My Deicy dress

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I talked about getting a dress imported from Japan since I found one for considerably cheap in comparison to Gmarket/ Zipia/ Korean dresses. I saw the image and fell in love with it. Firstly, here’s some background:

About Deicy

Deicy is a popular Japanese brand (along the lines of Cher). Below is a scan from Sweet Magazine Nov 2008 – credits to uploader/ scanner.


As you can sort of tell the style is girly, chic, but slightly bohemian. Mostly aimed at older teenagers, young adult women.

I managed to get a Deicy dress (not going to say the exact price) at quite a reasonable price shipped to me (by reasonable I mean a normal dress cost, if not even cheaper) – don’t ask me where I got it from, I’m not going to tell you! Lol. The main purpose of this post is to compare the quality and price with Korean clothes, not to advertise for the people I got the dress off. I’m neither paid to do so, and I would like to keep pretty clothes to myself!

This is probably the first time I’ve received anything/ bought anything from a Japanese clothing line, and I must say the experience is quite different to receiving clothes from Korea – I’m sure some of you might be interested in knowing what you’d be getting, so here I am!


Japanese brands are exceptionally hard to buy from overseas, because they don’t ship overseas, and don’t like to do so. Another thing is that Japanese brands are exceptionally expensive; just have a look at a catalogue and a simple tshirt can cost you anywhere from 7,000 yen to 10, 000 yen or more – so you’re looking at around $100AUD+. For a tshirt. I’m not used to that lol – the most expensive top I’ve bought was the nii qualified heart hoodie endorsed by Big Bang – but that’s like a jumper.

I saw the dress from a scan and I really wanted it. Managed to find it for relatively el cheapo, and ordered it in a haste. It took about a week for it to ship from Japan to the seller, and then 5 days from the seller to me. I’m not going to post the stock photo, but rest assured it looks exactly the same as the stock.

It was wrapped in pink tissue paper and in a plastic bag like a zipia order. Also came with a piece of paper with care instructions since the item was “silk” – it’s not, it’s in fact rayon, which makes me iffy because rayon is such a crappy material 😦 But the dress is really stunning just like how I imagined it:

No loose threads. Everything was perfect. Well there was a little bit of the hem which was a bit weird since it sticks out when you wear it, but that can be easily fixed with a wash or warm iron.

No smell. Sometimes Zipia or Gmarket items come with a smell. Korean clothes come usually in the plastic bag, but they aren’t wrapped in tissue paper. It’s a Japanese thing to overwrap things, but I’m not complaining. PINK TISSUE PAPER IS PRETTY.

The attention to detail is amazing. There’s a small hook at the top of the zipper since you zip the dress up on the side – for those who know how difficult this is, this hook makes life a million times easier and you can zip the dress up easily on your own. The dress also has a lining, so it’s comfortable and not transparent.

This was unlike the other case when I bought my tube sequin dress – it was about half the price of this one, had no brand, was probably made in China and there was no hook at the top of the zip even though it is a side zip like the one pictured above. It was a pain to zip up and still is. This is relatively easy.

The best part was looking at the tags, which I did first – I looked at the tag and thought “oh, I got overcharged” – then I took a look at it again and realised it was in Japanese Yen (I’ve gotten used to looking at Korean Won lol – apologies) – the tag says 23,100 Yen (inc tax, 22,000Y tax exclusive) – that’s about $250AUD if you buy it RRP in Japan.

The quality of the tags is amazing; the way it’s attached to the label is very similar to the way Sass and Bide do it, and the tags though not as thick as the S&B ones, are printed delicately. It looks expensive – and it is expensive, if you go by RRP.

My verdict is:

  • I paid nowhere near $250AUD.
  • For my money however (not a lot, though if you lost the money on the street,  it’s something you’d cry over) I got rayon instead of cotton or silk. If I had paid $250 for this I would have literally cried my eyeballs out.
  • For the same amount of money, you could have bought a winter dress from Korea. Just sayin’.
  • However the design and quality is exceptional – you can’t find anything similar to this, really. I reckon it looks terrible on me (maybe because when I tried it on I had my hair tied and I was looking dead), but I might grow to like it.
  • The dress however, is far too short on me (literally I need to wear this as a top – put some shorts under and I’m ready to go)
  • You’re essentially paying for the brand and tags – but they are amazing as you can probably tell.

If you can get Japanese brands at this price and with all the tags, it’s much better than getting Korean fashion – but for now, I’m leaning back to Korean fashion because it’s more wearable (at least it covers my butt if it’s a dress), slightly cheaper, easier to maintain (doesn’t require dry cleaning for the most part) and easier to get. There’s a larger selection out there. Even though this is a Deicy dress, I highly doubt people would even know what the heck it is unless if I was in Japan.

Last but not least, this was pretty much the cheapest item in the catalogue I had to select from, which means everything else is more expensive. Worth it? Not really. It’s great for an occasional wardrobe piece, but every piece? You’ve  got to churn out lots of money and you’re not necessarily getting the best return for your money. It’s all just brand – but the quality isn’t too bad (I might have to edit this later because I’ve heard that rayon is a piece of crap, but I don’t know).

Until then, keep buying Korean fashion – you’re on the right track. I don’t recommend Japanese fashion unless if it’s branded and at a fraction of the price. If you’re paying full price, you are being ripped off 🙂 In my case, I got a bargain! I’ll occasionally scour the Japanese fashion market for finds like this – doubt I’d get any winter bargains, but a girl can try!

Until next blog!


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