Alex Perry for Diva

I was walking past Diva today and I noticed a big poster at the front. I remember reading about Alex Perry for Diva – and now it’s already September, so the collection has launched. Can you believe how fast time flies?

Here is the entire range of the Alex Perry for Diva range – note that I edited the above pic to contain both pages 1 and 2.

Note that I researched this collection AFTER I went to the store. 😉

The collection is relatively small but remarkably affordable. I quite liked the pearls and the nice chiffon-y fabrics that went together. Admittedly, a lot of items were already sold out if not just only one or two left in store – I’m sure there’s probably more floating around at the other Diva stores, but I think a lot of them have sold out considerably – today’s only the 5th too; the collection launched on the 2nd.

I think the designs are alright – I’ve read a lot of negative comments on the range, but from what I saw, it wasn’t bad. The quality is pretty good, but I just don’t like butterflies. I’m not too sure about the charm necklace even though it was really pretty – if the fabric breaks, you’re left with a pretty sad piece of jewellery.

The thing that caught my eye was this particular piece:

Larriet necklace: screencapped from

Seriously that pic is DECEIVING and does the item no justice – it’s a VERY long necklace. It’s thick, heavy, but it’s super pretty in real life. It sparkles and it’s shiny – it’s heavy and the knot was really simple and elegant. I thought it’d be a perfect accessory to give that extra edge to a simple tank top. And the price was quite reasonable – you buy $10 necklaces from the Friday night markets without a label attached, and they aren’t as heavy as this in its make.

Another thing to note is that this piece is very different to the other items in the collection – it was like the odd one out, but there was a certain elegance to it that I liked.

So I bought it.

Currently facepalming at impulse buyer instincts – and sorry for my crap photo – it’s so hard to take a photo of such a long necklace and make it look non messy 😦

Again, I can’t do the necklace any justice. It really is nice in real life :\

But I really like the necklace. I rarely buy jewellery, so this is like WHOA. It doesn’t get knotted by the way, unlike what it looks like in the photo >_> I just suck at showing what it’s like.

What you get is a black tag saying Alex Perry – diva – … otherwise, you still get this chucked into their plastic diva bag. I read someone got a mesh case for their choker, but I didn’t get anything of the sort. A bit disappointing that a designed piece and an anticipated collection item being chucked into a bag like that – but then again I paid $15 for Alex Perry – what should I be expecting?

This Larriet necklace was the last one in stock at the Diva I went to. I didn’t even see the choker one and a few of the others – my suggestion is that you should go have a look at it. If you think anything catches your eye, definitely go buy it – the popular pieces will be gone really quickly.


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