Freaky Fridays

Okay, this Friday really sucked for me.

I was originally not going to blog, but I thought it’d suck more if I made it a promise (and I don’t even have anything due in) and not blog when I’m supposed to. I can’t skip!

This is gonna be a really crap post –  I apologise for that in advance lol – but then the post I did last night makees up for it, I guess? Food pics always make people happy. I think 😉 Also I retweet some amusing things in my Twitter anyway – so I guess you all can be occupied with that if you need, lol.

Song of the moment

It’s so damn hard for me to let you go… T_T??

Currently pumping this on repeat. I really love this song for its ballad and its gradual build up. Don’t ask me why, I just tend to really like songs like that. Also describes a lot of what I’m thinking about too, unfortunately.

And for those who haven’t noticed, BoA’s back in the Korean music scene. I know I’m a bit late myself, but just letting those who didn’t know know anyway. I used to really like her back in high school because of her song “Duvet” for an anime named Serial Experiments Lain. I thought it was such a beautiful song lol.

Australia goes to voting polls this Saturday, 21st August 2010

Well for Australian citizens over the age of 18, it’s your chance to vote! Well not really a chance since it’s compulsory.

Who are you going to vote for?

I’m not going to say who I’m going to vote for, because I’m not convinced either “large” party is that great or better than the other.

Be prepared for your mainstream TV to be full of really boring counting vote news – it’s a bit like staring at the stock exchange. Well okay, if I put it that way it’s not that boring – but I used to always think that just one channel is enough lol. I want to be like, watching The Simpsons or something instead if you know what I mean.

Need to dig out motivation!

This week I am seriously doing to do a lot of work! No more distractions! I’ll do my hourly daily exercise! It’s been a few days since I touched my hula hoop (Monday, in fact – or perhaps Tuesday was the last time I did it…) – I miss you hula hoop! I shall give you my love soon! xoxo


  • Gmarket gave me my voucher (YUS) – now what to get. Navy-coloured jacket vs heel of some sort. It’s a toughie.
  • My dress hasn’t been shipped yet!!!!! RAWR – I will chase that up soon U_U Wtf – shouldn’t take this long.
  • Thanks again for the recent comments – I believe I’ve answered all of those. Keep any questions coming!

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