Just another skincare haul.

For anyone who has been observant enough, I’m starting to remove links off my “Frequently visited” list if they are of a commercial nature unless I think they are doing good (like Book Depository).


Because I’m not paid to advertise, yet I’m giving them traffic. Call me mean or whatever, but as a consumer I feel no need or obligation to advertise from a place I bought something from. That makes no sense. Unless if there’s some form of incentive (like satisfaction from ranting how crap ShoppingSquare.com.au is – oh, they sent P the wrong memory card and they haven’t replied him after DAYS – keep it real professional SS, real professional.)

So from now on I’m only going to say if I ordered from the net. I mean, eBay is eBay – Gmarket is Gmarket. I doubt I’ll ever buy anything from Zipia again so that’s all good.

No more free advertising from me! No moar!

That way it won’t seem like I’m trying to sell stuff when I’m clearly not hired to do so.

And if you’re trying to figure out where I buy my shiz from via my Twitter – well, that’s cool too. But don’t blame me for finding out *wink* 😉

So I ordered all of this in last Wednesday morning (that is, Wednesday, 1am in the morning). I was tired, sleepy, and I made a big boo boo.

I ordered all the wrong cleaser. I swear, I must have not ordered that, but I guess I did, since they hardly make a mistake. It is the SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel that I previously reviewed.

I’m actually selling the Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel off for $10AUD each 15ml jar. It’s enough to last you eons. I believe it is cheaper than RRP as you can try it out (and it is cheaper than buying it in the one bulk). Holler at me if you’re interested. Apparently it’s also a makeup remover. Diddun know thatz – but yeah, it really is a good cleanser. I just can’t believe I made the mistake. DOH! If you buy more than one, I’ll give a good discount 😉

So, I also ordered samples of an SK-II toner (not for sale, it’s for my mum), SK-II jar of AQUA PHYSICS 50ml moisturiser (also for mum, which I’m hoping is as good as Dior’s Hydra whatever it is called now since they change the name of it every damn year), and a 50ml jar of Chanel Hydramax+Active moisturiser for none other but me.


I guess you’ll know what I’ll be reviewing. A bit gutted at the cleanser since it WASN’T MEANT TO BE THAT ONE – but I’m going to review the Chanel cream. It smells lovely and it has been pimple tested- you know, the word beginning with C. Haha comedogenically? I know the word, I just can’t spell it. I can’t be arsed googling it up at this current time, but you know what I mean. I’ll get there… eventually.

Life, so far.

I’ve been really tired lately – not sure if it’s the late nights or whatever, but I’m having my fingers crossed that I’m growing lolol fat chance 😦

So my clothes are slowly crawling in the mail somewhere – I just ordered a messenger bag from the States – WOOHOO. I’m not fussed about it being in season or not. I just want it to be good value for money and so far, I’m digging my purchase very much. As in literally like “wow I cannot believe how much money I am saving and how awesome this is”. Can’t wait to receive it!

Oh, and before I forget I also ordered a pair of heels yesterday so I can do a REAL photoshoot. I know I said I didn’t want to touch Lookbook, but as most of you have gathered, I’m starting an online shop with Camille so I’ll need to have practice modelling and everything (I will be posting a post when it officially “launches”). But don’t worry, I won’t be modelling clothes I’m selling on Lookbook; I’m going to model clothes that I really want to model. I have a very strict and set idea on what the photos should look like. Whether or not I can ever achieve them or whatever is another story. I hate being picky.

I’ve also been handsomely procrastinating. My report, that is, lol. Haven’t been procrastinating blogging, however!

I also hate impulsive consumeristic vibes – it means I have more shiz to add to my wishlist, however unnecessary it is. Guh – let me win the lottery or somethin’.

I would like another designer scarf (yes, A-NUH-THA), another belt, and a Burberry prorsum necklace. GUH. Blow up my wallet already.

I’ll be writing about all those nonsensical things in the days to come. Stay tuned! Especially about C&M Shop 🙂


2 thoughts on “Just another skincare haul.

    • Hi,

      If oiliness is your only problem, keep up with your normal skincare routine. There’s no such thing as skin being too oily – people with oily skin tend to have less wrinkles, and far later in life, meaning younger looking skin!
      Some things you can do though to help control shine and oil is to use a mud or clay mask once a week (twice a week if your skin is really really oily) and to keep a packet of oil blotting paper with you when you’re out so you can wipe away the shine from your face.

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