Is your blog prone to plagiarism? PS: Things should hopefully resume to normal

Hello everyone!

Sorry about any hectic notifications last night and all. I think I possibly have found the key to solving the problem – but as you can probably notice there have been some changes to this blog.

What happened last night was that a website took my latest Gmarket post and posted it up without my permission, and without linking back to me. All my images were used and everything was copied word for word. I wouldn’t be so sensitive if it weren’t for the fact that it had plagiarised maybe 50 000 posts on wordpress and I’ve stumbled across a fellow wordpress blog, which you can read her post here:, which suggests alarmingly that they take every single post from a particular category and duplicate it onto their site. If you’re reading this Anushka, do edit the category name (as you have done – if I remember correctly, with a hyphen in between the two words, as I noticed on said website, they have plugged the ENTIRE wordpress feed of particular categories. So they’re not targetting your blog specifically, rather, it’s the category [the one they are following is one word, no hyphen]). Sorry I was a bit hysteric commenting like mad – I forgot to compliment your work and lovely photographs 🙂

Anyway. Originally I thought that “pfft – who the heck would steal my content and images anyway? *watermarks them anyway*” but now more than ever, I am still going to continue watermarking them. I know it’s not very attractive to say the least, but I have to do it or else the same thing will happen again and I will receive no credit for the work I do.

There is a copyright notice at the bottom of this page. It has been there for some time. It means something.

Plagiarism is a very serious issue whether it be academically or morally, and I will not tolerate it.

Onto other matters, I’ve been having a good run today in terms of awesomesauce – I received my clothing yesterday and also my bag this morning (super awesome, stuff to come later).

For those who haven’t realised, a particular category of mine has been deleted and all relevant entries have been moved to the new one. This is to prevent any further plagiarisation of my work. I’m hoping (and testing this out) that this will work and fix the problem.

This has seriously been a complete and utter waste of my time and I don’t understand why anyone would go against their conscience and do something as useless as what I’ve experienced last night. Seriously, it was a big inconvenience with a capitol “I”. In bold letters. Size 72. Font Arial Black. With a full stop on the end. Cherry on top.

Just to spell it out, this is what it should look like.

What to do to cut down plagiarism:

  • Watermark all your images. Yes, it’s ugly. It’s annoying. It’s extra effort. Your photos will look like crap especially if you don’t have a nice watermark (take my advice, you can’t go wrong with CAPS LOCK and your blog url typed – logo not required). But do it and keep proof that you were the original creator of images. It’s not something new; it’s common sense.
  • Shorten your RSS feeds to show summaries, NOT entire posts. You can do this in your “Reading” settings on wordpress.
  • Name your categories in a unique way unless you are really wanting exposure. For now, I’ve changed a category name from something popular to something obscure. Do I give a  damn? Well people can’t get to my posts via wordpress categories, but that essentially doesn’t bother me too much. I will have readers who will come and make sense of what I’ve done. That’s all that matters.
  • Delete and reupload stolen images, renaming them. A lot of the time images are hotlinked, so while it might take some time for the wordpress server to update itself, you can cause a few broken images here and there later on.
  • Display a copyright notice on your blog. It doesn’t do jack to be honest, but have it there anyway.

Hope y’all don’t become a victim like me. For now my job’s done and I’ve done all I can for the meantime. Fingers crossed this totally works (and it should very well work with my genius – hehe I kid :P) – and things should hopefully resume to normal. I’ll make a post soon later today to make up for it.

Again so sorry to everyone I’ve been inconveniencing – email bombardment, comment bombardment and just being annoying overall going “what do I dooooooooooo” – this is why I don’t tag my posts. Ding! That’s something right I’ve done by being lazy.

Until next post!


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