out of one tube of dye, its fantastic 🙂
    Also like most dyes, when you want to go darker, the dye will almost always make your hair darker than what you want it to be. Crema does this a little bit too, but after a week or so I have always found that they fade to the colour you want and stay like that

    Happy Colouring 🙂

  20. if you have bleached hair thats has different levels of orange tones could the SOLFINE Crema Colour 9N Very Light Blonde fix that problem ?

  21. Hi my hair is darkish brown at the moment. I got a chesnut brown and have 20% and 30%. If i use the 30% will it lighten it at all. I dont want to keep going darker? Which tends to happen when you keep putting similar colours on??

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