eBay, and tripod.

So, for those who have shopped at eBay before you would probably realise how wonderful it is – there’s so much stuff, no minimum buy, and a lot of great deals. You don’t need to worry about your money being lost (in most cases) and in general, I’ve had a really good experience with eBay.

Recently I did order a dress and a pair of heels from a seller – they were prompt to accept my offers and based on my offers, offered a discount since I was buying more than one item. I was quick to pay (I usually pay instantly – I don’t delay it, because I don’t see the point of buying something and not paying for it), and I never received it. I was refunded yesterday after waiting more than 2 entire weeks for it to come (with other stuff coming in even faster than that and with the order placed at the same time). Enough is enough. I’ve sort of had my spirits down from ordering from eBay. Maybe another time, if I need to.

I ordered a tripod from a Chinese seller much later after the dress and heels and I received it today. I paid $20AUD for it, shipped, and to my surprise, they gave me a free tracking number.

When I opened it, I was a bit disappointed because the listing was for a 1.5m tripod but this was the normal 1.3m ish one – I could have theoretically bought a 1m Nikon tripod from Korea for $2 less – but it’s alright. Nevertheless, it’s a nice tripod and it’s tall enough for its price – usually you’d expect to pay at least $40 probably for just 1m, regardless of brand. For $20, it’s cheaper than a second hand one, and it’s half the price of the ones in store. The quality isn’t too bad – it’s made of aluminium and it’s fairly sturdy and does its job.

And for the lulz, I’ve included one of my favourite songs from my favourite Japanese hip hop group – m-flo.

There aren’t any instructions included in this tripod and I’ve never handled one before. It was fairly intuitive though and quite easy to expand and collapse.

It came in a cardboard box, and inside there was the tripod bag with a plastic bag wrapping the tripod inside. There was no bubble wrap or anything of the sort.

There was some mechanical grease on the joints and stuff – just something to note.

You might be confused as to why I took a photo of this, but if you look at the diamond pattern of the rubber clearly, it’s peeling/ scratched. This something to note when you screw on your camera to the head of the tripod. I rather this rubber get wrecked than my camera get wrecked – but not so great.  The leveller isn’t really that level either – but I’m not too fussed.

The last thing is that not everyone wants their tripod to say “Digipod” with the model number on it. As far as I can guess, you should be able to remove it with some nail polish remover.

The cheapest tripod I’ve seen in Sydney is like $40, so if you don’t mind waiting or want to save more money since you don’t know how often you’ll be using a tripod, you can try online – $20 – it was cheaper than other bargain websites, and if you’re paying with PayPal, you’re safe 🙂 But you do get what you pay for – just keep that in mind!


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