Fimo Clay Roses

I filed this under “Nails of the Week” even though it’s not because I figured it’s the Nail category anyway.

I ordered 10x6mm fimo clay rhinestone roses off ebay last week. Shipped out on Friday and I got them on Monday. Sweet – that was super fast. It cost I think $2 for 10 of these, so these are quite pricey- 20c each, but with free shipping which is about 60c already (more with the envelope because it’s an Australian Post one), it means each one is more like 12-14c lol. Either way, not too bad. I needed these for a costume I’m slowly putting together – and that has yet to arrive. I’m not even sure if I’ll get everything ready in time!

In case if you were wondering I bought from an Australian based seller. No return address was noted on the envelope – I guess since I’m covered by ebay, and the roses were cheap to begin with, didn’t really matter if it got lost in mail or not ๐Ÿ˜‰

Unfortunately as you can see, it got slightly destroyed in the mail since some of the rhinestones fell off the roses – you can see the random rhinestones floating around. I’m glad the seller was nice enough to put it in a plastic pocket though – if I lost any of these rhinestones it’d suck really bad. But I have a few green ones from the free rhinestones given by the ring seller on Gmarket lol.

This is what they look like after I glued the rhinestones back on. Possibly the yellowish tone is from the glue I used lol – sorry about that. They’re not that noticeable in real life since they’re really small.

They’re all flatback roses so you can glue them onto paper, to bling things, or for your nails. The back surface is quite large though, so I’m not too sure if it’ll stick to a nail – but let’s just hope so *fingers crossed*. You can also tell that they’re not all perfect – some of them look really wonky; most look like roses, but some don’t even look like roses. They’re alright/ not bad since they are handmade (I think), but I’ll be on the hunt to see if I can find better ones! I’ve been wanting fimo roses (3D) for my nails for a VERY long time lol. My desire is temporarily satisfied.

I’ll definitely use these for a design and I’ll post about it sometime in September – you just wait! ๐Ÿ˜€


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