Fimo Clay Sticks

So, after an epic Gmarket post (because I was really thinking I was gonna leave home, but I didn’t), I think you’re all sick of shoes and clothes/ fashion of the like, so I’m going to post the fashion post tomorrow. For today, here’s something mildly beauty (but moreso fashion) related.

To start, an artsy fartsy shot that’s mildly blurry:

On other matters, apart from the lulzsome Horace reference – I think I need to cut my nails.

So, I’m not the first to buy these fimo clay sticks – you can read all about it on C‘s blog, with her awesome designs:

I actually was thinking of buying these quite some time ago, but never really knew how large these things were. I then got a Konad stamping set courtesy of Ramille and never looked at fimo canes after that. I think when I first researched into these I was looking at them on Etsy and they were fairly pricey (because they were handmade, probably – lolz). When I revisited the fimo sticks, I realised they were unbelievably cheap (mass produced).

So, rather than just buy a select few (I’m the type of person to tend to buy things “just in case” in case if I regret it when it comes things where you pay a little extra for bonuses), I decided to buy… a hundred (100) of these sticks.

It was mostly for the lulz and to see what kind of designs they’d give me. The description said that all 100 sticks were different, so I was curious as to what I’d get in the mail.

It was shipped out really quickly by the ebay seller, but it took 10 days for it to arrive.

Inside the bubble envelope there was a ziplock bag with all the fimo sticks inside. I was surprised at how small they actually were, but coming to think of it, this will last you a very  very long time unless if you intend to use these to decorate cards or something – the parcel was also less than 2cm thick and can fit into your mailbox (which is where it was for me) – no hassles. It was an easy transaction.

If you were wondering what the distribution of stuff they’d give you is, I manually sorted out all the sticks and categorised them:

The most popular by far was the mountain of flowers. Fruits were also very popular, then characters, butterflies (which included like a fruitfly or some ugly insect, maybe a bee – ewww), miscellaneous (included like fish, something I couldn’t distinguish at all), hearts (literally love hearts)/ winter (a snowflake, snowman and a gingerbread man with a scarf on), and food – with a cupcake and an egg.

I did take photos of each category, but my photos were really messy lol – so here’s just a collection of all 100 mixed up:

I think if you click the image you can get a larger view lol.

I’m pretty sure they gave me 2 sticks of lemon – one flower definitely doubled, and I think I got 2 strawberry slices and 2 watermelon slices – I didn’t double on the photos above – there should be 100 if you can be bothered counting (I certainly didn’t count, so I don’t know if I really did get 100 or not lol) – but the quality was generally okay and the designs actually looked like what they were supposed to be – generally, lol.

Sorry for this craptastic photo – I need another lens for my camera.

One thing to note is that not everything is happy sailing: the cupcake one I got was not well made. A lot of the sticks were bent or curved (not a big deal) – but this one was particularly bad, since the edge actually does make a difference.

Was it worth it? It was so cheap, and it was worth it. I tried to search if there was such thing as 200 designs for sale on ebay, but it doesn’t exist unless you wanted like 200 sticks of the same thing, like a lemon 😛 100 is the maximum, I think, for assorted designs. You can try searching like 150 or whatever number you think makes sense – I just stopped at 100, lol.

Would you be using these? I actually don’t know. I bought the fruits template for Konad but I don’t have the right colour polishes for it. I might possibly just use these since it’s faster and easier than stamping – but I don’t see myself using them any time soon. I will if I’m really bored lol.

I also don’t really like butterflies that much – and there are so many flowers too – don’t know if I’ll be using them. But I’ll be using My Melody! And the Yogi bear looking one hahahaha~

But anyway, I just bought them to see what they’d give me and to see what designs I’d get. They’re really cute just to even look at, so I’m happy with the money I’ve spent lol.


2 thoughts on “Fimo Clay Sticks

    • I think it was like $7 for the whole lot or so? I can’t remember because it was so long ago, but it was really cheap.
      I didn’t get any blades because I have lots at home, just use a regular cutting knife and I have tried in my later posts – I did a look with these. They’re not hard to cut, they’re only hard to cut perfectly if you want to cut really thin slices. HTH!

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