Magic Moments Foundation 2010 Flyers

Magic Moments Foundation – yes, a charity snippet –

I think two months ago I was asked by C to help design a double sided A5 flyer for Magic Moments Foundation (MMF) – I was so excited to do it because I haven’t designed a flyer since I was about 17 years old and that didn’t really get printed to the degree I had expected it to be.

So about a few weeks ago, my flyer got printed! I did a lot of back and forth consultation trying to get the flyer right (keep the ‘client’ happy and all with what I was doing). If I remember correctly, there were meant to be about 5000 copies of my flyer to be printed! I’ll try to dig through my emails now to see if I can find the exact number (if it was even mentioned), but  I heard from C was that there were boxes and boxes! Yay! Couldn’t find the exact number :\ But these are the 2010 Magic Moments flyers! I designed them! Yay!

C generously included 10 flyers for me to slip into whatever I needed it for *teehee* – thanks so much! It was printed on semi-gloss coated paper – hmmm – love shiny paper.

Front and back of the flyer

I had to design both sides you know *laughs nervously* – but the only way to show it was to put one facing up and another facing down teehee.

And here’s a screenshot just to prove I did it lol.

I did the illustrations – actually, all of them minus the logos and the photographs. I had awesome fun making the flyers – a big shoutout and thanks to C, M, J and N for giving me this opportunity 🙂 I still have a magazine ad to post, but the magazine seems to not be out yet – lol.

For those who are interested (this wasn’t on the ad), there is an event hosted by MMF – it’s in Brisbane though, it might suit Queenlanders!

Leadership & Finance Summit for Today’s Youth

Leaders of Today, Life Investors of Tomorrow 

When: Mon 17th Jan to Fri 21st Jan 2011

Where: Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Who: 14 – 17 year olds who love to have fun while being inspired.


Magic Moments has an event called “Packing Day” which is where you help packaging presents for families in need. Be sure to email MMF at for more information on Packing Day 2010.

If you’d like to help in any other way, you can make a donation with the following details:

Magic Moments Foundation Limited Sydney Basket Brigade
Bank:  National Australia Bank 
BSB: 082-140 | Account: 47-874-7437

Any donation over $2 is tax deductible. MMF also accepts pretty much anything from canned food to clothes, toys, anything to fill up someone’s Christmas hamper and brighten up their Christmas.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! If I ever get another chance to design flyers, it’d be awesome fun 😀 Thanks once again for letting me design them!


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