C&M Shop Official Launch; Grand Opening Sale!

You can visit us at http://camilleandmisa.tumblr.com

For those who have been clicking onto the C&M Shop link and finding nothing on the shop, thanks so much for your patience – we’ve finally launched today! As in, we’re actually selling stuff now!

We’ve put our prices quite low for now, and we are going to probably let it stay like that for a few months. This is so that we promote the shop so that you and your friends can get clothes discounted. The more people we have following or buying from us, the more we’ll buy to supply for demand – and we’ll be offering these at discounted prices too.

We’re not too sure how long we want this sale to last, but I’m guessing it’ll be for the next few months. We only hold one of each item in stock unless the description says otherwise or if it’s an accessory (again, read the description). Get it before it’s gone!

We’re releasing less than a handful of items each day. We actually don’t have that much stock because we’re not too sure how it goes – but rest assured, there’ll be lots more to come if all goes well!

SHOP: http://camilleandmisa.tumblr.com
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/camilleandmisa
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sydney-Australia/CM-Shop/159848667359232 (or just search “C&M Shop” and look for the logo!)
EMAIL: camille.misa@gmail.com

Sorry to email subscribers who get several emails from me in a day; I’ll be posting Mazel tov Monday later today – so you’ll get 2 emails today. But rest assured, I won’t be updating again until later this week to keep your inboxes breathing 🙂



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