A day so epic my legs feel dead

So, Wednesday the 4th August 2010 at 12:20am – the friend P and I decided that we had enough of sitting at home and just made a last minute decision to go to that blasted place we were meant to go to the previous Wednesday that we couldn’t go to because of the rain. Sounds like a mouth full? Sure, just repeat the first sentence aloud just a few more times 😉

We met up quite early in the morning and walked together from the city all the way to this place in Paddington D:

I was running late because I completely lost track of time stayed in bed for an extra 45 minutes because it was warm >_>

It’s a nice place that P wanted/ needed to check out for design. Being the photography enthusiast and architect myself, I joined him along this epic journey and took some shots of the place.

Paddington Reservoir by Tanner Architects

Lovely place really.

One thing that bothered us was that a gate named “East Chamber” was locked but it looked really awesome inside. I took a photo through the gate, but seeing it’s so late at the moment I’ll leave that image out 🙂

So apparently half the reason why we were there in the first place was to take photos of me?! I didn’t see that coming. I had no eye makeup whatsoever. In fact, I wasn’t really dressed for it either – I would have brought along a pair of heels if I had known >:\

Photo cr: P; Camera used: My camera
And my hair is weird. The top actually is brown, but it’s not as light as the dye job I had previously to the most recent time. Looks like a gradient effect D: Weirdsauce.

P actually called up the council and asked them to open the gates – they promised to do it within the hour, so we took a few more photos, and then walked further along Paddington – and then turned around back to the Reservoir after half an hour.

By the way, the photo was meant to be composed with another photo and I was supposedly meant to post on Lookbook, but after much deliberation, angst and consultation, I’ve decided that I will not post on Lookbook. I cannot be arsed to post there, and even if I did, it was just to see how fun it’d be and how many hypes I’d possibly get as a newbie. However upon browsing their “Top looks” page, some of the outfits are so appalling I wouldn’t even give a second look to if I passed it on the street, let alone consider wearing it. Sorry for sounding harsh, but I don’t think people need to prove they have fashion sense by posting on a favourite’s based community. You can’t judge a person’s outfit based on a number – that’s just ridiculous.

So of course, I’ll continue to take photos, and I’ll continue to also keep my mind in a fashion-conscious state (though I don’t think I have good fashion sense anyway) – seriously, cannot be arsed. Bye bye Lookbook.

We got back to the place and then called them up again because the gates still weren’t open – apparently the first guy got it wrong and the gates are like never open >_<

So we started walking back lol.

Along the way we saw the most awesome shop – DOMO COLLECTIONS LOLOLOLOLOL.

Omg it was so funny I just had to take a photo >_<

We also saw this cool bling bling skull in a shop display. I think it’s a telephone! I’m not that into skulls, but bling bling is awesome and that can’t go wrong in my books 😀

By the time we got almost to the city part of Oxford Street, P suggested that we walk down to Darlinghurst.


We found it because it had a slanting sign lol. We didn’t eat there though because we wanted to eat a proper lunch. Nobody was eating there o_o The stools are kinda cute though.

So we kept walking and ending up walking from Kings Cross to the city – along the way we looked at some cafes we thought would be nice to try out, and some beautiful shop displays. Lambourghini! We both agreed that it had to be yellow for it to be a Lambourghini 😛 Red for Ferrari hahaha.

We got to the city and walked all the way down to Chinatown for lunch O_O

We had lunch at Ramenkan and then later headed off walking once again like lost souls in the city and then just sat down at World Square observing namely legs >_> Somehow P was fixated on the idea of using up the film on my Harikin (2 last shots) and dragged me all the way to Hyde Park just to take up the last shot >_> (He says it’s not intentional, but I reckon he planned it). It was because I told him there wasn’t enough light to take a photo – but I was just kidding LOL – he actually took me seriously and that’s why he said Hyde Park >_<

Stopped at Starbucks as our final destination – this is the almighty Green Tea Frappucino with sexy light at the back (that’s definitely something my old camera couldn’t do…).

And then we went home. Argh the bus stopped at almost every bus stop – it took me three times as long to get home!!!

But anyway, that was my epic day for today. I am cutting this post short (apologies for that), but we honestly did a lot, but didn’t do much at the same time, as always lol.


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