Mazel tov Monday

So, I’m back after the weekend – I’m hoping to make this the best post possible for your reading leisure. 🙂





Well by the time I got to the city, the tickets were all sold out 😦 I have no idea how an event like Smash! would possibly sell out (considering you’d think that the general idea is that they’d want to sell as many tickets as possible to generate the highest amount of revenue possible…) but it did. This year it was held at Town Hall, and I couldn’t get in even though I really wanted to 😦 Next time, perhaps?

I didn’t take any photos because of obvious reasons; I would have gone nuts though if I had a ticket to go inside >_<

I was always wondering the possibility of 2 people turning up to an anime convention wearing the same costume – I saw 2 people cosplaying as Miku from Vocaloid at the very least (actually, I didn’t see them in person – I saw one, then I saw photos of another – I knew it was a different person because the dress was different :\) – so uhm yeah. I guess sometimes it’s not a good idea to dress up as anything too common 😛

Instead, had lunch at Ton Ton, did lots of shopping (window shopping), failed miserably at skill testers but won some lollies instead.

Red Skins! I haven’t seen these for a while. I was lucky because I got 2 of these in one go. Then I got a minty the next lol. I sucked at the machine – oh well – lollies 😛 Expensive =_= But meh who cares 😛

Before that though, R saw the Kara boxset for sale at the local DVD store – C came out and surprised me by handing me a roll!

With every purchase of a CD you can get a poster if you add $2 ^^;; This was a pleasant surprise – but of course, it wasn’t really a surprise what the poster was 😛

It’s T.O.P!!

Thanks so much ❤ ❤ ❤

The poster was printed on slightly heavier bond paper and it was A3 – lol – I’ll print you guys a poster next time I see you 😉

I put this photo up hoping to get the Kara boxset (you can kinda see the roll – well maybe not) – I like the photo though! No photoshop. R‘s awesome shoes yo lol. And don’t try smoking kids! 😉

And then that was the day actually – I find it hard to find anything to do in the city which is interesting lol.

But here’s a random photo/ portraiture of the week:

Zipia blazer, military style dress, black opaque leggings (also from Zipia), brown wedge boots by Zu Shoes.

This photo was taken by the lovely C! Uhm – I’m not doing the Sorry Sorry dance where they go dan dan dan da dan dan da dan dan! part –  it looks like it though /fail. Lol – it was a pose I was told to do 😛

I finally managed to get my hair curls to hold! It was because after all these years (like what, 4?) that I never turned my hair iron hot enough – LOL. Either way Remington sucks – once mine breaks down I’m definitely getting a GHD.

Also on second thoughts, I’m slimmer than I thought I was. Hmm.




Nails of the Week


I’ve been highly uninspired and was never convinced my nails were long enough to do them again. It largely had to do with my painting nails every single week for about 2 months straight. I have fairly strong nails, but they seemed weakened, so I stopped. Then I also had the theory that if I had pretty nails I’d be less inclined to want to do work.

I got a bit bored and felt like I wasn’t doing anything, so I decided to paint them. Heheh.

I’ve been really obsessed with lace lately (there’ll be another post coming soon on lace) so I decided to do a lace theme on my nails. This is a lazy inspired diagonal lace french tip with glitter on the very tips. The thumb however has the lace going along the centre. I used a base coat, Konad special polish in white (and I think the template is m57 – I’m too lazy to go check up on it though, but it’s one of the lace ones, any will do – I just felt like using this one), 2-3 top coats of Konad top coat/ clear polish, and then some cheapo glitter chunk polish on the end. The other hand is the same but inverted.

Apart from that I started to watch Three Kingdoms the drama and so far it’s like D:!!! Lol. It’s just very cliffhangerish 😛

Missha PROVICE Inner Cure Serum Hair Treatment

I’m not going to include a picture or a photo – you can search it up. The main reason why I’m not putting it up is because I wanted to blog about the awareness of having a treatment as opposed to not having one.

The Missha PROVICE range has long been discontinued. I spent over $400 at Missha to get $20 store credit (I know, this is how die hard I was back when I was just 19 years old) and with that I got a bottle of the Inner Cure Serum. There are olive extracts and other awesome things that claim to rejuvenate your hair.

The good thing about it is that it works. Doesn’t really leave your hair oily, smells good, is light  and the price isn’t too bad – it was $14.95 for a 100ml bottle (which I redeemed with my store credit).

The bad things included the pump bottle (means you can’t get all the product out unless you hack the bottle with a saw), leaves a slight residue (my hair feels a little bit heavier – and I’m not sure if it’s the moisture being inserted into my hair or if it’s product sitting on top of it, but yes it is softer) and you need quite a few pumps for this to make any difference, especially if you have long and thick hair like I do.

Missha hair products are really not bad. I’ve tried their shampoo and it’s pretty good.

My message is though, you might not think about your hair that much because it looks good when you straighten it with heating instruments, but doing hair treatments is essential! I use the WHITE Shiseido Tsubaki hair treatment but that’s not enough once I rinse it out of my hair (it’s like conditioner) – having something like the Missha serum will benefit your hair in the long term (you put this treatment in damp hair before you dry your hair completely).

There are plenty of hair masks – for Asians, vinegar substantially helps your hair. Egg masks, avocado, olive oil – even hot oil treatments.

I’ve never had a treatment done at a salon, and I’m thinking I probably should. For the meantime though, I encourage you all to invest in a hair treatment product – I actually really care for my hair, but I don’t care for it quite enough!




… and the weight is…

Uhm, well, unfortunately for you guys, I kinda forgot to weigh myself this morning.

I woke up and knew I had to measure myself and weigh myself, but as soon as I walked into the living room I saw an empty bowl with a spoon in it, and a bag of cereal beside it – and I just thought it was breakfast time. Started eating and after I finished I was like “ARGH I FORGOT TO WEIGH MYSELF”. My mum told me to weigh myself anyway, and I gained just 100 grams to last week’s weighing with food. I’m assuming a bowl of cereal is about 250g, so I didn’t actually gain any weight – I will however weigh myself next week LOL – silly of me. Sorry guys.

Banking blues

Uhm, I don’t think I’ll ever open an account with ANZ. We got a letter fairly late for our term deposit so we couldn’t renew it on time. Unlike in the ads how they help you and everything all the bank manager said was “oh the grace period is over, there’s nothing we can do.”

If anyone works at ANZ or intends to work there – do me a favour and change the STUPID “you have a 7 day grace period to make any changes” to say “5 business days” instead???

It looks like it’s generous being “7 days” but the banks don’t really operate on weekends, so it’s just pointless. And even though they were supposed to send us a letter 2 weeks in advance, we didn’t get that one – the bank just didn’t want to take any responsibility whatsoever and blamed it either on the mailing system or for us not keeping track of our accounts. I mean yeah, okay, but think about old people who are just forgetful…? It’s not like we intentionally skipped it – when we got the letter it was Friday 4:30pm after the bank closed! Argh. I’m not happy either way.

New photoshooting location!

Seems like my friend has found another awesome place to go shoot at. Will see if we can go some time later this week lol. I would have went with him, but I was hungry and went home. I didn’t tell him that, of course 😡 Hopefully I’ll have a day to go. I’m excited – it’s really close to where I live! According to him, he said that the place is “fantastic” – and if that is coming from him, most likely it is. He rarely gives compliments >_> But I’ll try to get some work done in the next day or two lol. I really need to get working o_o That’s not gonna help with me getting 13.5gb of videos today though –  J-DORAMA HERE I COME.

Rapidfire random stuff about me lately:

  • I’m doing fine and I’m well.
  • I just got some money – YAY! Unfortunately most of that goes back to paying myself back (this is ridiculous – at the beginning of the year I wanted to save $2000 and I’m sure I need to save maybe $5000 to save my own ass at this rate :()
  • The charity flyer is going well and I’m surprised because I think at this moment in time the flyers have been printed – I’m going to design (or rather rework the existing one) into a magazine ad!
  • I really need to get a job lol. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I’m only interested in doing one day per week, which is the funniest part of the equation.
  • Scrap that, I need a resume first.
  • The replacement memory card should be coming soon – by that I mean they’ve finally processed my form, but they haven’t dispatched it.
  • I really want to bake some cookies.
  • I am craving Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream Red Rock Deli gourmet chips (trust me, these are the best)
  • Need to find a Chinese community Christian church in the city – so far I’ve got the one in Surry Hills (it’s a Presbyterian one). Does anyone know of any others? It has to be in the city though, because that’s the closest to me (unless if you know anything very close to that). I would like to go maybe a few Sundays just to sit and listen to their service.
  • WTF ANIMANIA TICKETS ARE $35??? RIP OFF OR WHAT? Screw that – I don’t think I wanna go. That’s too expensive! I can get a haircut!

Sorry this post is so disorganised, long and choppy – but I hope you all enjoyed your weekly Monday read! Have a great start to the week (uhh okay I’m a day late, but whatever :P) – until next blog!


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