Gmarket Haulage 6

This time I forgot to exchange my stamps *cries* but I ventured into the world of combined order shipping.

Have some money in your cash account but it’s not enough to purchase everything? Well, split your order into two!

I was torn because I really really wanted a pair of boots similar to the one UEE has modeled here:

Img src: The lovely peeps at OMONATHEYDIDNT
PS: I want this outfit.

… only the pair I bought wasn’t suede, and had laces on the front (it was multi-functional FTW so I bought them – it was like 2 pairs in one).

There were 2 types: one was 9.5cm, the other was 6cm heel. I opted for 6cm because I wanted to be able to walk in them. Then unfortunately for me, UEE actually modeled the EXACT 9.5cm boot that can be found on Gmarket:

Img src: The lovely peeps at OMONATHEYDIDNT
PS: No, I haven’t been stalking you, UEE – I just happen to want anything and everything you model – tis all. Including above flurry glove. But do me a favour and do tie your shoelaces – wouldn’t want you to trip, lovely.

*shakes fist*

But oh well, it’s alright. I was tempted to get these boots but obviously I didn’t have enough money to get it in the same order, so I bought them and combined the shipping so that any excess I paid would be refunded to me.

Apart from that, I really am trying to save up a collection of shoes. I want to take a crapload of photos this upcoming holidays because I NEED PHOTO TIME. Lol. Photoshoots make me happy. But then again, so do new shoes 😛 C had bought a pair of awesome cream ankle boots recently as pictured below:

Can I get a bit of credit and say I saw them on the table and showed them to C? Yes/No? No? Okay.

Apparently, according to C they were really comfy. I came across a similar pair and really wanted to test it out – besides, it was going to be paid using my cash balance – why not? Also I liked the fact they weren’t just ankle height but beyond, because I just really liked the look of them. I like ankle boots but they’re just not right for me I guess. I have trouble wearing/ pairing them with stuff since I do wear long pants and jeans for the majority of the year.

So, I ordered on some day and my order was collected in about 2-3 days, on Friday the 27th August. It shipped via EMS Korea from the Gmarket warehouse on the 28th August (make no mistake, that is a Saturday) and arrived here in Sydney, 31st August. ONLY THREE DAYS TO GET HERE! Amazing.

The order/ parcel got carded though, so I had to go to the post office to pick it up >_> But it’s alright lol. The package ended up being 2.64kg, but I got refunded around 6, 000Won? (I only paid 16,000Won for the first pair of boots I described since the seller underestimated the weight to only 0.6kg – ILY <3) – so I’ll be saving up that money for my next purchase 😀 – The total shipping came to a total of 45, 500 Won 🙂

Here we go.

Gmarket Haulage 6

I’m going to keep this post as short and sweet as possible. Mostly because I am a bit pressed for time. Lol.

Lace up boots

BRAND: TIARA (can be seen on the inner sole of the boot)

This pair of boots came with a pair of shoe inserts (see image below), and came wrapped in plastic in a cardboard box. There was foam inside to retain the shoe’s shape – very well packaged.

Undeniably, there are some resemblances to the ones UEE modelled. As I mentioned earlier, the seller also sells a pair EXACTLY the same as the one in the second image of UEE I posted, but I chose this because of the lower heel height. They’re fairly comfortable and the material is really soft. The thing I love about these boots is that you can wear them in a variety of ways. These boots also come in black, but I’m sick of black shoes, so I opted for the brown. I’ve been wanting a pair of lace up boots like this forever (beyond the ankle, higher up) – I still want a pair even higher than this, but for now this will satisfy me greatly. The shoelaces aren’t cheap unlike the black ankle lace up walker boots I got I think 2 haulages ago (FYI for those who do not follow my blog, I’ve already managed to crack the sole of those ones. You can’t buy them from the same seller any more.)

These have a zipper on the inside you can unzip to get your foot in. Very comfortable, just a 6cm heel. Perfect for walking in – no complains here.

You can remove the studs since they have buckles and just wear them like a normal pair of lace up boots. This is the main reason why I bought them – you can wear them in a variety of ways – it’s like 3 shoes in 1! This one also has a high quality sole you’d find in some more expensive type of shoes. Not sure if it’ll crack, but I doubt it, because it’s a heel already. Gotta be careful with these o_o

Military inspired platform heel boots

BRAND: FLOR HERMOSO (comes in the green box with the brand name on it)

This pair of heels came with the pair of shoe inserts pictured above. It also came with spare heel things in case if your heel wears out. There was foam and tissue paper inside to retain the shoe’s shape.

Well I think the stock photo was meant to be closer to the shoe that C modelled – it was meant to be double gold buttons but for some reason, there’s only one line of gold buttons on just one side of the boot. That’s alright though, because they still look amazing just like it did in the stock photo.

This is the first time I’ve tried on something this high with a platform, but they are amazingly comfortable. I find these easier to walk in compared to my 8cm tall walker boots from zipia which felt clunky. These fit me quite well – I’m a 6 or 6.5 and I ordered size 235.

The shoe is a 10cm heel with a 1.5cm platform, I think. I feel really tall in these! I love them to bits. The best part about this design is how it’s a boot designed so that there are no zippers on the shoe to detract from the boot’s appearance. You put your foot in, and then you pull the elastic over the gold bits. YAY!

There are slits as well as the peep toe. Not really sure what it’s for (air circulation maybe? LOLS) but I really like it.

The sole is also red, Christian Louboutin inspired – I noticed some wrinkling on the sole, because there is a sheet of protective plastic coating on the bottom! So you can choose to peel it off before you wear the shoes – I think I’m going to leave it on because it serves as a protective barrier 🙂 Not like people look on the bottom of my shoe – and when it gets bad, then I’ll just peel it lol. It really goes to show these shoes are brand new, never worn.

The synthetic leather material is also really soft – it’s well made and I definitely do not have to worry about getting blisters on the back of my foot.

Waist belt

This belt came in bubble wrap, and came with a free synthetic leather tie belt to jazz up your boring sweaters (what I needed the other day, but didn’t have!)

I originally didn’t want this belt – I wanted another type but I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t resist, because as you can see, it’s really cute! I love the hearts and it looked just like the stock. The only thing I didn’t like about it was how thin the elastic was – I’m not sure if this belt will hold on for too long – but it’s alright, I can always just replace the elastic since the buckle is what makes it awesome. The belt cost about 10, 000Won – so $10-$12AUD. I’m not too sure if it was entirely worth it since the elastic was a bit cheap, but that’s just something to note – look at the stock photo carefully. I was too distracted with the buckle to notice lol. I’ll definitely wear this though – it’s really nice.

How to combine 2 or more orders for shipment

If you have 2 orders simultaneously, unshipped from the warehouse, you may combine the orders together to “discount” your shipping (since the first 500g is the expensive stuff).

Go into “International orders”, tick the orders you want to combine, and click “COMBINE ORDERS”. Something should pop up for you to confirm – and you just confirm it. Easy! Saved me some money and I’m sure it’ll save you some money too.

Remember to go and tell Gmarket you received your items: write a review, and collect your stamps!


6 thoughts on “Gmarket Haulage 6

  1. OMFG I want your boots so bad – the brown ones but in black and with UEE goodness. Her first outfit is *_* Yummmmyyyyyyy..

    GUHHHHHH WANT. Love your Gmarket posts m’love! ♥

  2. Hi there!

    Can i check with you… When you combine shipment, do they send you in the same parcel or separate parcel? My order has reached SGD400 (GST will be incurred), so i wonder if i can use this option to exclude GST in my order.


    • Hi Shuang,

      They send it in the same parcel unless if everything doesn’t fit into the one box, and it’s the same size as the one in my posts 🙂
      I’m not sure about the GST you are talking about because possibly you are talking about Gmarket Singapore – if that’s the case, if you combine shipment there’s no reason for them to add GST onto the total (unless if they ask you to pay the extra GST before the ship it – which I really don’t know since I haven’t tried). It’s worth a try! Just make sure that your estimated weight of the 2 parcels is less than 30kg, and you can only apply combined orders just once. Hope that helps!

  3. I love the boots! I really want to give Gmarket a try now! Just a question though, does the 6cm heel stud boot have a non-slip outer sole?

    • Hi Lou 🙂
      Well, the sole is rubber but it’s not the shiny type of rubber, it’s matte. I haven’t experienced slipping in these boots so I can safely say that they should be alright. If you live somewhere where it snows and has ice on the ground, I wouldn’t recommend these boots just in case, but they’re fine in rainy weather 🙂 Hope that helps!

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