Mazel tov Monday


Woke up early to go shopping with my mum. I was really really tired on Friday, and Thursday, and for the majority of Saturday. I’m not sure why I’m so tired – I’ve been having sleep, I’m eating enough too. I can only hope that it’s that I am growing; yes! It is possible to still grow even at the age of 22! Last year, I grew an entire centimetre, for those who are sceptical. If that’s the case, I wouldn’t mind being tired so I can grow more.

FACT: Hanging around attractive people who are tall (well okay, they don’t have to be attractive, you just have to like them) will make you (subconsciously) grow taller. If I had known this, I would be crushing on tall guys during high school – that way I would probably be a lot taller than I am now! Too bad I didn’t know any guys back in high school – albeit tall ones 😦

C had a photoshoot with a young photographer by the name of I. If he has a blog or something I’d definitely link it but I don’t know of it – so it shall remain unlinked for the mean time 🙂 DING! <– You know you want to click it!

Silly me, thought that he took photos of buildings and stuff, because C mentioned that he needed help (?) and that there were no models (?). Rocked up in a cream coloured sweater, acid wash jeans, black blazer and converses yo *facepalms*. Hair unstraightened, eyemakeupless, no blush, no accessories (I didn’t wear earrings or even my watch!) – I was sitting outside Town Hall for a very long time, absorbing over 1.5 hours of Vitamin D – and very possibly, loads of harmful UV rays. Yes, I’ll absorb it like I enjoy it.

Watched a lot of people walk past dressed for Royal Australian Fashion Week – I think I might very possibly consider buying tickets next year for it. It looks like it’s quite fun. Definitely a thing to go to for the fashion interested or conscious – for the meantime, I’ll just try to improve my wardrobe bit by bit. Also I cannot understand how people can wear heels so much – I think it’s time that I seriously start practising.

RANDOM SNIPPET: A girl asked me if I was there for Alex Perry or not >_>

Methinks it was almost beckoning me to buy a ticket. Next year!

I also saw a taxi drive with a flat tyre… >_<

Anyway, could you believe that I is only 17 years old?! Makes me an old fart in comparison. He was fully equipped with a very exxy camera, lots of camera lens, flash, and a backpack full of everything you need for taking photos – including a reflector and a tripod.

My job for the day was to help hold the reflector and reflect light 😀 I’ve only seen people do it before, but today was the first time I did it. I’m hoping that his shots turn out okay and that I reflected it correctly >_< That reminds me that I still need to buy a reflector – a tripod is coming my way in the mail *rubs hands* I’m pretty sure I’ll soon be able to conquer the world after I get a reflector lol.

Behind the scenes shot:

He’s very enthusiastic – in fact, he’s the first photographer I’ve met who’s so energetic to shoot from the floor 🙂

My contribution to the photography world:

There was another one equally as lovely however I realised I took it with the homeless guy on the bench in the background :\ I have a few more, but this was definitely my favourite out of the set. I took a grand total of 45 photos on Saturday – mostly because I was doing more reflecting than shooting 😛

The day ended quite early however, since there weren’t many places with natural light that we could go to and shoot with few people around.

Anyway, find C via her blog here for more loveliness!


Excuse the first person present tense change in tone – I’m typing this on Sunday, so of course, it’ll sound funnyn since I’m talking about today or tomorrow, when in fact it was yesterday. Did I confuse you? SUCCESS.

It’s “get all your crap together and start doing work” mode. About 40cm worth of paper roll later, I think I’ve finally figured it out. Not entirely, but it’ll do for now. I’d be very happy if I could finish the carpark tonight, actually – as well as the lobby. Then I need to look at the section, and then build it in 3D. Which I’ll probably do for tomorrow. Don’t worry if you have no idea what I’m talking about – just trying to get all of my thoughts together.

I’ve been churning through 3 tracks on repeat – Shayne Ward- Breathless (which I’ve blogged about, and a song I dearly love – I discovered it when I was watching You’re Beautiful – it’s the track he listens to before he gets chased by the pig :P), Shayne Ward – No Promises (it’s a cover of the Bryan Rice – which I haven’t heard, but I am liking this song), and also Craig David – Fill me in.

Why, why is Craig David so understated/underrated?

I was talking to a friend (who also likes Craig David) and we were both wondering why people didn’t like his songs or why they never hit number 1 – the one that comes to mind is “Walking away” – I liked that song when it hit the charts! Not really sure why.

Wut?! Only just a little over half a million views?! Are you kidding me?!

Heard this song while I was eating in Ramenkan earlier this week and discovered it was actually his debut track. If you just have a listen, he’s incredibly talented and worth worshipping. Cannot believe how much better this is than some of the crap we listen to these days with autotune – but anyway, taking you back down memory lane. Check out Shayne Ward too, k thx – guy deserves more love.

For those who don’t want to listen to the song or want to know what the song is about before listening to it if you haven’t heard it (but I’m sure you would have! Somewhere!), it effectively describes a typical relationship where the girl’s parents are watching her every move and it’s affecting their relationship. I think it’s pretty real and can apply to anyone with strict parents. Got strict parents? Know someone who has them? Worth a listen.

Speaking of which I really miss music from 10 years ago – *looks at Destiny’s Child album on CD rack* – should listen to it again some time. Along with Britney. And that blasted Graduation song by Vitamin C.


…and the weight is…

I knew from the very moment I woke up that I had gained some considerable amount of weight. My legs were heavy, and I had barely any sleep – I planned to wake up early,  but I forgot to turn the alarm on. (I use a digital watch as an alarm clock if I need to wake up at any other time that’s not 7am. I set the time – but forgot to turn it on. D’oh.)

I gained 0.8kg which is not very good. I think this is largely due to me sitting down the majority of the week working on this submission – so yes, work does take its toll and I don’t like it. The upside is that after this, we have a week of holidays, so I’ll be leaving the house almost every day if I can to get some exercise. I’m not worried about the extra weight; I’m only worried if it’s something bad – but at this stage of time, it’s okay.

My waist for some reason measured at 26.5″ today – I think it’s water. (How else can you gain almost a kilo in a week, anyway?)

Just to let you all know, I’m still going to aim for the 26″ inch target, but afther that I’m going to aim for not 25, but 24″. There’s a news article or well, it’s a study known for a long time, in which waist cicumference to hip circumference ratio at 0.7 is the most attractive. Therefore, find your hip circumference, and multiply by 0.7 – I get arond 23.6 inches, but I’d be happy with 24. It’s a long shot – but I have the rest of the year to do it. I only need to lose about 2 inches – I could, in theory, achieve that in 2 months if I kept up my old diet of salads and daily hula hooping.

After this week, though.

Onto other matters

  • Might start the 30 day challenge that M did on tumblr. Maybe. Possibly later – I was going to do it during the month of September,  but seeing I’m busy until the 3rd, I won’t be starting it until the 3rd and it wouldn’t be so cool. Not even in November either, unless if I queue all my posts – because that’s when my final presentation is due. Maybe April?
  • Sorry but no posts until Friday this week – I promise to blog a bit more after that. It’s because I have my first large presentation on Friday – so I’ll be extremely sleep deprived and busy until then 🙂
  • Digital camera post!
  • Some random beauty review – I’ll find something to write about.
  • Will definitely blog about orders coming in. They should be coming today. GIMMEEEE NAOOOOOOOO.

So from sleep deprived me to wonderful reader you – enjoy your week!


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