Mazel tov Monday – only, on a Tuesday.

Alright, I’m back into business but I’ve not a lot of time. I just didn’t want to flood email subscribers’ inboxes – not that I don’t flood them anyway – but hey, prevention > cure.

So I’ve been a bit busy lately with the whole opening the online shop kind of thing. Meh – that’s that – if you see something you like – go for it – if not, wait and we might post something else that might tickle your fancy. Who am I kidding?  Buy plzzz k thx. But anyway, Monday posts aren’t for that – I’ll write about my past week instead.

Weekend = working consistently

So I worked well during the weekend. Slow, but still alright. I’m still like “hur hur hur” over the fact that GO! (ie. Channel 99) is so awesome and is the only channel on TV to air The Nanny, Seinfeld and old episodes of the Big Bang Theory. There’s apparently another channel named “GEM” but I don’t know what number it is. If anyone knows, let me know – I’m hella curious.

I’ve been full of bloatsauce even though I’ve just started to work out again (yeah, I did sort of… stop and do it at highly irregular intervals), and I’m paying the price for it. I can see that the water content in my body is fluctuating like mad. I don’t really know why my body tends to hold onto so much water. Note to self: I drink water okay – stop retaining it ;_;

I couldn’t get my hair cut because of a bizarre calendar prediction, but it’s all good. I think.

Monday was just making food – so that was one day which sort of went down the drain.

Tuesday aka today, I went to get my hair cut (separate post), my shoes from Gmarket arrived (separate post), my ad got published in the Sept/ Oct magazine of Wealth Creator (separate post) – by the way for those who are interested in my ad, open the magazine SMACK BANG in the middle where the staples are. This issue has NO plastic wrapping, so if you drop by to a newsagency, you can flick through one – just have a look please! You don’t have to buy the magazine 😀 You’ll see it in the middle 🙂 – bought another magazine with a bag included to replace my lost one about a year ago (separate post – you can see I will have a lot of posts queued for this week and the week ahead). I have hair dye which I will review – when I dye my hair at some stage.

And not to mention I still have stuff coming in the mail. \o/ I think I need to start working full-time for blogging at this rate.

…and the weight is…

I’m not really caring. I gained 200grams, but what do you expect. My legs went back up like half a centimeter in circumference (thigh only). Whatever! It’s all water. Once it’s summer and I finally finish uni and get a job, all of that will be gone. BEGONE!

I don’t expect miracles overnight, and I’m almost willing to bet like, in 2-3 weeks time I would have lost like a kilo again. Measuring just PLAIN SUCKS.


Sorry for this short post. I just don’t want to write too much because I have about 70 photos to process (not like I’ll be doing them all, but it’s a substantial amount of thinking to do) and given that I have a lot of stuff to do (uni work, and blogging), I can only just go by the premise that I’ll promise to give you all bigger and better posts in the days to come. Yes? 😀 For those who haven’t realised, my posts have been getting progressively detailed along the way. My poor fingers which do the typing – I kid 😛

Here’s a photo I’m gonna spam the Internets with and to burn your eyes. Just kidding. It pretty much explains 2 posts I’m gonna post later this week.

And I wish that was a wig that I’m wearing. It’s not.

I can’t be bothered with blurring my face because the photograph is so damn grainy to begin with (sorry, that’s the downside of using a camera which doesn’t know how to focus on manual when you get into the frame – and auto went nutcrackers on me. I bet this was ISO 1600 or something stupid :\). I think P jinxed me because I ended up getting a fringe. Not that I didn’t have one to begin with, but it’s been a loooong time since it’s been THAT short. Guh.

Till next blog!

I am off to read the October 2010 issue of Sweet Magazine – IT HAS AYU ON THE FRONT.


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