A pleasant surprise

And before you all go “zomg could it be… could it be…?!”  – sorry to cut you all short, no, my memory card has not arrived OTL

I’m sure you’re all sick of me mentioning it (because I certainly am), so I’ll shut up about it until it actually arrives – if it ever does. *queues on scary music*

We’re waiting for a delivery – heard the sound of a truck and I went downstairs thinking that it was ours – turns out it wasn’t. But when I glanced at our mailboxes I saw a huge paper envelope stuffed halfway into one of the mailboxes – and it looked like our mailbox!

I went to the mailbox and it was in our slot – eagerly, I pulled it out – with much force – (by the way remind me to like tweet @auspost because this is ridiculous) and to my surprise it was addressed to me, from none other than the lovely Lovigan, I!

Seriously Australia Post, that’s just plain lazy – it was definitely thicker than 2cm, you should have either delivered it or left me a card instead of stuffing it in; it could have gotten damaged or broken if it was something fragile!

Lots and lots of stamps lol.

If you were wondering what present this was, it’s actually my birthday present. I actally wasn’t late; I just refused to give anyone my address for some time, and it just took her forever to somehow dig my address from somewhere lol. But alas my efforts were not enough to stop it from happening! Still love you though lol ❤

To my relief that was some thing quite solid inside beautifully wrapped in silver wrapping and with a card and ribbon and all!

I read the card first and it was lovely ❤ I do hope to see you again fairly soon with the other Lovigans – it’s just been too long! I think the last time I saw everyone together was like in March D: That’s way too long ago!

Inside is a book named “Wisdom: The Lessons of a Lifetime” by Michael McQueen – it’s a lovely book which has inspirational quotes and plenty of space for you to answer questions, and it can be handed down to your children and grandchildren to help them make decisions etc when it comes to their lives 🙂

I’ll definitely treasure the book and fill it out when I’m ready – hopefully it’ll be passed down and people can learn from their elders’ advice!

Self-explanatory 🙂

❤ ❤

Until next blog!

PS: Now that I have I’s address I’m just gonna wait until it’s her birthday and surprise her back – hopefully she doesn’t read my blog hehe – 😛


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