Searches of the day

Beauty review (I think was today’s post?) coming up soon. I just wanted to answer a few of these open ended searches that ended up on my blog.

does shiseido mean purple in japanese

Uhhh no, it doesn’t. The “do” in Shiseido means a place of wellbeing. Shiseido started out as a pharmaceutical company, believe it or not. “Shi” means  to sustain or to invest; “sei” means life. Therefore together, “Shiseido” means “the place to sustain life”. In a way that makes sense considering their pharmaceutical background. Some people might argue this isn’t the most accurate translation of the name, but certainly, it does not mean “purple”. Purple in Japanese is “murasaki”.

why is gmarket so cheap

Actually, it’s just only cheaper in comparison to other places. Their shipping is actually not too bad for EMS (it’s discounted), but I keep saying again and again, the thing that sucks is that they charge you the estimated weight, which is usually grossly overestimated. It largely has to do with the fact that most of the sellers are sellers who own small stores, I think, and there’s plenty of competition around, which means generally low prices all round. Doesn’t mean that everything is cheap though – I find a lot of the prices are similar to what we pay for clothes and stuff – but all their stuff is decent quality and is different in terms of style and fashion. Since it appeals, of course you’d think it’s cheaper 🙂

why is skinfood cheaper on ebay?

Again, it’s because the seller doesn’t have to pay rent. Online store yo. There’s so much competition online offering low prices due to lack of paying rent for a physical store, prices are bound to be low.

On a side note – why the heck is everyone searching this up? I thought it was common sense to note that with online shops (1) Lack of rent for store (2) Less people need to be hired –> therefore cheaper prices. I thought that’s why people bought online – you lack direct customer service, but you get cheaper prices. It’s certainly NOT for people to buy stuff without leaving their home because you’re too lazy to – it can’t be that.

can you reuse palty hair dye

I’m pretty sure you can’t reuse any hair dye if it’s been opened and left for a while. Chemicals will explode, yo.

gmarket how to get free gift

There’s no way to guaranteeing you’ll get a free gift. It depends on the seller’s generosity. If the listing has a “gift” button on it, be sure to read the top section or make sense of it. Some sellers offer you freebies no matter what – most sellers will offer freebies depending on how much money you spend with them. Some sellers do not include freebies at all. 🙂

how to use likas

I’m pretty sure like any other soap you use o_o

is blemish balm considered a cosmetics?

Yes and no – it’s technically a tinted moisturiser and moisturisers aren’t really “cosmetics”. The tinted part, however, is. If you ask me, I personally think that bb cream is definitely a cosmetic product since it should be treated like makeup. It should be applied sparingly like makeup, and it should also be removed as if it were makeup.

my dentist is rude

I honestly don’t know why people would search this up – if you don’t like your dentist, switch to a new one!


Post coming up later today 🙂


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