What time is it? 2:02AM

A few of you may or may not be interested in what I study and what I do in terms of technology – where my blogging headquarters which will dominate the world workstation is and what it is like.

This is the very reason why I have gained almost a kilo in a week. I’m awake and still alive at a ridiculous time of 2:02am.

After taking photos and processing them, it’s already 2:18am currently as I am typing/

When am I going to sleep? Well, it largely depends on when I finish the bulk of my work. I am going to wake up very early (in less than 5 hours, in fact), so I can afford to sleep. I just would really prefer to get most of it done now. Why not stay up until it’s all finished? Because I don’t want to collapse. Once I slept barely 30 minutes in a 48 hour period – my head ached and I could barely stand. It was very real. Some people don’t mind staying up late and having little sleep, but for me, I was never really fit or healthy to begin with. Seriously people, take care of your health. This is one reason why I do not like architecture as much as I could – it’s simply because it’s extremely unhealthy. I’m not saying I dislike it or hate it – I’m just merely stating the truth – the lifestyle is quite unhealthy. That’s why I stepped it up this year to get back into shape – 4 years has really worn me down lol. But I just have a little longer to go and I’ll be happy 🙂

Most importantly – why blog if you’re busy? It’s my way of taking a break. I really think I’m addicted to blogging. The first time I ever typed when I was in grade 4 – I was 8 years old at the time and I didn’t own a computer, yet I could type faster than the others even though I had to look at the keys as I typed. Me + typing = inseparable.

This is my workstation. It’s not really that clear – but I have no space to work– I literally have a pile of crap in between my big ass printer and big ass computer. As a bonus though, at least my computer is just one piece and I don’t need to deal with a CPU box – but this photo is deceiving – looks really alright, but in fact it’s cramped, and I have no table space. I just have enough to rest my elbows on the table as I type.

I know my computer looks scary. There are all sorts of windows open and there are programs you’ve probably never dreamed of seeing. That’s my presentation so far – and as you can see, it’s not half bad in the sense that there is actually stuff on it. Yes, all those drawings are mine – the right panel is empty because I just need to clean up my drawings a bit. Once I do that I can chuck them on and it’s good to go. The lower left corner is empty because I don’t want to do it yet. Lolz. Still procrastinating even at this hour 😛

This is the amount of doodling I’ve been doing the past week. I know it doesn’t look like a lot, but I have several more cards and bits of paper with scribbles. Plus those drawings you see at the top part of the image are REALLY DENSE – so it’s not like I didn’t do work.

Anyway, it’s 2:29am now – I better get back to work. I think I’ll sleep at 4am and leave the rest for the time when I wake up.

I can see that 2 bright cookies have clicked the new addition to my left sidebar. Keep an eye out for it – it’ll be coming very soon and I’ll write about it in further detail 🙂

Next blog? When I wake up I’ll publish the fashion post.

Good night, wherever you are!


One thought on “What time is it? 2:02AM

  1. I SEE YOU TWIN COMPUTER OF MINE ♥ Hah dude your desk looks like my warzone of a desk. And if we were to compare unhealthy career paths, you can put the field of digital right up there with architecture OTL

    I’m trying to get to sleep before 2AM myself, but I can’t help it!!

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