Mazel tov Monday


I had a really bad start to the day

I won’t go into details, but I was feeling gloomy because I tried to look nice, then I saw someone wear the same dress as me 😦 And yeah – argh – it just ticked me off 😦

I sat at Starbucks Coffee with yet another Tall Green Tea Frappucino to pass some time since Ramille weren’t going to be in the city until another 40 minutes or so – just when I was on the brink of despair they arrived and saved me – yay! (FYI there was a kid going “MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM” even though she wasn’t crying – she wasn’t even looking at her mum even! She did it out of boredom!! I was surprised that her mum didn’t really make an attempt to quieten her down – I kinda turned around to look at what kid was making the noise (mum pretended to hush the kid) but I spotted the mum was sitting at a table of 5 or so talking to her friends while the bored kid was just staring out the door onto the street, and probably absent mindedly making noise because of boredom >_< Uhm, I guess if I ever have kids, I’ll definitely not let my kid disrupt the peace and quiet of any public space…

We went to the Apple Store to see if there was this accessory for R‘s iPad, but alas it still wasn’t there.

However, there was something else awesome at the Apple Store.

What’s in the bag???

Ohhhh it was a temptation – I probably would have wanted them for myself – but alas I am saving and I don’t really use headphones 😛 I still need to sell my headphones… argh.

Dr Dre Beats headphones yo! In the special edition red!

Man, I’m one jealous girl lol, I really liked the headphones myself. I was seriously thinking that if these guys weren’t gonna get it, someone else we know should *cough*maybe me*cough* Haha! I kid 😛 It’s a beautiful glossy red and the headphones fold up (compact storage) and all. Comes with a case and the quality is top notch since it’s in high definition sound and blocks out all the exterior noise!

I was going to post up the entire process of R opening the box and all – but I won’t put it up. You can read C‘s blog whenever she decides to update with the whole oohs and ahhs of the packaging 😀 It’s really nice. Just that box is to die for. Cuz I love boxes. Literally.

Lunch consisted of 6 chicken nuggets at McDonald’s; I know it’s not the healthiest, but I didn’t feel like eating anything else.

P came and then we all decided to head off to our destination today – Luna Park!

Luna Park

I’ve never been to Luna Park before, so this was my first time. I seriously thought that it would be situated on an island though since the ads were deceptive – but instead it’s just in Milson’s Point lolol wut.

Seriously, this is one heck of a playground. PS: the architecture here is pretty awful, lolololol.

It’s just 2 train stations away from Town Hall, and the walk is 5-10 minutes away from the station. There are lots of rides and stuff there, but to be honest, it wasn’t really my thing. I guess the theme park just wasn’t large enough? I didn’t go on the rides either – I figured that since I get motion sickness it wasn’t a good idea. I also spent extra time this morning to get my hair painstakingly perfectly straight, and didn’t want it messed up 😛 But no, seriously, I got dizzy just watching the rides spin – imagine me being on it :O

I was saying how horrible Luna Park actually looked – I’m sure most of you would agree it’s not the prettiest thing in the world. There were these expensive harbourside apartments overlooking the water… but in between the water and the apartments sits Luna Park =_= I guess it’s alright – looks beautiful at night.

Very beautiful indeed. But I also meant that Luna Park looked beautiful at night lol.

I did go on one ride though thanks to P‘s pass – the Merry-go-round! The last time I went on one, I can’t even remember; I used to go every weekend to the one at Darling Harbour. I think there’s just something really magical about the thing. I think the horses are so pretty, lol.

Okay, I didn’t watermark this photo because it’s not as awesome as it could be due to said pole in the foreground on the left – I swear I didn’t intentionally make it look like it was spinning at 100km/hr – seriously! 😉

Unfortunately though, even though I’m now getting old, the Merry-go-round seemed to be spinning way too fast and I was actually too scared to get off my horse, while C hopped off her horse to a rooster – then to the back to the carriage and then the swan >_< Every time I turned around she was on a different object, lol! Let’s just say I’m really not too good with the spinning things and things where balance plays a part – >_<!

I captured some really cool shots from Luna Park though – I was playing with my camera settings and all. R showed me how to do the night shots (which I kinda forgot/ didn’t really know how to do hehe) and awesome! I had lots of fun doing that 😀

I FINALLY MANAGED TO DRAW HEARTS! I’ve been trying for a while, but I’ve gotten there now.

I think after this I’m going to not only dump my photos onto Tumblr – I might post them up on Flickr? I dunno. Seemed like a good idea until I tried to retrieve my Yahoo ID which has consequently expired after me not using it for years :S

I just really am proud of this set of photos okay – reminds me of those old black and white newspaper shots – something quite eerie about them. Unphotoshopped, by the way – only added text and cropped.

This was the second last ride the wild ones went on. It’s like a swing, and you’re lifted off – then the thing starts spinning so you’re kinda thrown to one side (outwards of course). Warning – you may get a wedgie so try not to ride this if you’re wearing a short skirt or a dress or something lol.

We left Luna Park at around 7pm and headed back to the city for dinner.

Anyway – so much for taking photos – the wild ones went for the rides!! 😛 Hahaha ❤

PS: I have a lot more photos from the day, but they either didn’t turn out as nicely as I hoped, or most of them looked the same (ie. all of them were of the ferris wheel, and ferris wheel is pretty).

Yi Jia Chinese BBQ

– Dixon No. 1, Dixon Street, Sydney. (…or at least I think that was the name of the place)

Mmmmm – I wasn’t really sure of what to expect from this place, but we walk past it all the time and eat at ROLL+ instead, but we decided to try it out.

You add oil to the pan and you order meat – my suggestion is to have each person pick a meat, and everyone should have a bowl of rice, as well as a drink.

We didn’t have a drink – but we should do it if we go again!

We tried: Black Pepper Beef ribs, Yi Jia Special lamb, Pork Belly and the Honey ?? Chicken Wings. + Sweet Chilli sauce and Teriyaki Sauce ($1/ sauce) – apparently the chilli sauce was too hot, but everyone seemed to like the teriyaki sauce a lot.

The beef was really chewy, so that wasn’t that great – but the others were soooo awesome. I’m particularly impressed with the lamb because it doesn’t really taste like lamb – we later asked for another plate of it because it was really good! If you try the special lamb, I suggest you sprinkle some salt onto it when you cook it – it makes it a lot tastier because it’s not really marinated 😀

Left: pork belly; Right: Honey Chicken Wings

The pork belly was yummy – the wings were really hard to cook though – we had to cut each wing into half (separate it into the two separate bones) and then put the meat down (not skin) onto the pan. Apart from that, the wings were HAIRY?? They didn’t clean/ pluck the wings properly >_< But you can just peel the skin off. Otherwise the chicken tasted pretty good.

All up for the 4 of us it was $48.50! That’s rockin’! We each had rice too, so I’m fairly impressed and I would probably go back since that place wasn’t too bad.

Of course, with all BBQs, there’s the problem of the smell – my hair and everything smells like BBQ at the moment. MMMM smells good/ yummy, but keep this in mind if you don’t want to smell like food afterwards!

All in all, I had a great day guys, even though it started pretty crap!

Interlude: Music Video which plays mind games on me

Sorry I am too lazy have trouble embedding this video – it’s SHINee’s Lucifer MV.

I’ve been trying to catch up on video clips – and I must say I’m not really a follower of SHINee – however I really admire their skill and talent because I’ve seen them perform live – they dance like robots and they sound almost exactly the same as the track when they perform live.

This song however completely confuses me beyond words – how can every single damn verse sound so different? If I’m correct there are 2 sets of “verses” that sound similar, but they’re not really. Some verses get extended longer and longer – D: I’m just like… “?!?!?!”

I really applaud them for having such different sounding verses every verse, so much variety shoved into the song, and then not only that, the dance is so complex that it changes and it’s just so mesmerising to watch. It’s one of the songs I think you could replay over and over without getting sick of because you finish listening to it and you think “… how did that part go again?” *replay* – seriously.

It’s really mind boggling.

On a side note, they made Minho really pretty lol. I think that hair suits him a lot 😛


My chillax day. I can’t really remember what I did – though I did a lot of photo processing – oh, and for those who wonder how I can afford to make Monday posts so damn long and detailed (not to mention, they’re getting better, aren’t they? ;)) it’s because I’m starting to draft my posts up. I would have done it ages ago, but once I wrote a draft for a competition and then wordpress published it for me without me realising – a few people got the post in their email, so that really sucked. Had to do it again >_< So yeah, don’t draft things that are meant to be confidential, or announcements as such D:

For those who have noticed the changes in my side bar, I’ve now made a Flickr account: – there’s nothing much on there so far. I think I’ll slowly build it up and start posting photos taken by my camera that I like. If you like, give me some love on Flickr – 😛

Did I have the resolve to do skipping etc? No, I didn’t – I stayed at home :\ However, I did do an hour of hula hooping. Then I indulged in Jdrama until 1am in the morning.


…and the weight is…

I’m sorry guys >_< I know some people might visit on Mondays just to read this section but I’ve failed you all again by not weighing and measuring myself this week. I’m currently buckling over/ writhing in pain. It’s past noon and I’m still in my pyjamas.

On the up note though – I might be able to try out some Zumba lessons (omgwtfbbqyay??) – I still need to enrol in dance lessons *throws M a glance* – and I need to start skipping. Eurgh. Either way I promise a weighing and measure next week. PROMISE!

Awesome things possibly planned for this week:

  • I’m going to maybe have icecream this week 😀 But for those who have got time, Sydneysiders and Melbournians – FREE ICECREAM AT BASKIN ROBBINS for Katy Perry day – this Friday 20th August at Baskin Robbins from 4:30pm-6pm (I think that’s the end time anyway). You need to mention Katy’s name for free icecream! I know there’s no way I’ll even be able to battle the long line, so we’ve decided we’re just gonna go BUY the icecream. Not like it’s that expensive anyway (lol that and we can’t be bothered waiting, and because it means I have to jig half an hour of class to go) – but if you’re free and want free icecream around that time, go for it!
  • Maybe a shoot. Maybe. No promises.
  • I’ll be posting up a drama review.
  • And I’ll keep y’all entertained somehow.

Thanks for reading this week’s instalment – thanks for the comments and questions – keep them coming, even if they’re about Zipia or Gmarket – I can answer them. Always make sure to post with a valid email because I tend to usually email you the reply as well in case if you don’t check back. Until then, be safe, keep warm and enjoy the last month of winter!

PS: If anyone was wondering about Gmarket, no, they still haven’t given my voucher. It’s because they forgot to. I’m just going to wait until next month and pester them again – usually they give you the voucher before they announce the winners (or it happens at the same time anyway). Argh.

Adios amigas/amigos!


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