Gakkenflex Bling

For those who own a Gakkenflex, you would have realised that there are options included in the magazine for decorating it – it comes with I think 2 sets of different patterned stickers so you can stick it onto the sides.

For me, I didn’t really want to use the stickers – I brainstormed a lot of things, which you might want to consider:

  • Origami Paper – or any patterned gift paper – just use the template of the stickers to cut your paper to size
  • Bling! – Swarovski flatback crystals or rhinestones could be an interesting way to encrust your Gakkenflex into a decadent luxury
  • Paint – because the Gakkenflex is a DIY camera, you can paint all the parts with paint or spray paint prior to assembly. Be careful not to leave a thick layer of paint though – you might not be able to get things nice and flush.
  • Make a case – there are leather cases (people have made them), and cases can often give character to a camera. No need to touch the camera if your case is making a statement.

For me, having a strap on the Gakkenflex was the first priority, so that you (1) don’t drop the camera and (2) find it easier to steady the camera and take a photo without shaking the camera/ blurring the image. Too bad I did my first roll without a strap – still need to develop it.

I basically took the concept of the chain strap which is largely popularised by fashion giant, Chanel. I coupled it with lace however, and let my strap make a statement. I tied a big lace bow and added a large diamante to the bow for some extra extravagance. Made the strap myself using white lace and a metal chain. That was about it really. If Chanel ever comes out with a lace design, I did it before them ❤ Teehee – provided that they never had a lace collection to begin with, that is. If so, I’d love to have one o_o ❤ Would Chanel like to give me one since I came up with the design? 😀 Ohhhh I can only dream!

I was originally going to also make a lace casing for the camera and cover it with white lace, but I didn’t since I thought it’d detract from the work I’ve done on the strap.

You can also loop the strap for hand carrying 🙂

View of the bow when strap is being worn, and some bling on the bow.

So until the time I wish Chanel gave me a bag for my design concept (fancy that ever happening) – some tips on a camera strap:

  • You will need something either like jumprings, keyrings or claws through the plastic ears of the Gakkenflex if you’re going to attach something and want to detach it (customisable length). I’ve used some key ring/ key holder metal bits which I had lying around.
  • Approximately 1m of camera strap is all you need. This is a typical slingbag/ cross body length, so you can wear it across your body, down the side of your body, or as a long necklace (which is the preferred way since you take the photos looking down from the top of the camera).
  • There are a range things you can use to make it adjustable! You might even be able to find a very thin belt and cut it and attach the sides to the sides of the Gakkenflex – then you can use the holes and adjust the length as necessary!

Overall, I’m happy with my Gakkenflex and I think I’ve done enough work on it. Any more, and my strap wouldn’t be so awesome ❤

Until next blog!


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