Freaky Fridays

Oh crap! I can’t believe I almost forgot to blog today >_< I’ve had a great start to the week but a really craptastic ending towards Friday (as you know, as the week nears Friday, happiness goes down, but shoots up after Friday).

I have a lot of work to do, lol. I’m not even kidding.

I’d probably still have enough time to write my Monday post – but yeah, apologies for that in advance.

I think my net connection has also decided to die on me as of late (uh oh) so I won’t be able to share anything juicy with you. So here’s the first lo-fi version of Freaky Friday.

Awesomeness of the week:

  • Watched Scott Pilgrim vs the world on Wednesday. Really cool effects, but wasn’t as funny as it could or should have been – mostly because the crowd in the cinema probably weren’t as amused? I dunno. I liked the movie though. Really liking Michael Cera lol.

This is probably even funnier than the movie itself. But it’s epic pwnage – you should watch it.

  • Sold my Biotherm skincare set yo! Money is money – at least I don’t have to let my stuff go to waste sitting in my closet. Bad thing about that is that most of that money will be going to the end of year exhibition that we’re having for design. Hmmm.
  • Nausicaa is a really good movie. But it took me 30 minutes to realise her pants/ tights were cream coloured, and it was not, in fact, her underwear-less bottom.

It looks like her leg. Seriously. No img src or else I’d redirect you to some site selling HP printer ink. Guh.

  • I haven’t received any more parcels! What’s going on Australia Post?! I’ve got I think at least 2 parcels I’m supposed to already receive by today, and another one coming soon. All in total, I’ve got 5 parcels in transit coming to me. WHEN ARE THEY COMING? I’m excited and want my purchases!
  • I feel like I’ve aged a few years. I look so tired and worn out. I partially blame it on my laziness to even apply makeup (aka bbcream) to my face. Guh.
  • Read so many ridiculous news articles it’s not even funny. Will share that with you all on Monday. Well, one article, anyway.
  • What’s up with Australia’s Government again? What’s going on? Hurry up and make a decision. The upside to that though, is that AUD to USD is staying at around 88 US cents.
  • Mentally exhausted. Marathon conversations – insanity.
  • Big Bang releases their new Japanese single and MV, Beautiful Hangover. I’m thoroughly convinced that the MV is largely about inception; GD steals girl from TY, Daesung sells TY drugs to get over his depression, Seungri monitors TY’s every move on CCTV, T.O.P looks very slick and appears to have no role cept to look awesome on screen. But at the beginning, GD saw TY with the girl – inception? Or perhaps T.O.P is the girl’s pimp, so he’s pulling all the strings. Just sayin’…
  • The Real Slow aka Wheesung is back – not sure what happened to his US album, but WHEESUNG ❤
  • Also, Samantha Thavasa mixes Beyonce with Kimura Takuya:

If you have a Samantha Thavasa bag, pretty much the most wanted man by women in Japan will touch your arms ever so delicately as such.
(Sorry no img src – I was sent this image by my friend)

I don’t think I could have ever wanted a Samantha Thavasa bag, but after seeing how hot Kimura Takuya is in this pic, I’m having second thoughts.

I’m going to have an early night, because I have a full day tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to start tomorrow night and work consistently. Gotta do well.

Until next blog!


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